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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2009
      > [REPLY TO k8je@...]
      > - Commercialization of Amateur Radio
      > - Division Award Winners
      > - Who was that Invisible Ham?
      > - WRC 11 (or 12!)
      > - Survey Results: NCJ, QEX, QST
      > - We Got Sponsors, We Got Sponsors . . .
      > - Hamfest Sales of Illegal CB Equipment
      > - Travel Schedule
      > +++ Commercialization of Amateur Radio +++
      > As promised, the Board of Directors has issued a guidelines statement
      > concerning the proper and improper uses of Amateur Radio to support
      > not-for-profit or profit-making organizations. As you read this
      > statement, please understand that it says absolutely nothing new. The
      > reason for this is there is absolutely nothing new to say. It merely
      > helps puts FCC regulations into perspective relative to new requests
      > and demands being made of Amateur Radio.
      > The basic fact is that the FCC has issued no new rules regarding
      > pecuniary interest since it issued the "pizza rule" years ago. What
      > the pizza rule says is it is OK for an amateur to use Amateur Radio to
      > order pizza or other materials from a dealer. The logic is that the
      > ham has no pecuniary interest in this type of deal. In sharp contrast,
      > it remains a violation of FCC rules for the pizza parlor clerk to use
      > Amateur Radio to take orders.
      > The philosophy remains unchanged and applies as much to hospitals, the
      > Red Cross, etc. as it applies to a pizza parlor, a railroad and other
      > business operations.
      > The result of all this is it is up to us as amateurs to know FCC rules
      > and to apply them to situations we face. My suggestion is, "If it
      > doesn't feel right, it probably isn't."
      > The old "If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a
      > duck, it's probably a duck" admonition works most of the time.
      > What can also be said is that trinkets (T-shirts, car signs, caps)
      > given gratuitously by event sponsors that identify the event are not
      > pay. They publicize the event and identify the event worker.
      > Similarly, reimbursement for gasoline or other expenses incurred while
      > serving an event is just this -- reimbursement, not pay. It's OK to
      > accept reimbursement.
      > It also is OK for an amateur organization to accept donations. This is
      > provided the donations are true donations -- freely given and not
      > solicited. For example, if a served organization wants to give a ham
      > club a gift, take it. On the other hand, it isn't OK to ask the served
      > organization for a donation. By no means should we negotiate how much
      > a donation should be.
      > When is a donation not a donation? If we have to play mental games to
      > justify it as a donation and not as pay, it isn't a donation.
      > +++ Division Award Winners +++
      > Major awards are presented to deserving members in the Great Lakes
      > Division on alternate years. The growing tradition of presenting these
      > awards at the GLD conventions was continued in Findlay on September 12.
      > The awards and winning nominations are:
      > The George S. Wilson, III, W4OYI, Award -- Presented to James "Mike"
      > Wagoner, KB4VKS of Covington, KY for continued lifetime excellence as a
      > radio amateur as a roll model and helper for other amateurs. In his
      > service to other amateurs and the public he exemplified the spirit of
      > former GLD Director and ARRL President George Wilson, III, W4OYI.
      > The Amateur of the Year Award -- Presented to James J. Aylward, KC8PD
      > of Ravenna, OH for outstanding contribution to Amateur Radio.
      > DX Achievement Award -- Presented to Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW of
      > Strongsville, OH for his exemplary record of lifetime achievement in
      > promoting DX operations, and for dedicating his time, talents and
      > service to the art and science of Amateur Radio.
      > The Young Radio Amateur of the Year Award: Presented to Joseph J.
      > Lipa, N8OY of Saline, MI. The award was in recognition demonstrating
      > the spirit of Amateur Radio through guiding other young people into
      > Amateur Radio and through his accomplishments in academic,
      > extracurricular and community life. Joe comes from a ham family.
      > A Director's award for Outstanding Achievement was presented to Thomas
      > J. Mansfield, Jr., KG4TND of Lexington Kentucky for outstanding
      > achievement in managing an ARES unit in the face of external
      > difficulties. A Vice Director's award was presented to Bill Kelsey,
      > N8ET for his effort in organizing the Symposium.
      > Congratulations to the award recipients. Thanks to Scott Yonally, N8SY
      > for his fine job of designing and printing the award certificates.
      > My thanks to Vice Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA for his job as
      > Symposium chairman.
      > +++ Who was that Invisible Ham? +++
      > There appeared to be a ghostly recipient in last month's listing of
      > scholarships awarded to Division amateurs through the Foundation for
      > Amateur Radio (FAR). The scholarship was listed, but the name of the
      > recipient somehow was lost in the rare ethers around my laptop.
      > Who was the mysterious winner? It was none other than Christina Check,
      > W8HBI. Tina won a QCWA SK $1000 scholarship. And yes, it was her
      > daughter, Kayla, N8KAY who won the QCWA Myerson scholarship. And, yes
      > again, this all made Bob Check, W8GC a proud father and grandfather.
      > Congratulations Tina.
      > Now, you know the rest of the story -- thanks to Susie Scott, N8CGM for
      > calling the missing name to my attention. This proves she is a better
      > editor (the Buckeye Burr of the Buckeye Belles and also the Q-Fiver of
      > the OH-KY-IN ARS) than me.
      > +++ WRC 11 (or 12!) +++
      > The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) will hold World Radio
      > Conference 2011 in 2012, as it appears at this time. Regardless of
      > when WRC 11 will occur, one of ARRL's aims is to work with other member
      > societies of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) to get
      > representative agencies at the WRC to agree to a new 500 kHz ham band.
      > ARRL recently filed comments with the FCC, asking the Commission to
      > support the 500 kHz band. The US is represented at WRC treaty
      > conferences by the US Department of State. The US delegation will
      > include Federal workers from several departments and experts from
      > non-governmental groups such as IEEE and ARRL.
      > +++ Survey Results: NCJ, QEX, QST +++
      > Thanks to you who participated in our most recent Great Lakes Division
      > survey. You may recall, the survey asked if you would prefer receiving
      > the National Contest Journal (NCJ), QEX (focused on experimentation) or
      > QST as your membership-benefit journal. The results are that 273
      > members identified QST as their preferred journal, 13 identified QEX
      > and 11 identified NCJ.
      > I was somewhat surprised to see that only 297 members expressed their
      > opinions in this survey. This makes it the Division survey that has
      > attracted the least participation since I've been taking member
      > surveys.
      > +++ We Got Sponsors, We Got Sponsors . . . +++
      > The number of US Representatives signed-on to co-sponsor HR-2160
      > continues to grow. As Division Legislative Action Chair (DLAC) John
      > Meyers, NB4K announced, "There are two new co-sponsors from the great
      > Lakes Division." These are Geoff Davis, KY-4 and Michael Turner, OH-3.
      > This brings the total of co-sponsors to 23.
      > This bill is the first step toward overcoming Codes, Covenants &
      > Restrictions (CC&Rs) in private contracts that ban effective amateur
      > antennas.
      > Why shouldn't it be OK for sellers to put antenna structure
      > restrictions into purchase contracts? Isn't it the seller's privilege
      > to put restrictions into contracts and the buyer's privilege to decide
      > either to buy or not to buy?
      > From a philosophic standpoint, freedom of choice sounds very good in
      > this country. The problem with CC&Rs in modern life is that nearly
      > every piece of privately-owned land in even modestly populated areas is
      > covered by CC&Rs. The buyer is functionally denied the freedom of
      > choice -- the right -- to find unrestricted property to purchase.
      > Overcoming CC&Rs would restore the freedom of choice to amateurs who
      > want to install antenna structures.
      > Keep in mind that the FCC concluded CC&R bans of TV antennas were so
      > improper that it issued a rule requiring TV antennas to be allowed in
      > spite of the contractual restrictions. In addition, some states (Ohio
      >included) have passed laws that nullify contract restrictions that had
      > existed against flagpoles!
      > John continues to work diligently to assist GLD amateurs write their US
      > Representatives urging them to support HR-2160. Watch for him at a
      > hamfest near you (see travel schedule, below).
      > John also reports one can keep track as new co-sponsors come on board,
      > by going to http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2160.
      > At the web page, click on show co-sponsors.
      > +++ Hamfest Sales of Illegal CB Equipment +++
      > I've received a few complaints about the sale of illegal CB gear at
      > Division hamfests/swaps. This is new, CB gear that has not been
      > type-accepted by the FCC and, therefore, is illegal to import into the
      > US. I will appreciate your help in placing this problem in
      > perspective.
      > First, I do not wish anyone to become a renta-cop and try to throw this
      > gear or its vendors out of flea markets or indoor space. Although, it
      > might not be a bad idea for hamfest committees to put a note on
      > applications for space that illegal CB equipment is not to be sold.
      > What I would like to know is where and when non certified CB equipment
      > has been seen. If you have noticed new, uncertified CB gear offered
      > for sale at a hamfest, please send me an e-mail. If possible, please
      > include the places (hamfests) and dates. If you know the name of the
      > seller, please include it.
      > I will not distribute your identity, but please include your name and
      > call so I can ask additional questions if this becomes desirable.
      > Thanks.
      > +++ Town Meetings +++
      > Town meetings either in person or via telephone have become rather
      > popular this year. Both DLAC Meyers and I have participated in the
      > telephone variety. These meetings may provide excellent opportunities
      > to encourage US Representatives to support HR-2160 when public
      > questions and comments are invited.
      > The very beginning of these meetings may be your only chance to get in
      > a plug for the bill. Invitations to give your 2-cents worth to your
      > Congressman may come only when one enters the room for in-person
      > meetings or answers the telephone invitation to participate in a phone
      > meeting.
      > What should you say if asked for your comment? The key points are to
      > remember that the number of the bill is HR-2160, that the bill would
      > instruct the Department of Homeland Security to study and report on any
      > inappropriate legal constraints that prevent Amateur Radio from serving
      > the country even better in time of emergency. Ask the Congressman to
      > support HR-2160.
      > Brief comments about specific examples of ham radio assistance to the
      > public in previous emergencies would be appropriate.
      > Does this work? All I can say is that letters from amateurs in his
      > District and my brief conversation with Rep. Michael Turner (above)
      > brought his co-sponsorship of the bill.
      > Please review information at
      > http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2009/05/12/10818. Please notice the
      > recommended route of sending letters to your Representative.
      > +++ Travel Schedule +++
      > The following is the travel schedule for Division staff during coming
      > weeks. In addition to Vice Director Gary Johnson, KI4LA and me,
      > Division
      > Legislative Action Chair John Meyers, NB4K and 8th Area QSL Bureau
      > Manager Jay Slough, K4ZLE will visit the events shown below.
      > With regret, I have had to cancel the planned visit to the Massillon
      > Hamfest for this year.
      > Date......Event.......................Division Representative(s)
      > 5 Oct: Lexington, KY, Bluegrass ARC Meeting -- Jim
      > 6 Oct: Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN ARRL Nite -- Jim
      > 7 Oct: Cincinnati, Cinti FM Club ARRL Nite -- Jim
      > 17 Oct: Holland, MI Hamfest, Holland ARC -- Gary, Jay
      > 18 Oct: Kalamazoo, MI Hamfest, Kalamazoo ARC & SMART -- Gary, Jay
      > 31 Oct: Hazard KY Hamfest, Kentucky Mountains ARC -- Gary
      > 7 Nov: Georgetown OH Hamfest, Grant ARC -- Gary
      > NOTE: Thanks to clubs that have already had their 2010 hamfests
      > sanctioned by ARRL. Don't know who these are? Check out the Great
      > Lakes Division hamfest schedules at arrl.org for early 2010 to find
      > them. While on this subject, why not submit a sanctioning request for
      > your 2010 hamfest?
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@..., Tel.: 513-459-1661
      > ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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