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Re: [WestMichiganHams] Which repeaters work in N Musk Cty / S Oceana Cty?

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  • Dennis Harriss
    I was talking with Bill WD8MKG yesterday and he told me he took the 147.32 off the air. You might try contacting him at wd8mkg@comcast.net to see if he would
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 12, 2009
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      I was talking with Bill WD8MKG yesterday and he told me he took the 147.32 off the air.  You might try contacting him at wd8mkg@... to see if he would be willing to turn it on for your event.  Otherwise the 146.82 or 146.94 repeaters are available.
      Denny  N8CTT
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      Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 06:44
      Subject: Re: [WestMichiganHams] Which repeaters work in N Musk Cty / S Oceana Cty?

       The 147.32 Holton and the 146.64 in Hart should work very well in Northern Muskegon and Oceana County. Tom KB8VEE 
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:59 PM
      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Which repeaters work in N Musk Cty / S Oceana Cty?

      Greetings everyone. I am in need of information as to which 2M repeater
      system(s) would best serve northern Muskegon County and southern Oceana
      County, and contact information for permission for event usage.

      On Saturday April 18, the Two Trackers http://www.twotrack ers.org will
      be sponsoring the 11th annual Forest Cleanup in the Manistee National
      Forest area and other public lands. Last year, over 250 volunteers
      showed up to clean out trash and tires that gets dumped. More details
      and trash statistics at http://www.twotrack ers.org/events Not only does
      this event bring notice to the Forest Service to the "tread lightly"
      motorized recreation community, a number of state legislatures were on
      hand last year to observe, many of which this year plan to participate
      this year to actually get out and get dirty with the rest of us.

      Anyway, with this event getting larger and including VIPs,
      communications become more important. The organizers have discovered
      that cell phones and CBs don't do so well in the woods. That's where the
      "to provide a public service" part of amateur radio comes in. Being a
      member of the Two Trackers, being involved for the past few years
      picking up and hauling trash, and being a ham operator, I was approached
      to organize communications. Since I'm familiar with the cleanup
      operations and have a few years experience with ham radio event
      communications, I volunteered to organize and operate ground zero / net
      control. Besides an adequate repeater system, we need radio volunteers
      at 3 (possibly more) dumpster sites, with the political tour vehicles,
      the coordinator( s), and photographer. Additional radio assignments may
      be needed.

      The event starts in Twin Lake at the CarGo gas station on Hwy M-120.
      Registration at 8AM (radio volunteers will have our own registration) ,
      volunteers sent out in the field at 9. Rolls, coffee, and volunteer
      shirts provided. Hot dog lunch provided at 1PM. After volunteers move
      into the field, ground zero will move to where lunch will be served, at
      this writing looks like Blue Lake County Park. After lunch, those who
      want to help wrap up the event are welcome to, other wise done for the day.

      An event flier can be viewed at
      http://www.twotrack ers.org/wp- content/uploads/ 2009/03/clean- up-flyer- 1.pdf

      So to summarize, which 2M repeater system would be best for this? Who do
      I contact? Who wants to help? My contact information is in my signature.

      73 Jack NY8D

      Jack Amelar
      1554 Lincoln Lake Ave NE
      Lowell, MI 49331-9711
      Home: (616)897-6885
      Cell any sane EDT hour: (616)318-4551, Nextel: 130*719*68
      mailto:jamelar@localnet. com

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