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WEAVER'S WORDS - Happy 2010

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    [Reply to k8je@arrl.org] - ARRL Seeking EmComm Manager - Tech Class Question Pool Updated - How to get News Published and Broadcast - 2011 Great Lakes Division
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2009

      [Reply to k8je@...]

      - ARRL Seeking EmComm Manager
      - Tech Class Question Pool Updated
      - How to get News Published and Broadcast
      - 2011 Great Lakes Division Convention
      - Congratulations
      - Board of Directors to Meet
      - The GLD in Print
      - Tentative Schedule

      +++ ARRL Seeking EmComm Manager +++

      The ARRL is accepting applications for the open position of Emergency
      Preparedness and Response (EPR) Manager.  The job is based at ARRL HQ
      in Newington, CT.  The successful applicant will represent the League
      with government and non-government emergency and disaster response
      organizations and partners for planning, continuity and operational

      Requirements for the position include holding a General Class or higher
      amateur license, having a minimum of 5 years experience in ARES(r) or
      equivalent and hold a Bachelor-level or higher degree.  For further
      requirements and a description of the EPR Manager position, go to
      http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2009/12/22/11261/?nc=1.  Interested
      amateurs should follow the instructions on the Internet notice to

      +++ Tech Class Question Pool Updated +++

      Unless you plan to take the Technician class license examination before
      July 1, 2010, don't use study guides based on the question pool that
      became effective July 1, 2006.  The 2006 pool will be replaced by a
      2010 question pool effective July 2010.  The 2006 pool and study
      materials used for it are useable for Technician exams to be given as
      late as Jun 30, 2010.

      Beginning July 1, 2010 Tech exams will be based upon the 2010 question
      pool.  This pool will be available to the public in early January.
      People wishing to obtain a printed copy of the pool or a study manual
      based on it should watch for announcements in ham publications or on
      the web.  Of course, www.arrl.org and ARRL bulletins will be a good
      source of information on these.

      +++ How to get News Published and Broadcast +++

      We often hear it said that people do not know what Amateur Radio is and
      what amateur operators do.  As often as not, this is true.  The
      question this situation poses is "how can we amateurs overcome this

      The answer to the question is "publicity" or "public relations (PR)."
      We need to have local amateurs tell the story of modern Amateur Radio
      to the public and to officials.  We need to get "press" and "broadcast"
      coverage for what we do.

      How can we get this coverage?  Who can get this coverage for us?  The
      answer to these questions is, "us."  This is a task that principally
      needs to be performed by us in the field.  We are in the best position
      to know what is going on in local Amateur Radio circles and who is
      doing it.  Unless the situation is big enough to gain the interest of
      regional or national news media, no one can to the task better than
      someone where the activity is being held.

      As is true of so many things in life, getting good PR requires a little
      knowledge -- a little.  Most local print and broadcast media want to
      include local residents in their stories.  It is local people who read
      and hear the stories.  Local people want to know what is going on in
      their area.  Local people buy the newspapers and the goods advertised
      in them and over the broadcast media.

      It is up to us, though, to prepare the news we give to the media in a
      manner that increases their likelihood of using it.  As time goes by,
      it is becoming increasingly important that we know what the media want.
       Doing this is not difficult.  Even so, it requires that we learn how
      to "market" the Amateur Radio stories we want to tell.

      ARRL PR manager Allen Pitts, W1GGP has developed a self-teaching course
      to show us how to get publicity for ham radio activities.  This is the
      new ARRL PR-101 course.  Following the information contained in this
      course, any reasonably literate amateur can learn how to get good press
      for Amateur Radio.

      ARRL's PR-101 course is designed to train Public Information Officers
      and others in promoting Amateur Radio and ARRL through the new media.
      Some Section Managers have been so impressed with the course that they
      are requiring their Public Information Officer appointees to take it.

      To learn how best to obtain good press coverage for ham radio go to
      http://www.arrl.org/catalog/?item=0133 to read about PR-101.

      +++ 2011 Great Lakes Division Convention +++

      The Great Lakes Division Cabinet has begun to think ahead to a 2011
      Division Convention.  We would like to hear from groups or clubs that
      may be interested in sponsoring this event.  The Division Cabinet is
      composed of the Division Legislative Action Chair (NB4K), the three
      Section Managers (KY4Z, KY; WA8EFK, MI; KI8GW, OH), the Vice Director
      (KI4LA) and me.

      At this time, we are looking for a sponsor for a convention that may be
      a stand-alone convention (not associated with an existing hamfest) or a
      convention associated with an existing hamfest.  The Cabinet is also
      open to suggestions that may include keeping the convention at a fixed
      location and date.

      Please contact me (k8je@...) for further information if you are
      interested in discussing sponsoring the convention.

      +++ Congratulations +++        

      To Bonnie Viele, N8MCX who was elected to her fifth term on the
      Hubbard, OH city council.  Husband Jerry, W8JV is one proud guy.

      +++ Board of Directors to Meet +++

      The Annual Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors will be held January
      15 and 16.  The meeting will be held in Windsor, CT which, as is true
      of Newington, is a suburb of Hartford.  Major committee meetings will
      be held at ARRL HQ on January 14.

      If there are topics you would like me to discuss while in Connecticut,
      please let me know.  Send your thought to me at k8je@....

      +++ The GLD in Print +++

      Joel Thurtell, K8PSV and the Ohio Michigan Indiana Kentucky (OMIK) ARA
      shared part of p. 93, in the December issue of QST.  Joel's book "Up
      the Rouge!" was published by Wayne State University press.  It
      describes his canoe trip up the Rouge River.

      The OMIK Scholarship Fund presented a $1,000 check to Caitlin Grey of
      Wadsworth, OH.  The OMIK radio club was founded at Wilberforce
      University, Wilberforce, OH in 1952 by students from the four states.
      Incidentally, many members of the Tuskegee Airmen of WW 2 fame became
      members of OMIK.

      On p. 24, Verle Willingham, K8VW of Fenton, MI reported the demise of
      the Firebird ARC.  This was a GM employee Amateur Radio club that had a
      run of 48 years.

      Chris Castle, KI4BOQ, of West Van Lear, KY received ink on p. 83 for
      being named to the All-State Choir as previously mentioned in Words.

      Jetstream USA ads:  Did you know Jetstream is a Great Lakes Division
      (Southwestern Ohio) company?  Any guesses as to which retail business
      owns Jetstream?

      An oops.  Matt Severin, mentioned last month, is N8MS and is from Eau
      Claire, MI -- not K8MS from Traverse City.  Thanks to Bill Wheeler,
      W8JBA for correcting the error.

      +++ Happy New Year +++

      On behalf of ARRL and myself, I wish each of you a very Happy and
      Prosperous New Year.  May 2010 prove to be the best year ever for you.

      +++ Tentative Travel & Hamfest Schedule +++

      Hamfests in the following list have received ARRL sanctioning as of
      press time.  These and other events for which a Great Lakes Division
      representative is scheduled to attend are identified with the
      representative's name.

      5  Jan: Coshocton Co. 50th Anniv. presentation - Jim
      8  Jan: Dayton ARA, presentation - Jim
      11 Jan: Director Teleconference -- Jim
      12 Jan: GLD Cabinet Telecon -- Gary, SMs, NB4K, Jim
      14 Jan: A&F Committee, Newington, CT - Jim
      15-16 Jan: Board of Directors, Windsor, CT - Gary, Jim
      17 Jan: Hazel Park Hamfest, Hazel Park, MI
      17 Jan: Sunday Creek Hamfest, Nelsonville, OH
      31 Jan: TUSCO Hamfest, Strasburg, OH
      6  Feb: HARA Swap & Shop, Negaunee, MI
      7  Feb: NOARS Winter Hamfest, Lorain, OH
      11 Feb: SW Ohio DXA presentation - Jim
      13 Feb: Cherryland Hamfest, Traverse City, MI
      14 Feb: Midwinter Hamfest, Mansfield, OH - Jim
      21 Feb: Livonia Swap n Shop, Livonia, MI
      6  Mar: Mammoth Cave Hamfest, Cave City, KY - Jim
      20 Mar: Michigan Crossroads Hamfest, Marshall, MI -- Jim
      3  Apr: ARGYL Hamfest, Lowell, MI
      3  Apr: Lincoln Trail Hamfest, Elizabethtown, KY
      17 Apr: Milford Swap & Shop, Highland, MI
      18 Apr: Cuyahoga Falls Hamfest, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      25 Apr: Athens Hamfest, Athens, OH
      14-16 May: Hamvention(r), Dayton, OH - Gary, Jim
      19 Jun: Milford Hamfest, Milford, OH
      20 Jun: Monroe Hamfest, Monroe, MI -- Jim
      8  Jul: Mahoning Valley ARA, presentation -- Jim
      16-17 Jul: Board of Directors, Windsor, CT -- Gary, Jim
      25 Jul: Portage Hamfair, Randolph, OH
      22 Aug: Cambridge Hamfest, Cambridge, OH
      11 Sep: Grtr Louisville 'fest, Shepherdsville, KY -- Jim
      18 Sep: Central KY ARS Hamfest, Richmond, KY

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      5065 Bethany Rd.
      Mason, OH 45040
      E-mail:  k8je@..., Tel.: 513-459-1661
      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio

      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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