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Re: [WestMichiganHams] Re: FM 2 Meter Simplex Contest Feb 7 & 10

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  • Todd Sprinkmann
    Hi Bill, Thanks for the extended thoughts. I agree with you that getting adequate participation is the biggest challenge with any event like this. That s
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      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the extended thoughts. I agree with you that
      getting adequate participation is the biggest challenge with
      any event like this. That's why I promote so heavily; to try
      and improve participation with weekly nets, with ARRL
      VHF/UHF contests, and the like.

      I do want to clear up something. I have nothing to do
      with the rules and running of the MRAC FM Simplex Contest.
      I simply help them promote it. I like more activity in contests,
      so I help spread the word. But I wasn't even on the air when
      MRAC (www.w9rh.org) came up with their contest, so I
      can't take any credit there.
      The issue of QST you mentioned was the January one,
      on Page 79 -- This Month in Contesting.

      For those who are interested, the MRAC FM Simplex
      Contest is this Sunday, the 21st. I know some of us are
      capable of cross-lake QSO's, if we have decent antennas,
      turn the squelch down, and listen carefully. I can work
      decent stations up to 100 or so miles with my vertical up
      90' and 100 watts.
      Of course, if someone doesn't like their QTH, they can
      they go rover (or mobile) to a high location and try their
      luck from there. Many do this in the ARRL VHF/UHF
      contests, and that's where the real action is, on the SSB
      side of things. In a typical ARRL contest, I will make
      200, 300 or more contacts over 20-30 hours, using
      bands like 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm. Almost all of that
      is on SSB mode, with horizontally polarized antennas.
      *Anyone* reading this with an interest in doing more
      VHF/UHF Contesting should know by now that I will
      help. Just contact me or do further study on my website.

      Before I run any further off track, here's the rules and
      times for the MRAC FM Simplex Contest this Sunday.
      http://www.w9rh.org/fm_simplex_contest.htm Again, I'm
      just the messenger. I think as many hams as possible should
      at least know about some different ways we enjoy the hobby.

      Todd KC9BQA EN63ao 40 N of Milwaukee
      http://www.kc9bqa.com For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates

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      Yes, I welcome the opportunity to say a few things about our version of
      the FM Contest on VHF.

      This was the initial running of this event. We had limited
      participation. Those pitching in really made this a fun contest for

      I believe I plagiarized, extensively, rules you had written. One
      participant thought that the obverse was the case. Flattery and all.
      This whole thing goes back to a recent issue of QST.

      The Wisconsin version of the FM Simplex 2 Meter Contest uses grid
      squares. I wanted to simplify this a bit and make it easier for a new
      ham to declare his "grid square" for the contest. I think the
      calculation can be made using on-line assets like qrz.com. This
      requires a sophisticated mobile as well as preplanning by the home

      This type of contest encourages mobiles. And the mobiles need to talk
      to each other and coordinate their movements. For example, the mobiles
      talked on Sunday. On Wednesday they went wildly differing directions
      that did not allow them to talk with each other. In the end the mobiles
      handed out the majority of contacts enjoyed by the other two classes,
      being home station and HT. More mobiles would keep the frequencies

      Wednesday I was mobile and managed to find a corner for four townships.
      This meant I could move a little, fast, and offer four jurisdictions.
      Then I moved into a town separated by a river. Two more that quickly.

      In a sprint the mobiles must plan their route with care. This probably
      applies to other contests like those soliciting counties. In the sprint
      the whole thing just flies by so quickly.

      In the end the most often asked question, hands down, was, "When can we
      do this again?" Maybe this could be the next twist on Fox Hunting?


      Bill, NA8M


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