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WEAVER'S WORDS - Did Someone say Sunspot?

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
     From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer  Security Consultant Guardian Alarm Company  231 206-0422 E mail kb8vee@comcast.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2010

       From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Region 6 Emergency Coordinator/ RACES Officer
       Security Consultant Guardian Alarm Company
       231 206-0422 E mail kb8vee@...  

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      Subject: WEAVER'S WORDS - Did Someone say Sunspot?

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      - Williams Appointed to ECAC
      - The New MOU with Red Cross Offers Much
      - US ARDF Championship in Cincinnati
      - Repeater Narrow Banding under Review
      - Comment Deadline Nears on Two NPRMs
      - Field Day Cometh
      - Destroy Obsolete Applications for Credit Cards
      - Chris Castle, KI4BOQ, Another Honor
      - Directors Webinars -- What are These?-
      - Tentative Schedule

      +++ Williams Appointed to ECAC +++

      I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Michigan Section
      Manager Dale Williams, WA8EFK to represent the Great Lakes Division on
      the ARRL Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC).  The ECAC
      was established by the ARRL Board of Directors at its January meeting.
      As is true of other ARRL advisory committees, the ECAC will be composed
      of one representative from each of the 15 ARRL Divisions.  This is the
      first ARRL advisory committee that is open to section managers as well
      as typical League members.  Dale was among several qualified candidates
      considered for the post.

      Thanks to Dale for his willingness to assist.  I also thank other
      candidates who stood ready to serve.

      The ECAC will advise the Board and HQ on matters related to
      multi-regional and nationwide emergency response planning.

      +++ New MOU with Red Cross Offers Much +++

      The new MOU between Red Cross and ARRL does much more than include an
      agreement to support RC and to acknowledge the appropriateness of
      criminal background checks for its ham supporters.  When it is signed
      by both organizations it will provide a clear distinction between
      amateurs as official Red Cross volunteers and amateurs as partners but
      not RC volunteers.  This should be a very helpful distinction.
      Basically it means that amateurs can provide volunteer communications
      support to the community through RC without becoming RC volunteers if
      this is what they choose.

      Why is this potentially an important distinction?

      It has been my personal experience that RC chapter officials typically
      conclude anyone who provides support to them is a RC volunteer.  This
      conclusion may be justifiable for "the man on the street" who walks in
      to a chapter house and says he wants to help.  On the other hand, the
      conclusion may or may not be accurate regarding individual members of
      an ARES(TM) unit that also offers to help.  The ARES member may, in
      fact, be volunteering to support ARES in its assistance to RC, but not
      be interested in being a RC volunteer.

      One important feature of the new MOU is that it clearly distinguishes
      between ARES members and RC volunteers.  ARRL and ARES are referred to
      as partners and in similar terms, not as RC volunteers.  The MOU
      solidifies this distinction even further when it agrees that ARES
      amateurs should be encouraged to become RC volunteers and that RC
      amateurs who do not belong to ARRL/ARES should be encouraged to join
      these organizations.

      Again, why is this distinction important?

      As a RC volunteer, an individual may be required to sign certain
      agreements that are not required if the individual is not a RC
      volunteer.  One agreement is the Intellectual Property Agreement that
      basically gives the RC first rights to ideas, inventions, developments,
      and other property developed by the individual even though these were
      not developed for Red Cross or as a direct result of being a RC
      volunteer.  Those of you who work for major corporations may have
      signed a similar agreement with your employer to get a job and earn a

      I am aware of at least one local Chapter for which the Intellectual
      Property Agreement is a big issue.  Many ARES members in its service
      area are very reluctant to sign the agreement, but are equally
      interested in providing valuable service to the community through the
      RC.  They view the situation as being one of lose-lose.

      Because the new MOU recognizes that ARES members do not need to become
      Red Cross volunteers, it should not be necessary for amateurs who
      choose not to be RC volunteers to sign the agreement.  This same
      philosophy will apply to other requirements of RC volunteers.

      Unfortunately, it may be necessary to wait until the new MOU is
      published to convince many RC chapter managers that radio operators are
      not required to become RC volunteers and, therefore, are not required
      to sign these agreements.

      One final thought.  Becoming an official RC volunteer may not be
      one-sided.  This may depend on the specific chapter, but some chapters
      reimburse their volunteers (including amateurs) for certain expenses
      while performing RC duties.  It would be justifiable for these
      reimbursements not to be offered to hams who choose not to be RC

      +++ US ARDF Championships in Cincinnati +++

      The 2010 national ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) championships
      are in Cincinnati.  The dates are May 19-23.  These will be the tenth
      championships for the US.

      This will be an especially good opportunity for amateurs in our area to
      see what competitive ARDF is about and why it is fun.  A two-day
      training camp may be Of particular interest to new and would-be
      ARDFers.  An ARDF forum will also be held at the Dayton Hamvention(TM)
      the week before the championships.

      To learn more about ARDFing, visit the 2010 ARDF Championships web site
      -- http://www.usardf2010.com.  This site contains a good discussion of
      ARDFing as well as full information about the 2010 championships.

      One interesting feature of the event is that individuals who have never
      participated in a US ARDF Championship may register without paying a
      competition fee.  The ARDF community definitely wants to encourage new
      people to join it.

      Bob Frey, WA6EZV of Hamilton, OH and Dick Arnett, WB4SUV of Erlanger,
      KY are co-chairmen of the 2010 Championships.

      +++ Repeater Narrow Banding under Review +++

      As many of us know, the FCC is pushing a variety of radiocommunication
      services toward digital narrowbanding.  As one example that is somewhat
      related to Amateur Radio, the FCC is considering a rather major move in
      repeater spacing for the Land Mobile service.  Land Mobile currently
      uses a 25 kHz spacing.  FCC is talking about a plan that would reduce
      this spacing to 12.5 kHz on an interim basis and then to 6.25 kHz.  The
      move to 12.5 kHz is being fought and no deadline has been proposed for
      6.25 kHz, but the pressure toward narrowbanding exists.

      It seems appropriate, therefore that we in Amateur Radio review the
      possibilities that would exist if we were to find narrowbanding in our
      future.  It is always better to study a potential situation when there
      is plenty of time for the study than to wait until a deadline exists.

      Consistent with this thinking, we on the ARRL Board passed the
      following resolution at the July 2009 Board meeting (Minute 29):

          WHEREAS, there is current substantial amateur radio movement,
      activity, and innovation in the digital narrowband area; and
          WHEREAS, the FCC has mandated that by 2013 commercial radio move to
      narrowband channels and Amateur Radio manufacturers normally follow
      commercial practices; and
          WHEREAS, the VHF/UHF Amateur Radio band plan currently uses 15 and
      20 kHz FM channels; and
          WHEREAS, with the increasing use of narrowband across the country
      amateurs are placing and using narrowband equipment outside the
      repeater subband because there is no real place to fit the narrowband
      pairs; and
          WHEREAS, for ARRL to remain a respected leader in technology, we
      must be actively involved in innovative solutions to problems by
      bringing about a productive discussion on a technical paradigm shift;
          THEREFORE, the President shall appoint a study committee for the
      purpose of research and to consider developing a plan to move the US
      amateur community to narrowband channel spacing.

      The Committee has begun its work.  Please be aware that neither the
      Committee nor the Board are preparing to propose a shift to narrow band
      spacing.  This is an information gathering effort.  You will hear more
      in the future as the work progresses.

      +++ Comment Deadline Nears on Two NPRMs +++

      The comment deadline for two FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM)
      dockets is March 26.  These NPRMs are intended to amend, clarify and
      codify certain existing procedures governing the amateur vanity call
      sign system (WT Docket No. 09-209) and to revise certain rules that
      apply to club stations (FCC No. 09-102).  The two NPRMs and information
      needed to submit comment on them may be found at

      +++ Field Day Cometh +++

      The annual Field Day exercise of emergency communications preparedness
      is June 26 and 27.  Anything you ever wanted to know or needed to know
      about this annual exercise can be read or downloaded at

      Why not invite your State or Federal senator and representative, EMA
      director or other public leaders to visit Field Day.  If you do this,
      be sure to have literature that concisely describes Amateur Radio and
      the critical role amateurs play in emergency communication available to
      give to them.  Some of this information is available to pick up at no
      charge at an ARRL booth at any ARRL-sanctioned hamfest.

      +++ Destroy Applications for Obsolete Credit Cards +++

      Individual amateurs and hamfest officials who have applications for
      ARRL credit cards that were distributed before February 22 please note.
       Toss these applications in the trash.  Better still, put them in the
      paper recycle bin.  These applications were made obsolete by the new
      credit card laws.

      +++ Chris Castle, another Honor +++

      Chris Castle, KI4BOQ, has received another honor.  He has been named a
      WYMT-TV Mountain Achiever.  Chris is a senior at Johnson Central High
      School, Paintsville, KY.  He is the son of Patty and Ron Castle, KI4NM.
       The Castles live in West Van Lear, KY.

      +++ Directors Webinars -- What are These? +++

      What are the Directors webinars I've listed in the following Tentative
      Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule?  These are monthly discussions I
      helped initiate by working with other members of the ARRL Board of
      Directors.  The purpose of these monthly discussions is to bring
      directors together frequently to promote full exchange of ideas,
      problems and experiences throughout the year.  Participants in the
      webinars believe that members, the staff and the Board will benefit
      from these frequent discussions.

      Incidentally, members of the Great Lakes Division Cabinet periodically
      hold teleconferences to discuss items of interest to the Division and
      Sections.  These are not listed below because they occur on an
      as-desired basis and generally do not fit the publication schedule of
      Words.  The Division Cabinet consists of SMs WA8EFK, KY4Z and KI8GW,
      Division Legislative Action Chairman NB4K, Vice Director KI4LA and your

      +++ Tentative Travel, Hamfest and Activity Schedule +++

      Hamfests in the following list have received ARRL sanctioning as of
      press time.  Hamfests and other events for which a Great Lakes Division
      representative is scheduled to attend are identified with the
      representative's name.  The schedule can be expected to be fine-tuned
      in the future.

      Patronize ARRL-sanctioned hamfests.  Hamfests, conventions, symposia
      and similar events sponsored by ARRL-affiliated clubs may be eligible
      to be sanctioned by the League.  For information, see
      http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/hamfests/Sponsors.  Please have your
      event sanctioned soon.
      6  Mar: Mammoth Cave Hamfest, Cave City, KY - Jim
      18 Mar: Bellbrook ARC Annual Dinner, Waynesville, OH - Jim
      20 Mar: Michigan Crossroads Hamfest, Marshall, MI -- Jim
      21 Mar: TMRA Hamfest/Computer Show, Toledo, OH - Jay, Jim
      3  Mar: Directors webinar - Jim
      3  Apr: ARGYL Hamfest, Lowell, MI
      3  Apr: Lincoln Trail Hamfest, Elizabethtown, KY
      10 Apr: JCARC Hamfest, Radio Show, Jackson, OH
      17 Apr: Milford Swap & Shop, Highland, MI
      18 Apr: Cuyahoga Falls Hamfest, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      24 Apr: River Cities ARA Tail-Gate 'fest, Ashland, KY
      25 Apr: Athens Hamfest, Athens, OH
      26 Apr: Livonia ARC meeting - presentation, Jim
      27 Apr: Cherryland ARC meeting - presentation, Jim
      28 Apr: Directors webinar - Jim
      1  May: Louisa Hamfest, Louisa, KY - Jim
      1  May: Cadillac Hamfest, Cadillac, MI
      14-16 May: Hamvention(r), Dayton, OH - Gary, Jim
      26 May: Directors webinar - Jim
      5  Jun: IRA Hamfest, Hudsonville, MI
      5  Jun: Fulton Co. ARC Hamfest, Tedrow, OH
      5  Jun: Carter Co. Hamfest, Olive Hill, KY
      6  Jun: Chelsea Swap & Shop, Chelsea, MI
      19 Jun: Milford Hamfest, Milford, OH - Jim
      19 Jun: Midland Hamfest, Midland, MI
      20 Jun: Monroe Hamfest, Monroe, MI -- Jim
      23 Jun: Directors webinar - Jim
      8  Jul: Mahoning Valley ARA, presentation -- Jim
      15 Jul: A&F Committee, Newington, CT - Jim
      16-17 Jul: Board of Directors, Windsor, CT -- Gary, Jim
      18 Jul: Van Wert ARC Hamfest, Van Wert, OH
      25 Jul: Portage Hamfair, Randolph, OH
      28 Jul: Directors webinar - Jim
      7  Aug: UP Hamfest, Escanaba, MI
      15 Aug: Warren ARA Hamfest, Cortland, OH
      15 Aug: Central KY Hamfest, Lawrenceburg, KY - Jim
      15 Aug: Lapeer Swap & Shop, Lapeer, MI
      22 Aug: Cambridge Hamfest, Cambridge, OH
      25 Aug: Directors webinar - Jim
      11 Sep: Grtr Louisville 'fest, Shepherdsville, KY
      12 Sep: Findlay Hamfest, Findlay, OH - Jim
      18 Sep: Central KY ARS Hamfest, Richmond, KY - Jim
      19 Sep: Adrian ARC Hamfest, Adrian, MI
      22 Sep: Directors webinar - Jim
      26 Sep: Cleveland Hamfest, Cleveland, OH - Jim
      27 Oct: Directors webinar - Jim
      30 Oct: Hazard Hamfest, Hazard, KY
      31 Oct: Massillon Hamfest, Massillon, OH

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      5065 Bethany Rd.
      Mason, OH 45040
      E-mail: k8je@..., Tel.: 513-459-1661
      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio

      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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