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WEAVER'S WORDS -- A Convention in your Future?

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    From: ARRL GL Division To: Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 9:34 PM Subject: WEAVER S WORDS -- A Convention in
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      Subject: WEAVER'S WORDS -- A Convention in your Future?

      > (Reply only to k8je@....)
      > - Division Convention September 12
      > - Call for Papers -- 2009 GL Division Convention
      > - A Survey is on the Division web site
      > - Is a Repeater a Repeater?
      > - Michigan QSO Party
      > - ARRL Legislative Agenda
      > - ARRL Legislative Agenda
      > - Incoming 8th Area QSL Bureau Factoids
      > - KYSAT-1
      > - What does ARRL do for Me?
      > - Triple Play Certificate
      > - DTV Presentation Available
      > - Travel Schedule
      > +++ Division Convention September 12 +++
      > After careful consideration it was decided to go ahead with a biannual
      > Great Lakes Division Convention this year. The 2009 event takes place
      > in Findlay, OH on September 12. This is the Saturday immediately
      > before the Sunday Findlay Hamfest. The date had been tentative the
      > past few months until the recent decision on the convention was made.
      > The Findlay Radio Club is sponsoring each event.
      > Previous conventions had been in 2003, 2005 and 2007. These were in
      > Findlay, Toledo and Cleveland in order. sites for future conventions
      > continue to be sought in Kentucky and Michigan.
      > With the economy straining to recover, concern had been expressed that
      > holding a convention this year was too much to ask of members. It was
      > decided to pursue a no-frills approach while maintaining the high
      > quality of seminars that have come to characterize GLD conventions.
      > Former astronaut Tony England, W0ORE will headline the convention as
      > its principle speaker. OM England served with NASA FOR many years and
      > spent 8 days aboard the (spacecraft). A premier representative from
      > ARRL is being arranged as this is written.
      > As in the past, Division Awards for special service to Amateur Radio
      > will be available. These are the George S. Wilson III, Lifetime
      > Achievement Award; Amateur of the Year; DX Achievement Award, Technical
      > Achievement Award and Newsletter of the Year. Vice Director Gary
      > Johnston, KI4LA is chairing a committee to develop the criteria for a
      > new, young amateur achievement award.
      > Please read the Call for Papers, immediately below.
      > +++ Call for Papers -- 2009 GL Division Convention +++
      > The Great Lakes Division Convention will be in Findlay, Ohio on Sept.
      > 12, 2009, the day before the Findlay Hamfest. The Convention is being
      > organized and sponsored by the Findlay Radio Club.
      > When the opportunity to have the Convention in Findlay came up, the
      > Club decided that to sponsor it, but to try a few things different than
      > in the past.
      > We know that hams are thrifty, so we decided to keep the cost of
      > admission low. In fact, we decided we would pick up the cost of the
      > convention so the admission charge will be $0.00. (Ed. This is
      > correct -- nada, nothing, free!)
      > We also decided that we would not have a standard convention banquet.
      > There will not be a $30 per person sit down dinner banquet at the end
      > of the day. Instead, we are looking into doing a chicken barbecue at
      > the fairgrounds. Tickets for the barbecue would be available for
      > purchase at the Convention or at the barbecue. For lunch we will take
      > orders for box lunches that will be brought in, or you can eat at a
      > local restaurant of your choice. The Findlay Radio Club can not take
      > credit for any of these ideas. We are modeling the convention format
      > after the very successful SW Ohio Digital Conference and a picnic meal
      > the day before the Lake Placid NY Hamfest!
      > Our "theme" for the Convention will be attracting new hams
      > through "Elmering-like" activities and re-interesting existing amateurs
      > through ground-up discussions of newer technologies. We would like to
      > provide seminars and demonstrations to help a new ham get on the air
      > (especially on HF) and also show new and old hams alike some of the
      > hobbies within ham radio like homebrewing, satellite, digital, ATV,
      > ballooning, APRS, etc. In addition, we plan to showcase methods people
      > have found that work well introducing people to our hobby. Obviously
      > there is not enough time to really cover everything in detail, but we
      > hope to spark interest in these areas for new and old hams alike.
      > Attendees will learn where they can go to get detailed information and
      > more help to get started.
      > We intend that the Convention will expand your horizon. Perhaps that
      > should be the theme of the Convention - "Expanding your Ham Radio
      > Horizon"
      > We need speakers. K8JE has arranged for a top notch main speaker -
      > former astronaut Tony England W0ORE - and is arranging for a quality
      > speaker from ARRL. All I have to do is get a dozen or so speakers to
      > talk on topics like:
      > 1 Getting On HF -- Your First Station
      > 2 Getting On HF -- Your First Antenna
      > 3 Homebrew -- It Is Still Being Done
      > 4 Contesting -- Getting Started
      > 5 The Digital Modes -- An Introduction
      > 6 Getting on the Air with Satellites
      > 7 The QSL Bureau -- What Is It, and How Do I Use It?
      > 8 Emergency Communications -- What Can I Do to Help, And How Do I
      > Start?
      > 9 Amateur Radio in the Local Schools
      > 10 Getting New Hams Through the Boy Scouts, Using Radio Merit Badge
      > 11 Mobile Operation
      > 12 VHF/UHF/Microwave Operation
      > 13 Triple Play Award
      > 14 Echolink/ILRP
      > 15 Winlink
      > 16 PSKmail
      > 17 Other
      > (Please tell us the number your top four favorite ideas for seminars
      > through the survey described below. If you click on 17 on the survey,
      > please go to the Forum area to add your suggestions for topics as well
      > as for speakers.)
      > You get the idea. If you can speak at the Convention on any of these
      > topics or something similar to these, please contact me
      > (n8et@...). We have a good internet connection at the Convention
      > site, so if you can do a talk remotely, let me know and we will see
      > what we can work out.
      > Our tentative plans are to start the talks at 9 AM, and go to 5 with an
      > hour for lunch. Sessions will start on the hour, with the initial 5
      > minutes for speaker set up, and the last 10 minutes of the hour as a
      > break between sessions. We have the room to do two concurrent tracks,
      > so we should be able to get 10 or 12 speakers. If you have a topic
      > that needs more than an hour (for example -- a panel discussion on
      > attracting new hams or building club membership), we can combine
      > sessions and make a two or even three hour session.
      > There is a huge parking lot at the Convention site. If the weather is
      > good we can do demos in the parking lot at lunch, like erecting and
      > trimming a dipole or working a satellite, and there is room in the hall
      > for displays if you have something you would like to display.
      > Feel free to contact me if you have an idea that you think would fit in
      > the 2009 Convention. We want to make this new, different, and the best
      > convention ever!
      > Hope to hear from a lot of you soon!
      > 73 -- Bill -- N8ET, Convention Chairman
      > n8et@...
      > +++ A Survey is on the Division web site +++
      > There is a survey on the Great Lakes Division web site. It requests
      > your input about the coming Division Convention. Your initial views
      > and opinions will be very helpful in our planning for the convention.
      > To take the simple survey, please go to www.greatlakes.arrl.org/. At
      > the web site, click on the Survey/Feedback link to go to the survey.
      > The survey is in a click-on-the-answer format. If you wish to leave
      > comments about the survey, the convention or anything else, mark the
      > statement at the bottom of the survey, then click on the Enter My Forum
      > icon and add your comments.
      > Thanks for your help with this survey.
      > +++ Is a Repeater a Repeater? +++
      > FCC needed 15 months to decide the thorny question, but it has
      > concluded that a repeater is a repeater. The question that was posed
      > to the Commission was whether digital repeaters are repeaters as analog
      > repeaters are repeaters. The issue was that there is a brief delay in
      > digital repeaters from the time they receive the input signal until
      > they transmit the output signal.
      > Technically, of course, there is a very slight delay between receipt
      > and retransmission of a signal for analog repeaters as well. The delay
      > in analog repeaters is generally slightly less than with current
      > digital repeaters.
      > The result of the FCC clarification of the definition of a repeater
      > means that digital repeaters need to operate in the subbands designated
      > for repeater operation. Some amateurs had argued the delay in relaying
      > signals by digital repeaters qualified them for use outside of these
      > subbands.
      > +++ Michigan QSO Party +++
      > The Michigan QSO Party (MiQP) will be held on Saturday, April 18 from
      > 1200 EDST to 2400 EDST (1600Z Saturday until 0400Z Sunday UTC).
      > Stations may operate the full twelve hours. The general objective of
      > the MiQP is for amateurs outside of Michigan to operate
      > The objective of the Party for stations outside of Michigan is to work
      > Michigan stations, only. For Michiganders, it is to work anyone. The
      > objective for everyone is to have fun.
      > Rules are at http://www.miqp.org/Rules/htm. These include a
      > description of operating categories, bands to use and multiplier
      > factors.
      > +++ ARRL Legislative Agenda +++
      > There is an old saying that goes, "The Lord helps those that help
      > themselves." This cannot be more true when it comes to the Legislative
      > Agenda the ARRL Board of Directors adopted for the current, 111th
      > Congress. Great Lakes Division Legislative Action Chair John Meyers,
      > NB4K offers the following poignant comments related to what will be
      > needed to move the agenda forward:
      > "With the changes in Congress and the House of Representatives we have
      > our job cut out for us no matter how you look at it. With the changes
      > in seat holders this means that a number of our Legislative Action
      > Assistants (LAAs) will need to establish relations with the freshman
      > Representatives or Senators or their aides who have taken over the
      > offices. This will need to be done as soon as possible. The time is now
      > to start making contact with these freshman Legislators and Congressman
      > or their aides.
      > "Incidentally, you are not expected to travel to Washington to perform
      > your duties. Instead, the following discussion assumes your visits
      > with Congressmen or their aides will occur 'back home' in a local
      > office.
      > "Be aware that we often are unable to meet directly with a Congressman.
      > Instead, we may meet with one of his/her aides. This is fine. The
      > fact that you met and the legislative position you supported during
      > your meeting will be forwarded to the Congressman. The support you
      > show during your meeting will provide much assistance to the ARRL
      > Legislative Advocate in Washington, DC. Your meeting will prove to the
      > Congressman that voters back home are interested in the legislation.
      > "If you have the opportunity to drop in to meet your Congressman's aide
      > in a local office, consider introducing yourself. Tell them that later
      > on you will doubtlessly contact them to make an appointment to visit
      > the Congressman while he/she is at home, or to visit him (the aide) to
      > discuss legislation that relates to Amateur Radio. Leave your
      > Legislative Action business card and, if possible, a brief introduction
      > to what Amateur Radio is and how it benefits the public."
      > By John Meyers, NB4K
      > Division Legislative Action Chair
      > +++ ARRL Legislative Agenda Booth +++
      > Stop by the ARRL Legislative Agenda Booth at its national convention at
      > the Hamvention(r). You will be able to discuss the ARRL legislative
      > agenda and learn how easy it can be to promote the actions the League
      > intends to initiate during the current, 111th, US Congress. The booth
      > will be in the ARRL convention area at HARA.
      > +++ Incoming 8th Area Bureau QSL Factoids +++
      > Jay Slough, K4ZLE the very competent Manager of the very effective 8th
      > Area Incoming QSL Bureau reported the following activity for the bureau
      > for the years 2003 through 2008. The year and the number of incoming
      > QSLs handled during it follow:
      > 2008 -- 80,248 QSL cards
      > 2007 -- 89,028 cards
      > 2006 -- 111,734 cards
      > 2005 -- 110,905 cards
      > 2004 -- 138,236 cards
      > 2003 -- 154,054 cards
      > Does anyone want to take a guess where we are in the current sunspot
      > cycle?
      > +++ KYSAT-1 +++
      > Kentucky's first orbiting satellite - developed in part by students at
      > Western Kentucky University - has been selected by NASA to take flight
      > in
      > mid-2009. Students at WKU teamed with students at other Kentucky
      > universities to design and build KySat-1.
      > The satellite has Amateur Radio capabilities along with a camera and
      > cell phone. Students in K-12 across Kentucky will be able to use the
      > features of KySat-1 to take photos, see the temperature and check the
      > status of status of satellite components. The intent is to interest
      > youngsters in mathematics and the sciences.
      > The satellite project cost about $850,000. It is expected to remain in
      > orbit for 18 to 24 months. KySat-1 is said to be unique because it was
      > developed in conjunction with several universities and is NASA's first
      > launch of a university-built satellite.
      > +++ What does ARRL do for Me? +++
      > Members and non-members alike have occasionally asked me what ARRL does
      > for them that the beneficiary doesn't need to pay extra to get. It
      > seemed to them that nearly everything the League does for members
      > requires them to pay extra to obtain. The prevailing attitude among
      > non-members also seems to be that unless they DX or contest, ARRL
      > membership offers nothing to them.
      > Once one knows the facts, it is obvious that neither of these
      > contentions is correct. With this issue of Words I begin a series of
      > discussions of what ARRL really does. In these discussions you will
      > learn which member benefits have fees associated with them and which
      > member benefits are not associated with fees.
      > First, let me give a brief listing of services provided by ARRL. After
      > doing this, I'll expand on one item that I believe is of interest to
      > many members. The listing is below. No fees are charged to take
      > advantage of the services marked "(n/c):"
      > - QST, Your Monthly Membership Journal
      > - Members-Only Web Access (n/c)
      > - Technical Information Service (TIS) (n/c)
      > - Outgoing QSL Service
      > - ARRL Field Organization including ARESĀ® and several additional,
      > important services(n/c)
      > - Operating Awards
      > - Representation of your Amateur Radio interests in Washington, DC to
      > the FCC and Congress (n/c)
      > - Representation of your Amateur Radio interests in International
      > Government Treaty negotiations. (n/c)
      > - A Regulatory Information Branch that provides information on FCC and
      > regulatory questions; problems with antenna, tower and zoning
      > restrictions; and reciprocal licensing procedures (n/c)
      > - Volunteer Counsel Program (n/c)
      > - Volunteer Examiner Coordinator program (n/c)
      > - Registered Amateur Radio Instructor program (n/c)
      > - W1AW broadcast bulletins and code practice (n/c)
      > - Preferred subscription rates for QEX, the ARRL Forum for
      > Communications Experimenters
      > - Discounts on Continuing Education Program courses.
      > This listing is generally available at
      > www.arrl.org/benefits.html#awards.
      > It is a fact that a number of what I consider the superficial services
      > provided by ARRL, require the recipient to pay a few cents to several
      > dollars. In most instances the fees are to pay for certificates and
      > optional plaques -- the well-known and hard-sought "wallpaper" with
      > which so many of us paper our shack walls.
      > Look, through the list of services for which fees are not assessed.
      > These very importantly include the tough work ARRL does. As I will
      > discuss later, these services relate to keeping our amateur frequency
      > allocations, obtaining new frequencies, protecting our frequencies from
      > invasion by interfering individuals or services, protecting amateurs'
      > rights to pursue the Amateur Radio Service and generally protecting the
      > value of the Amateur Radio license.
      > I ask you, first, to review the frequencies you use during your
      > personal operating. The basic fact is: None of us would have use of
      > these frequencies if it was not for ARRL. There is no charge by ARRL
      > for the services that resulted in obtaining these frequencies.
      > +++ Triple Play Certificate +++
      > A long-time friend and member in southwest Ohio wrote me saying he
      > thought the quality of the TPA certificate he earned was subpar. I
      > forwarded the comment to HQ. Staff noted the certificate looked fine
      > in proof copies and that a respected commercial printer had printed
      > them. On checking through the standard run of certificates they, too
      > found it to be below League standards. A new run of the certificates
      > was made and replaced the original batch.
      > Everyone who received one of the earlier, off-quality certificates will
      > automatically receive a replacement from the new run.
      > Communications from members do receive attention.
      > +++ DTV Presentation Available +++
      > With the switch from analog TV (ATV) to digital TV (DTV) having been
      > delayed from its initial February deadline, an offer by Frank Sanor,
      > WA8WHP of the Alliance (OH) ARC remains very viable. Club members
      > developed a presentation that includes a PowerPoint show based on FCC
      > DTV pages.
      > If you would like to receive a copy of the PP presentation for possible
      > use with the pending switch to DTV, please contact Frank at
      > wa8whp@.... Alliance ARC members who made and have given the
      > presentation are Tom Steele KD8JRK, John Myers KD8MQ and Frank. John
      > developed the power point from the FCC web site.
      > Congratulations to all clubs that helped educate the public on the
      > switch to DTV. With the deadline for switching to DTV delayed until
      > June, there is still time to help educate the technologically-deficient
      > members of the public.
      > +++ Travel Schedule +++
      > The following is the schedule of travel by Division staff for the
      > coming weeks. In addition to Vice Director Gary Johnson, KI4LA,
      > Division Legislative Action Chair John Meyers, NB4K and 8th Area QSL
      > Bureau Manager Jay Slough, K4ZLE will visit the events shown below.
      > Date......Event.......................Division Representative(s)
      > SCHEDULE
      > 19 Apr: Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Cuyahoga Falls ARC 'fest -- Gary, Jim
      > 26 Apr: Athens, OH; Athens Co. ARA 'fest -- Gary
      > 15-17 May: Hamvention(r)/ARRL National Conv. -- Gary, John, Jim
      > 6 Jun: Grand Rapids, MI; Indpndnt Rptr Assoc. 'fest -- John, Jim
      > 7 Jun: Chelsea, MI; Chelsea ARC 'fest -- John, Jim
      > 20 Jun: Midland, MI; Midland ARC 'fest -- Jay, Jim
      > 21 Jun: Monroe, MI; Monroe Co. RCA 'fest-- Jay, Jim
      > 9 Jul: Mahoning Valley ARA Meeting -- Jim
      > 16 Jul: A&F Committee meeting, Newington -- Jim
      > 17-18 Jul: ARRL Board meeting, Newington -- Gary, Jim
      > 26 Jul: Randolph, OH -- Portage ARC 'fest -- John, Jim
      > 12 Sep: Findlay, OH -- GLD Convention -- All
      > 13 Sep: Findlay, OH -- Findlay ARC 'fest -- All
      > 19 Sep: Reynoldsburg, OH -- Ohio Section Conference -- Jim
      > 16 Aug: Cortland, OH -- Warren ARA 'fest -- John, Jim
      > 20 Sep: Cincinnati, OH -- Gr. Cin. ARA 'fest -- Gary, Jim
      > 17 Oct: Holland, MI -- Holland ARC 'fest -- Gary, Jay
      > 18 Oct: Kalamazoo, MI -- K'zoo ARC/SMART 'fest-- Gary, Jay
      > NOTE: Please apply to have your hamfest/swap sanctioned well in
      > advance of the date it will be held. The sooner it is sanctioned as an
      > ARRL event, the sooner it will appear on the listing of hamfests and
      > conventions on the ARRL web site. This will provide more publicity for
      > the event.
      > 73,
      > Jim
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@...; Te.: 513-459-0142
      > ARRL - The Reason Amateur Radio Is!
      > Members - The Reason ARRL Is!
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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