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Monthly Michigan Section News Summary

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Greetings Michigan Amateurs:    2010 MICHIGAN QSO PARTY  April 17-18, 2010.  All Michigan amateurs are invited to mark their calendars for Saturday, April
    Message 1 of 28 , Mar 16, 2010
      Greetings Michigan Amateurs:

         2010 MICHIGAN QSO PARTY  April 17-18, 2010.  All Michigan amateurs are
      invited to mark their calendars for Saturday, April 17, 2010 for the 2010
      Michigan QSO Party (MiQP).  This is the one weekend a year when Michigan
      amateurs are in the limelight, as amateurs from across the USA and around the
      world are looking for QSOs with us.  This is a great opportunity develop HF
      operating skills, represent the great state of Michigan and last but not
      least, have a bunch of fun.  Even if you don't consider yourself a contest
      operator, you'll probably find it's a blast to jump in to work the throng who
      will be looking for Michigan QSOs.  If you've ever operated on Field Day,
      you'll certainly be ready for MiQP.

         The operating period is a convenient twelve hours long, from noon local
      time (1600Z) until midnight local (0400Z) here in Michigan.  Stations outside
      of Michigan may only work Michigan stations, while Michigan stations may work
      anybody.  Activity takes place on the 80 thru 10 meter bands, on both phone
      and CW.  The exchange is simple: a sequential QSO number (starting with 1,
      then 2, 3...) and your location (county for Michigan stations, and state,
      province or "DX" for others).  A station may be worked once per band and
      mode, with CW QSOs counting two points and phone QSOs counting one point
      (just like Field Day).  Multipliers are states, provinces, and Michigan
      counties, counted once on phone and once on CW.  Final score is total QSO
      points times total multipliers.  See the MiQP website at http://www.miqp.org
      for complete rules.

        MiQP offers an extensive awards program, with handsome plaques awarded for
      the in-state winners of the major categories.  Certificates are awarded for
      the top single-operator score in each Michigan county, and there is a
      simultaneous competition for Michigan clubs where scores of its members are
      combined into an aggregate score for that club.  There are also categories
      and awards for mobile and multi-operator stations.

         The separate category instituted in 2008 for Emergency Operation Center
      (EOC) stations has become a permanent part of MiQP, and continues in 2010.  A
      handsome MiQP plaque will be awarded to the highest scoring EOC station and
      certificates for second and third place. The MiQP rules defining an EOC
      station are essentially the same as for Field Day - "Michigan entries located
      at an established EOC site, activated by an individual or group, utilizing
      either permanent or temporary equipment and antennas".  This category was
      specifically created to encourage EOC stations to participate, and to
      recognize their contributions.  Eight EOC stations from around the state
      participated in 2009.

         We are also continuing the "MiQP Rookie Of The Year" plaque instituted in
      2007, which is awarded to the top single-operator score submitted by a
      Michigan station who has never participated in MiQP before.

         There is a wealth of information about the Michigan QSO Party available on
      the MiQP website at http://www.miqp.org, such as official log and summary
      sheets, results from past years, and free logging software.  Questions about
      MiQP can be directed via e-mail to: miqp@....  There is also an e-mail
      reflector for those interested in MiQP - details are on the web site at
      http://www.miqp.org/MiQP_Reflector.htm.  We hope to see a great turnout of
      Michigan amateurs on the air on April 17th!  73, from the MiQP Organizing

         THE NEW HAMS DINNER was held for the 15th time at Fire Mountain, at
      Muskegon. The occasion is to welcome new hams to the area and newly licensed
      hams to the western Michigan area.  The event is sponsored by the Lowell ARC,
      The Grand Rapids ARA, The MDXA and the Michigan ARA.  This year two new hams
      were welcomed to the area.  This is also the time when clubs present their
      awards for individual achievement.  This year, the MDXA awarded its "Pillars
      of Society" award to Major Patrick McPherson WW9E.  He was instrumental in
      the creation and administration of S.A.T.E.R.N., The Salvation Army Team
      Emergency Radio Network and he was recognized for this important achievement!
       The Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance presented its "West Michigan Ham of the
      Year" to Bill Zaidel N8VWI.  Bill is one of those special hams whom you do
      not notice until something needs to be fixed.  Bill was instrumental in
      helping start an Operation Care Coffee stop and has stepped forward to do the
      work that the rest of us cannot do.  This was the 11th year of awarding the

        PRB-1 UPDATE  I meet many Michigan hams at hamfests across the state and am
      often asked "What can I do to help get HB5556 passed.   Consistently, the
      answer has been "Write to your representative to ask for support for the
      bill."  I often wonder how much this request is followed.  We are all in this
      together as fellow ham operators.  What affects one of us in one community
      may not necessarily affect all of us immediately, but if each community
      legislates against antenna systems with impunity, eventually there will be an
      impact.  Perhaps you are a new Technician and not on the HF bands today, but
      what about a year from know?  Will you be holding your new General Class
      License with burning desire to install a tower only to face a zoning
      ordinance that says you cannot have one?  As a Tech, will you discover the
      fun of VHF/UHF SSB operation and find that you cannot install a decent
      antenna system?  Please check the PRB1 web page http://www.prb1michigan.org
      for updates.  We are asking all Michigan hams to write their State
      Representative to encourage support for HB5556.

        HAMFEST Listings in Michigan for the next few months -- The ARRL Michigan
      Section plans to represent the League at these upcoming functions and we hope
      to see you there:
      Mar 20 Marshall     Apr 3 Lowell (ARGYL)
      Apr 17 Milford      May 1 Cadillac
      June 5 Hudsonville  June 6 Chelsea
      June 19 Midland     Jun 20 Monroe
      Aug 7 Escanaba/UP   Sept 19 Adrian
      Oct 17 Kalamazoo

        REPORTS: Here are ARPSC stats for February: Total number of ARES members:
      1897,  Number of EC/ROs reporting: 30,  Drills, nets, tests and training
      sessions: 199,  Public Service Events: 372,  Emergency Operations: 12,  Total
      number of ARES operations: 294.  Total Operator Hours: 3768, contributed
      dollar value: $68,244.

        NETS: Michigan nets reporting for February (in order of traffic count): QMN,
      MiVHF, MiTN, MACS, SEMTN, UPN, TMMTN, GLETN, WSSBN, Hiawatha, Kent County Red
      Cross,  MiARPSC, Chelsea.  The Michigan NTS reported 1833 Operator hours
      worth $33,198 in February.

        Station Activity Reports  (SARs) for February, 2010: WB8WKQ 713, WB9JSR 698,
      KB8GT 275, K8RDN 269, K8LJG 160, NX8A 91, WB8RCR 46, KD8CYK 36, K8VFZ 33,
      KD8HPF 24, W8QZ 18, KD8LZB 14, W8RNQ 13, WD8USA 13, W8ERV 2.

        Public Service Honor Roll Reports (PSHRs) for February, 2010: KB8GT 305,
      WB8RCR 230, WB9JSR 195, K8RDN 185, NX8A 155, K8MFK 145, WD8USA 135, WB8WKQ
      120, KD8CYK 76, W8ERV 67, K8VFZ 67, W8QZ 40, KD8HPF 24.

        73 until next month,
      Dale WA8EFK

      ARRL Michigan Section
      Section Manager: Dale R. Williams, WA8EFK
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