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Re: 2010 Tulip Time Parades-Corrected Dates

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  • Jim Miller
    Somehow I looked at the wrong month when sending out the dates for this years parades. Here are the corrected dates: Volksparade: Wednesday May 5
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 15, 2010
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      Somehow I looked at the wrong month when sending out the dates for this
      years parades.

      Here are the corrected dates:

      Volksparade: Wednesday May 5
      Kinderparade: Thursday May 6
      Muziekparade: Saturday May 8

      Sorry for any confusion.


      Jim Miller wrote:
      > Hello, it might not feel like Spring is just around the corner but it
      > will be here very soon, with Spring's arrival comes the 2010 Tulip Time
      > Festival.
      > As in the past the Amateur Radio Operators and the American Red Cross
      > will be providing support along the parade routes during the three Tulip
      > Time parades.
      > The first parade (Volksparade) is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6, which
      > we will need twelve Amateur Radio Operators to work as a Team with two
      > American Red Cross First Aid Responders in covering a one block section
      > of the parade route. Along with two Net Control Operators, we will need
      > a total of fourteen Amateur Radio Operators, during the time frame of
      > approximately 1:00pm until 3:30pm.
      > The second parade (Kinderparade) is scheduled for Thursday, May 8, which
      > we will need the same number of Amateur Radio Operators as the Wednesday
      > parade, during the same approximate time frame. The rain date for this
      > parade will be Friday, May 9.
      > The third, the largest, and the longest parade (Muziekparade) is
      > schedule for Saturday, May 10, which we will need twenty-four Amateur
      > Radio Operators to cover a one-block section of the expanded parade
      > route, along with two-three Net Control Operators. Also during this
      > parade we need packet radio stations setup and operating at the American
      > Red Cross Tulip Time Headquarters, Holland High School, and at Net Control.
      > Also for the Saturday parade, Amateur Radio Operators are needed to
      > assist with parade lineup. This group will be working within their own
      > net, and on a different frequency than the parade route Teams. We need
      > approximately ten operators, six assigned to specific Division Parade
      > Marshals, one to work with the floats, one to assist the TV Crew with
      > their coverage, one to work with the cars, one to work directly with the
      > Grand Marshal, and two Net Control Operators. Adding up the various
      > activities on Saturday, we need approximately forty Amateur Radio
      > Operators just to cover what we currently know needs to be covered.
      > As one can see, this is large operation in which one Club or Group
      > cannot handle on their own. Please we need your help in getting the
      > word out to all area Amateur Radio Operators of this need. Many have
      > done this festival for years and have their favorite spots to serve. If
      > you are willing to serve, and have a favorite spot, please let me know I
      > will to my best to assign you to that specific position. For those that
      > are new to the hobby or those that have sat on the sidelines in the past
      > years, please consider giving it a try. It is fun, and is a great way
      > to brush up on your net operating procedures while providing a highly
      > visible community service.
      > If you're interested in volunteering, please provide me with you full
      > name, call sign, physical limitations or special needs, contact phone
      > number, email address, and any special assignments you would like to cover.
      > Please email Dave Lamer WA8RSA directly at wa8rsa@... if you're
      > interested in working the parade line-up on Saturday.
      > Thank you in advance!
      > Jim Miller W8JRM
      > Ottawa County Emergency Communications
      > jimrmiller@...
      > 616-843-0023
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