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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2009
      > 2009 ARRL Great Lakes Division Symposium Announcement
      > The ARRL Great Lakes Division Symposium will be held in Findlay, Ohio
      > on Saturday, September 12, 2009 - the day before the Findlay Hamfest.
      > The Symposium is being sponsored by the Findlay Radio Club, and is open
      > to anyone interested in attending. Admission is free.
      > The Symposium will be held at The Findlay Center for Technology and
      > Development, 1700 Fostoria Ave., Findlay, Ohio Talk-in will be on the
      > Findlay repeater (147.15/75). The center has a large meeting facility
      > that we are able to use for the Symposium
      > The Symposium is intended to be an opportunity for hams to get
      > together, and exchange ideas and information. This year's event will
      > have an emphasis on providing information for the "relatively" new
      > Amateur Radio Operator by giving an overview of some of the many
      > different aspects of our hobby. We also hope that hams of all levels
      > will attend to share their experiences. There will also be an emphasis
      > on Elmering -- attracting people to our hobby and keeping them
      > interested in it.
      > The Symposium will open at 8 AM with registration from 8 -- 9 AM.
      > During registration, attendees will be able to sign up for a box lunch
      > ($5) that will be brought to the site at lunch hour, and also buy
      > tickets for the chicken bar-be-que ($10) that will be held that evening
      > at the Fairgrounds -- the site of the Findlay Hamfest.
      > Sessions will be 1 hour each starting at 9 AM. Each one hour time slot
      > will include time for the presenter to set up, give the presentation,
      > answer questions, and have time at the end of the hour for a quick
      > break before the next session starts. That means each speaker will
      > have about 40 - 45 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for
      > questions, and 10 minutes for a break while the next speaker gets set
      > up. The first session will be the ARRL session -- find out what the
      > League is up to, what they can do for you, and what you can do for the
      > League.
      > The second session promises to be one of the highlights of the
      > Symposium. Tony England, W0ORE -- former Astronaut and now Associate
      > Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Michigan - will talk
      > about experimenting with Amateur Radio -- particularly as a teen -- and
      > how it helped lead to a career as a geophysicist, Antarctic and Arctic
      > scientist, astronaut, and professor. It should be a very interesting
      > and entertaining hour.
      > Other presentations during the day will include talks on club
      > activities, RACES, Boys Scouts and Amateur Radio, Contesting, QRP (by
      > G3RJV), getting Started with VHF Experimenting (by KK7B), homebrewing,
      > antennas, and more. During the lunch h our, we hope to be able to have
      > a few demo's outside.
      > The final hour will be something a bit different -- a "Hints and Kinks"
      > hour. This will be an audience participation hour. Bring your
      > questions, answers, projects, ideas, hints, whatever; and share them
      > with the group. I just attending a boating event where they did
      > something like this and called it the "Gadget Hour." Everybody shared
      > their favorite gadget (or idea) on their boat, and the amount of useful
      > information that came out in that hour was incredible. It should be
      > very interesting to see what sort of ideas/questions come out of a
      > group of hams attending a Symposium.
      > Information will be posted on the Findlay Radio Club web page at
      > www.findlayradioclub.org As information becomes available, I will
      > post abstracts of the presentations and speaker background
      > information.
      > To help the Findlay club with planning, if you plan on attending,
      > please send a brief e-mail to N8ET at n8et@... so the club can
      > get an idea how many to expect on September 12. If you don't get the
      > e-mail sent off -- don't let that keep you away. Show up anyway!
      > Hope to see a lot of you there -- If you know a new ham, please
      > encourage them to attend -- especially the younger crowd. We need new
      > young faces in Amateur Radio!
      > 73 -- Bill -- N8ET
      > +++ Don't Forget +++
      > Don't forget to submit nominations for Division Awards to Vice Director
      > Gary Johnston, KI4LA by 5 PM Wednesday, August 26th. Awards available
      > AWARD.
      > Contact Gary, who also is Awards Chairman, with questions or to submit
      > a nomination. He may be reached at Vice Director Gary Johnston KI4LA,
      > Chair, <ki4la@...>,
      > or by US mmil at 3056 Hergott Drive, Edgewood KY 41017.
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@..., Tel.: 513-459-1661
      > ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
      > k8je@...
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