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WEAVER'S WORDS - Happy Passover and Easter

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
     From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer  Security Consultant Guardian Alarm Company  231 206-0422 E mail
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       From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer
       Security Consultant Guardian Alarm Company
       231 206-0422 E mail kb8vee@...  

      [Reply to k8je@...

      - New MOU between Red Cross and ARRL is Signed
      - Michigan QSO Party in April
      - Ohio OO Clearly a Good Guy
      - WA8EFK named ECAC Chairman
      - Kentucky Initiates Digital Net
      - VHF Conference in Division this Year
      - Outline of Division Convention Revised
      - Division Awards Process Updated; Criteria Refined
      - Thanks for the Letters
      - Do I have Cards at the Bureau?
      - Will you be a Flea Marketer at Dayton?
      - A Request
      - Tentative Schedule

      +++ New MOU between Red Cross and ARRL is Signed +++

      ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN and Joseph C. Becker, Senior Vice
      President, Disaster Services for the American National Red Cross (ANRC)
      signed the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two
      organizations on March 25 in Washington, DC.  The ceremony took place
      at ANRC Headquarters.

      Two features of the new MOU that were not included in previous
      memoranda are clauses regarding background checks and the status of
      amateurs as RC volunteers.  The new MOU allows amateurs to have
      criminal background checks performed by certain agencies other than
      Mybackgroundcheck.com.  It also clarifies that amateur's who provide
      communication services to RC do not need to become RC "volunteers."
      The latter clarification permits hams to support RC communication
      activities without being subjected to certain requirements of RC

      This new MOU replaces one that expired in 2007 and is the result of
      considerable discussion between ARRL and RC.  The new MOU can be read
      in its entirety at http://www.arrl.org/news/files/ARRL-ARC_MoU.pdf.

      +++ WA8EFK named ECAC Chairman +++

      Last month I was pleased to announce the appointment of Michigan SM
      Dale Williams, WA8EFK as the Great Lakes Division representative on the
      new ARRL Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC).  This
      month it is my great pleasure to announce that Dale has accepted ARRL
      President Kay Craigie's, N3KN appointment to chair this committee.
      Congratulations and thanks, again, Dale.  I will add a great thank you
      to Judy, Dale's wife, for her willingness to share her husband with
      Amateur Radio.

      +++ Michigan QSO Party in April +++

      The 2010 Michigan QSO Party (MiQP) will be April 17-18.  All amateurs
      are invited to participate.  As usual, Michigan amateurs receive
      contest points for contacting other amateurs within the state/section.
      Amateurs outside of Michigan earn contest points for QSOs with Michigan
      hams, only.  As the announcement of the Party says, "This is a great
      opportunity develop HF operating skills, represent the great state of
      Michigan, and last but not least, have a bunch of fun.  Even if you
      don't consider yourself a contest operator, you'll probably find its a
      blast to jump in to work the throng who will be looking for Michigan
      QSOs.  If you've ever operated on Field Day, you'll certainly be ready
      for MiQP."

      The operating period is twelve hours long, from noon local time (1600Z)
      until midnight local (0400Z) Eastern time.  "Activity takes place on
      the 80 thru 10 meter bands, on both phone and CW.  The exchange is
      simple: a sequential QSO number (starting with 1, then 2, 3...) and
      your location (county for Michigan stations, and state, province or
      "DX" for others).  A station may be worked once per band and mode, with
      CW QSOs counting two points and phone QSOs counting one point (just
      like Field Day).  Multipliers are states, provinces, and Michigan
      counties, counted once on phone and once on CW.  Final score is total
      QSO points times total multipliers."

      There are handsome plaques for major category winners in Michigan and
      certificates for the top single-operator score in each Michigan county.
       There is a competition for Michigan clubs where scores of its members
      are combined into an aggregate score for that club.  There are also
      categories and awards for mobile and multi-operator stations.

      "The separate category instituted in 2008 for Emergency Operation
      Center (EOC) stations has become a permanent part of MiQP, and
      continues in 2010.  A handsome MiQP plaque will be awarded to the
      highest scoring EOC station and certificates for second and third
      place.  We are also continuing the 'MiQP Rookie Of The Year' plaque
      instituted in 2007, which is awarded to the top single-operator score
      submitted by a Michigan station who has never participated in MiQP

      See http://www.miqp.org for complete rules and further information.
      The MiQP is sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club.

      +++ Ohio OO Clearly a Good Guy +++

      "After receiving a call about a transmitter stuck on 10 meters, an Ohio
      OO was able to help the family of a SK who had just passed away during
      the night.  Not knowing what to do after seeing his equipment still on,
      a family member finally asked on the air if anyone was hearing them and
      that they needed help closing down the station.  The OO was able to
      locate the QTH since the family member gave the ham's call sign after
      seeing it on his desk.  After arriving, he learned the story and was
      asked to later contact this amateur's friends to pass on the news. A
      rather unique service provided by an OO."  (From the ARRL February OO

      +++ Kentucky Initiates Digital Net +++

      Kentucky Section Emergency Coordinator Ken Garrett, N4KLG announced the
      activation of a digital net in the Commonwealth.  The Kentucky Digital
      Net (KDN) operates each Wednesday on 3.585 MHz (+/- QRM) at 7 PM (EDT).
       The mode used is PSK-31.  Using USB the transmission is 1 KHz above
      the frequency shown on the dial.

      All amateurs are invited to participate in the net.  Contact Net
      Manager Joe Leitsch, K4DMU (joe@...) or SEC Ken Garrett
      (sec@...) for additional information.

      +++ VHF Conference in Division this Year +++

      The Southeastern VHF Society (SEVHFS) is holding its 14th annual
      Conference at Morehead State University in Morehead Kentucky on April
      23-24.  This is an excellent conference.  Information is available at

      Conference activities will be at the University's new Space Science
      Center.  Guided tours will be given of the Center's 21 meter radio
      telescope facility.  Other features of the Conference include testing
      of home-brew antennas on an antenna range, a Friday evening flea
      market, presentations on a variety of topics related to UHF and VHF
      operating on Saturday and a Saturday evening banquet.

      +++ Outline of Division Conventions Revised +++

      The outline of Division conventions has been one topic discussed during
      recent teleconferences.  The goal of the discussions has been to make
      the conventions easier for members to attend, to have the sessions draw
      a larger audience, and to create timely, relevant and interesting
      seminars.  We would like the input of clubs and individuals concerning
      the following general outline for future conventions.

      Future conventions:

      - Would be held concurrent with hamfests/swaps in this Division
      (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio).
      - Would be sponsored by the host hamfest.
      - Would consist of a series of seminars that would last the duration of
      the hamfest.
      - Would include, when practical, an informal group dinner the evening
      - Would occur once each year and would rotate through the three
      sections in the Division.

      Host hamfests/swaps would be requested to arrange:

      - For one or two rooms suitable for the seminars.
      - For a suitable restaurant for any evening-before dinner when
      - For publicity about the Convention to be included with hamfest

      The Division would arrange:

      - For the seminars.  The hamfest committee would participate in
      arranging the seminars if it desires.
      - For Division awards that will be given at the dinner or during a
      - For a keynote speaker if appropriate.

      Host hamfests/swaps will not be expected to incur expense related to
      the convention.

      It is planned that this revised outline for Division conventions will
      take effect in 2010.  Clubs interested in discussing the possibility of
      hosting a Convention are requested to contact me at k8je@....

      +++ Division Awards Process Updated; Criteria Refined +++

      The process for giving Great Lakes Division awards as well as the
      criteria for these awards have been reviewed by the Division Cabinet.
      During this process, the operation of the awards committee has been
      outlined, and the criteria for determining the winner of our awards
      have been tweaked.  Five awards are available from the Division at each
      Division Convention.  These are the George S. Wilson, III, W4OYI
      Lifetime Achievement Award, the Great Lakes Division Amateur of the
      Year Award, the Technical Achievement Award, the DX Achievement Award,
      the Amateur Radio Youth Award and the Joseph J. Phillips, K8QOE,
      Newsletter Award.

      +++ Thanks for the Letters +++

      I thank each member who sent Faxes and letters in support of Senate
      Bill S. 1755 in the US House of Representatives.

      +++ Do I have Cards at the Bureau? +++

      "Do I have cards at the QSL Bureau?" is a frequent question.  The
      answer to this question is quite simple.  Know who your QSL letter
      manager is and be sure to have envelopes and postage on file with him
      or her.  If this is done, QSLs received from overseas will
      automatically be sent to you.

      This being said, people who expect they may receive cards from DX
      stations should read the information at the web site for the correct
      Incoming QSL Bureau.  The correct Bureau is determined by the number in
      your call sign.  If you are KD3NEW, your QSL Bureau is the Third Area
      Bureau regardless of the FCC call area in which you live.  Similarly,
      the QSL bureau for K4ZLE is the Fourth Area bureau even though Jay
      lives in the Eighth Area and is the Manager of the Eighth Area bureau.
      With my call, K8JE, my cards come via the 8th Area bureau.  As a result
      most amateurs in Michigan and Ohio will use the 8th Area bureau and
      most amateurs in Kentucky will use the 4th Area bureau.

      The first thing to remember is to become familiar with the procedures
      used by the QSL Bureau that services you.  Read the information at its
      web site.

      The second thing to do is to realize you cannot receive cards from your
      bureau unless you have envelopes and postage on file with your "letter
      manager."  You letter manager is the ham who volunteers his or her time
      to sort cards according to the first letter of the suffix of the call
      sign.  You can learn who this is at the Bureau web site.

      A third thing to remember is that the letter sorter is not a mind
      reader.  If you put postage stamps on the envelope it is logical for
      the sorter to think you want to have the card and QSLs sent to you only
      after you have enough cards to use up the amount of postage you've put
      on the envelope.  For example, only a very active DXer would put $5
      worth of postage on an envelope of he expects the envelope to be sent
      back to him in a month.  Talk with your letter sorter to let him know
      how often you want cards mailed to you and how he wants you to submit
      envelopes and postage to him.

      After you've done these things, sit back, work DX, wait for the cards
      to come back and enjoy Amateur Radio.  Remember it often takes over two
      years (or longer) for DX stations to send reply QSLs.  No one has ever
      claimed the Bureau works with great speed.  For this, look forward to
      the day when Logbook of the World is used by nearly all DXers

      Links to all Incoming QSL Bureaus can be found at

      +++ Will you be a Flea Marketer at Dayton? +++

      If you plan to Flea Market at the coming Dayton Hamvention (TM) you may
      be interested in this offer.  Bob Reiff, WA8ULW of Mason, OH has
      arranged to make rigid, 8'x8'x12' watertight, portable storage units
      available to Hamvention-going amateurs at the cost of delivery and
      pick-up.  The roll-up doors on these units can be locked to protect
      goodies in them.  The units will be delivered to and picked up from the
      flea market area.  Contact Bob at wa8ulw@... for details.

      +++ My apologies +++

      Occasionally I receive invitations to join a member in a Facebook or
      other social networking system.  I greatly appreciate these
      invitations, but have so far not accepted any of them.  It is not that
      I am anti-social.  I simply am reluctant to add further to the load of
      e-mail, meetings, hamfests, family obligations and other duties I
      already have.  I hope anyone who has invited me or who is considering
      inviting me to join any such social net will understand and forgive

      Please understand that I am still very eager to hear from anyone and to
      learn of problems, dissatisfactions and ideas, but I'd like to limit
      this to using e-mail, webinar, teleconference, US mail, the telephone .
      . . and Amateur Radio.


      +++ Tentative Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule +++

      Hamfests in the following list have received ARRL sanctioning as of
      press time.  Hamfests and other events for which a Great Lakes Division
      representative is scheduled to attend are identified with the
      representative's name.  The schedule can be expected to be fine-tuned
      in the future.

      Patronize ARRL-sanctioned hamfests.  Hamfests, conventions, symposia
      and similar events sponsored by ARRL-affiliated clubs may be eligible
      to be sanctioned by the League.  For information, see
      http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/hamfests/Sponsors.  Please have your
      event sanctioned soon.

      Support our Division hamfests and swaps:
      3  Apr: ARGYL Hamfest, Lowell, MI
      3  Apr: Lincoln Trail Hamfest, Elizabethtown, KY
      10 Apr: JCARC Hamfest, Radio Show, Jackson, OH
      17 Apr: Milford Swap & Shop, Highland, MI
      18 Apr: Cuyahoga Falls Hamfest, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      22 Apr: Summit Co. ARES Mtg, Akron, OH - presentation, Jim
      23-24 Apr: Southeastern VHF Soc. Conf., Morehead, KY
      24 Apr: River Cities ARA Tail-Gate 'fest, Ashland, KY
      25 Apr: Athens Hamfest, Athens, OH
      26 Apr: Livonia (MI) ARC meeting - presentation, Jim
      27 Apr: Cherryland ARC (Traverse City, MI) meeting - presentation, Jim
      28 Apr: Directors webinar - Jim
      1  May: Louisa Hamfest, Louisa, KY - Jim, John
      1  May: Cadillac Hamfest, Cadillac, MI
      5  May: A&F Committee meeting, Newington, CT - Jim
      14-16 May: Hamvention(r), Dayton, OH - Gary, Jim, John
      26 May: Directors webinar - Jim
      5  Jun: IRA Hamfest, Hudsonville, MI
      5  Jun: Mid-Ohio Valley ARC Drive-In 'fest, Gallipolis, OH
      5  Jun: Fulton Co. ARC Hamfest, Tedrow, OH
      5  Jun: Carter Co. Hamfest, Olive Hill, KY - Jim, John
      6  Jun: Chelsea Swap & Shop, Chelsea, MI
      11 Jun: Central MI ARC meeting, Lansing, MI - presentation, Jim
      19 Jun: Milford Hamfest, Milford, OH - Jim, John
      19 Jun: Midland Hamfest, Midland, MI
      20 Jun: Monroe Hamfest, Monroe, MI -- Jim, John
      23 Jun: Directors webinar - Jim
      8  Jul: Mahoning Valley ARA, presentation -- Jim
      15 Jul: A&F Committee, Newington, CT - Jim
      16-17 Jul: Board of Directors, Windsor, CT -- Gary, Jim
      17 Jul: NOARSFEST, Elyria, OH
      18 Jul: Van Wert ARC Hamfest, Van Wert, OH
      25 Jul: Portage Hamfair, Randolph, OH
      28 Jul: Directors webinar - Jim
      7  Aug: UP Hamfest, Escanaba, MI
      15 Aug: Warren ARA Hamfest, Cortland, OH
      15 Aug: Central KY Hamfest, Lawrenceburg, KY - Jim, John
      15 Aug: Lapeer Swap & Shop, Lapeer, MI
      21 Aug: SARA Inside/Outside Trunk Sale, Owosso, MI
      22 Aug: Cambridge Hamfest, Cambridge, OH
      25 Aug: Directors webinar - Jim
      11 Sep: Grtr Louisville 'fest, Shepherdsville, KY
      12 Sep: Findlay Hamfest, Findlay, OH - Jim, John
      18 Sep: Central KY ARS Hamfest, Richmond, KY - Jim, John
      19 Sep: Greater Cincinnati ARA Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim
      19 Sep: Adrian ARC Hamfest, Adrian, MI
      22 Sep: Directors webinar - Jim
      26 Sep: Cleveland Hamfest, Cleveland, OH - Jim, John
      16 Oct: Ohio Section Conf., Columbus, OH - Jim
      17 Oct: Kalamazoo Hamfest, Kalamazoo, MI
      27 Oct: Directors webinar - Jim
      30 Oct: Hazard Hamfest, Hazard, KY
      31 Oct: Massillon Hamfest, Massillon, OH

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      5065 Bethany Rd.
      Mason, OH 45040
      E-mail: k8je@..., Tel.: 513-459-1661
      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio

      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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