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6 and 2m activity this weekend

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  • Hank Greeb
    Relayed for kc9bqa, New poster KC9BQA here. I m Todd, right across the lake in Sheboygan Co. WI. Big lover of V/UHF, and I want to
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      Relayed for kc9bqa, <sprinkies@...>

      New poster KC9BQA here. I'm Todd, right across the lake in Sheboygan
      Co. WI. Big lover of V/UHF, and I want to share a fun ham activity
      this weekend of which you may not be aware.

      Many of us in S WI and N ILL will be on 6m and 2m FM simplex, making
      contacts with anyone for this weekend's CQ VHF Contest.

      We're asking for your help because you're not that far away in W MI,
      especially with a water path between us. Many of you have surely heard
      distant repeaters "skip in". Well, this weekend we're looking for you W
      MI hams to make some noise on 6 and 2 meter FM simplex. Work each
      other, or maybe work some of the
      stronger stations across the Lake. Listen carefully, with squelch low
      and with headphones, so you can hear the weak stations, because those
      are your best contacts in a contest.

      We're going to focus in on two time periods for FM activity in this
      contest. 10pm-midnight on Sat. July 17th and 7-9am on Sun. July 18th.
      All times eastern. Those times were chosen to take advantage of the
      tendency to have better band conditions later at night and early in the

      The frequencies to use are 52.525 on 6 meter FM mode. On 2 meters,
      we're talking 146.550-146.580 primary, but be ready to spread out to
      146.400-146.490 simplex as well, if it's busy.

      There is no contesting on repeaters, nor on the 146.505-146.535
      frequencies. This protects the 146.52 national call freq. on 2m FM.

      You do not have to "be in the contest" to enjoy this. You can just hand
      out points on a casual basis. V/UHF contests are WAY more casual than
      HF ones. We also need new ops, so consider this a friendly invite.
      Have a new ham radio experience. Talk with some new hams. Hear what
      VHF can sound like when the bands are alive with activity. Any V/UHF
      contest is a great time to experience this.

      Talk this concept up with your ham buddies and get on the air this
      weekend. It will generate a lot more contacts, if you share some
      enthusiasm with others. Nobody likes dead bands.

      Thanks for your time, I'm done with the short version.

      For those who enjoy more detail, there's a wealth of contesting info up
      on my website -- http://www.kc9bqa.com I will let you know that I'm
      very thorough, so you may want to visit when you have some time. I'd
      pay especially close attention to the posts I made on July 11 and
      12th. That has everything you need to get up to speed with what's
      going on this weekend.

      It will also get you thinking about reaching beyond the local repeater,
      improving your station's range, and expose you to another interesting
      aspect of ham radio -- weak-signal V/UHF work.

      I am always willing to help anyone with a sincere interest, so if you
      have questions, email me.

      Todd KC9BQA EN63 (my grid square) 40 north of Milwaukee
      http://www.kc9bqa.com For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates
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