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Nice to see grid square and 6m aurora info + 144.240 net from EN54 *ON* tonight

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  • kc9bqa
    Have a few things on my mind today. First off, nothing has changed with the active VHF scene in and around WI. In fact, there s a boatload of great posts
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2010
      Have a few things on my mind today. First off, nothing has changed with the active VHF scene in and around WI. In fact, there's a boatload of great posts on the front page of kc9bqa.com. I got the neatest email about helping a fellow in Missouri work WI for his 50th state on 6m, just *this morning*. I hope you spend a few minutes per week reading my V/UHF "newspaper. It's a labor of love.

      Enjoyed seeing hams in this group talk about both grid squares and hearing auroral propagation on 6m SSB. Aurora doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's unlike anything else you'll ever hear. I did post about it on my website a few days ago.

      If grid squares interest you, then you want to know who you can exchange grid squares with. One fellow is WB9LYH in EN54cl, or right in the middle of Wisconsin. He's on 144.240 every Wed. night, starting at 8pm Michigan time. The MI/IN/OH stations tend to check in between 8-8:20pm. WB9LYH has a very big signal -- all are welcome to say hello or listen along. See what you can hear.
      After about 8:15-8:30pm, feel free to tune around and call CQ on 144.230 or below (leave 144.240 alone to avoid QRM'ing the net). We encourage our net check-ins to do some of their own calling, to increase the overall health of 144 MHz SSB.

      I invite you to enjoy the Spring VHF/UHF Sprints. The first sprint is for the 2m band, from 7-11pm on April 12th. The full sprint rules and schedules are on my website -- direct link is: http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2353 The Spring Sprints are now sponsored by Chicago-area's K9JK. John's a friend of V/UHF and as Midwesterners, we like to support the sprints. Sprints are a great time for a newer VHF'er to try a casual event.
      Good news is that next Monday evening actually looks mild (knock wood). Could be a very good night to hear some enhanced conditions, plus try some roving or hilltopping.

      If you have any questions or comments, I'll be happy to help.
      Todd KC9BQA EN63ao 40 N of Milwaukee
      www.kc9bqa.com For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates
      www.wivuch.com WI V/UHF County Hunters Award
      (20 WI counties worked on 50MHz and above for your initial certificate and out-of-state hams are *welcome* to earn an award)
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