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WEAVER'S WORDS -- Time for the March Hare

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
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      Subject: WEAVER'S WORDS -- Time for the March Hare

      > (Reply only to k8je@....)
      > - Library Section Dedicated to Memory of W4OYI
      > - Swedish Amateurs become more Accessible
      > - Should It be "Our Way or No Way"?
      > - Triple Play Award and Logbook
      > - The ARRL A-1 Operators Club
      > - Wouff Hong at the National Convention & Hamvention
      > - International Amateur Radio Union happenings
      > - More Triple Play Winners
      > - And, in Miami the Winner is . . .
      > - Division Travel Philosophy
      > - Tentative Travel Schedule
      > +++ Library Section Dedicated to Memory of W4OYI +++
      > The Owensboro (Kentucky) Amateur Radio Club in cooperation with ARRL
      > and the Daviess County Kentucky Public Library has dedicated a section
      > of Amateur Radio books to the memory of former Great Lakes Division
      > Director and ARRL President George Wilson, III (W4OYI, SK). The
      > dedication was made on February 17. Wilson was a highly respected
      > resident of Owensboro.
      > George Wilson is the only member of the Great Lakes Division to have
      > become president of the ARRL. Division Legislative Action Chairman and
      > former Kentucky SM John Meyers, NB4K and I were privileged to represent
      > the League and the Division at the dedication.
      > +++ Swedish Amateurs become more Accessible +++
      > QSOs with Swedish amateurs should become more frequent beginning 1
      > April when Sweden expands its 40 meter band to 7.0 to 7.2 MHz. This
      > change follows the opening earlier this year of 6M (50-52 MHz) to
      > normal amateur use. Swedish amateurs can use up to 200 w. output power
      > on 6. The change in 6M operation in Sweden means amateurs there will
      > no longer need to obtain a special license at extra cost for this
      > band.
      > The addition of the 100 kHz segment to the 40M band brings Sweden into
      > line with International Telecommunications Union (ITU) action in 2003.
      > At this time, ITU d3legations approved moving all international
      > broadcasting out of the 7.1-7.2 MHz segment and to allocate 7.0-7.2 MHz
      > only to Amateur Radio use. Expansion of the international 40M band by
      > the ITU was in response to work by the International Amateur Radio
      > Union (IARU).
      > The ITU action; however, does not require any country to give
      > additional privileges to amateurs. The decision to give more
      > frequencies on 40 M to its amateurs is up to each country.
      > +++ Should It be "Our Way or No Way"? +++
      > In this country we have generally been raised with the thought that we
      > should be independent thinkers. "Think out of the box," is a very
      > popular admonition given to us. This is just another way of saying,
      > "Don't follow one another like a flock of geese walking from one
      > location to another."
      > Individualism is great. Pushing the sides of the envelope to see what
      > we can accomplish by developing a new "paradigm" offers many benefits.
      > Without individual thinking, we would not have electricity, the light
      > bulb, telecommunications and so many other inventions that were
      > developed by Edison, the Maxims and many others who were not tied to
      > the world of their "today."
      > However, there are times when following the leader is the best way to
      > go. Fighting this truism is a sign of impracticality. There are times
      > when letting go of the detail we have learned is good and accepting
      > different differing detail is preferable under the circumstances.
      > For example, we who matured our message handling skills using National
      > Traffic System (NTS) procedures might think this is the only way to
      > handle traffic. This isn't true. The military, government and other
      > emergency support agencies have their own message handling systems.
      > Although the NTS way is good, it isn't the only way. Depending upon
      > the total situation, it might mot even be the best way. (If you are
      > still reading this, you know I haven't been struck by lightning . . .
      > yet!)
      > As it says in the Bible, 'Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar's and
      > unto God that which is God's." Applying this wisdom to message
      > traffic, we might say, "Put into Emergency Management Agency format the
      > traffic which is EMA's and into ARRL NTS format the traffic which is
      > NTS's.
      > The bottom line is that when we provide communications service to a
      > served agency (EMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross), we should follow their
      > requests provided they are legal, ethical and moral. The discipline
      > and skill we gained through learning to use the NTS message system will
      > provide the discipline and skill we need to communicate using any
      > procedures preferred by EMA, SA, RC or other agency.
      > We need to avoid offering our service only to place irrelevant
      > restrictions on the manner in which we will provide the service.
      > +++ Triple Play Award and Logbook +++
      > First, let me correct an error in my comment last month about the early
      > winners of the Triple Play Award. The call sign given for Jeffrey
      > Wheeler, winner of the second Award earned, was incorrect. His correct
      > call is W7JW, not W7JIO. Sorry, Jeffrey.
      > My Triple Play comment brought a question. To summarize, the question
      > is, "Why has ARRL initiated the new, Triple Play Award (ed., Available
      > only through Logbook of the World.) but still requires paper QSL cards
      > to be submitted for the VHF/UHF Century Club Award?
      > This is a good question. On the surface, initiating a new award that
      > requires confirmation only by LoTW, but not allowing LoTW to be used
      > for VUCC doesn't make sense -- on the surface, this is.
      > Below the surface, the answer and the logic are quite simple.
      > Resolving the issue is more complex. It involves programming. LoTW
      > simply was not set up to service VHF/UHF Century Club.
      > For the Triple Play, the only thing that was needed was to tweak the
      > existing WAS portion of Logbook to add the new award. In the case of
      > VUCC, the programming hurdle is much greater.
      > Marrying VUCC with LoTW is a definite objective of the ARRL officers,
      > senior staff and each of us 15 Directors. The fact, though, is that
      > the project to complete the redo of the ARRL web site has much more
      > precedence. The VUCC-LoTW project must wait for now.
      > +++ Wouff Hong at the National Convention-Hamvention +++
      > Michigan Section Manager Dale Williams, WA8EFK was quick to provide a
      > little history lesson on The Royal Order of the Wouff Hong. I noted
      > last month that the script SM Phillips uses for the Wouff Hong was
      > first used at the second annual ARRL Michigan State Convention in Flint
      > on February 11, 1923. I added, "This probably wasn't the first
      > exemplification of the Wouff Hong, but it had to be among the earlier
      > ones."
      > Dale nicely pointed out that records prove the 1923 presentation of the
      > Wouff Hong was the first time it was offered anywhere.
      > This original script will be presented at the ARRL National
      > Convention-Dayton Hamvention(r) on Saturday night at 11.
      > +++ International Amateur Radio Union happenings +++
      > On 10 February 2009 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
      > counted ballots in its regular election for new officers and on
      > accepting two additional national societies into membership. When the
      > counting was finished, IARU had elected new officers and accepted two
      > new national societies into membership.
      > Timothy S. Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA of Canada was elected the new president.
      > He succeeds Larry Price, W4RA who retired from the position. Ole
      > Garpestad, LA2RR, was chosen Vice President. Terms of office for IARU
      > President and Vice President in the IARU are five years.
      > The election involved voting by 73 member societies. The societies
      > cast votes (aye or nay) or abstentions in each of the four ballots.
      > Fifty seven affirmative votes were required for adoption. Each
      > proposal was approved without dissent.
      > Upon being elected IARU President, Mr. Ellam said: "I am very
      > honoured to have been elected as President of IARU and look forward to
      > working with all three Regions and the Member-Societies during my term
      > in office. We no doubt will face many issues in the run up to the 2011
      > World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-11), but I look forward to
      > working as a team to meet the challenges ahead. (Courtesy IARU.)
      > While ranking officer of the Radio Amateurs of Canada, Ellam was a
      > guest at ARRL Board meetings. He is a very knowledgeable amateur.
      > +++ The ARRL A-1 Operator Club +++
      > One of the relatively unheralded awards given by ARRL is the A-1
      > Operator Award. This Award recognizes good personal operating and good
      > equipment operation. It is an award each of us who take Amateur Radio
      > reasonably seriously should want to achieve.
      > Before I get jumped on by someone who has the mistaken idea this award
      > is for CW ops, only, let me say this is not correct. It is open for
      > ops using any mode available and on any band assigned to amateur use.
      > One unique feature of the A-1 Operator Award is that the recipient must
      > be nominated by two amateurs who already hold it. In most instances,
      > the recipient of the award does not even know they have been nominated.
      > A-1 Operators are eligible to receive a nice lapel pin that identifies
      > them as members of the club.
      > Information about the A-1 Operator Club is available at
      > www.arrl.org/awards/a1-op/. Members of the Club are listed at
      > www.arrl.org/awards/a1-op/roster. Rules the procedure for nominating
      > amateurs to the club are at www.arrl.org/awards/a1-op/a1v11.html#who.
      > As of January 30, 2009, there are 5,252 members of the A-1 Operator
      > Club. Why not double check your operating procedure against Club
      > requirements. One never knows when two Club members will hear or work
      > you and nominate you to join the Club.
      > +++ More Triple Play Winners +++
      > Additions to the Triple Play Award roster since my last e-letter are
      > Ernest S. Jurusik, W8DCH, Columbus, OH; James F. Tullis, W8CZN, Hudson,
      > OH; Robert A. Daniels, K8KWT, Kentwood, MI; James D. Main, N8FV,
      > Muskegon, MI; John S. Comella, N8AA, Hamilton, OH; Daniel N. Hardy,
      > N8VV Newcomerstown, OH; Eric Kindig, W8EJK, Sidney, OH; Mad River Radio
      > Club, W8MAD, Mad River Radio Club, c/o Dave Pruett, K8CC, Ypsilanti,
      > MI; D. Douglas Friend, WB8TLI, Troy, OH; John A. Wulf, K4FT, Crab
      > Orchard, KY. 2/20/09
      > +++ W1AW CW Transmission on 160 M changes Frequency +++
      > Beginning March 9, ARRL's W1AW will shift its CW transmission on 160 M
      > to 1802.5 KHz. This move is to help avoid interference with increasing
      > activity that is developing near the 1817.5 kHz frequency previously.
      > +++ And, in Miami the Winner is . . . +++
      > Ohio SM Joe Phillips, K8QOE is a theatre aficionado and well he should
      > be. He taught theatre at Princeton High School in Springdale, OH for
      > many years. This was a very good program.
      > Since retiring from his teaching duties, he has continued his love
      > affair with the stage by following movies and the legitimate stage
      > whenever his schedule permits. Included in his activities is putting
      > together his best estimate of the winners at the annual Academy Awards.
      > He has just issued his list for 2009.
      > Anyone who follows the Academy Awards to any degree might wish to make
      > a note of Joe's selections and compare them with the actual winners.
      > Why? If he is pretty well on target, one could congratulate him for
      > his great insight. If he is well off target, a good razzing might be
      > in order.
      > K8QOE's Academy Award predictions for 2009 are:
      > Best pix: Slumdog Millionaire
      > Best actor: Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler
      > Best actress: Kate Winslet for The Reader
      > Best supporting actress: Marisa Tomei for The Wrestler
      > Best supporting actor: Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight
      > Best director: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire
      > Best original screen play: Dustin Lance Black for Milk
      > Best adapted screen play: Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire
      > (adapted from the book Q&A)
      > Best cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle for Slumdog Millionaire
      > Best foreign film: Israel for Waltz With Besir
      > +++ Division Travel Philosophy +++
      > The past two years generally saw Vice Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA and
      > I travel together to most hamfests/swaps and other events in the
      > Division. This was logical. Because of the way we did this, the two
      > of us were able to travel nearly as inexpensively as if only one of us
      > had made the individual trips.
      > The disadvantage of following the general plan of traveling together is
      > that time constraints on each of us made it impractical to visit
      > several areas of the Division that we could have visited by travelling
      > separately.
      > This year we are changing our plan for travel. Gary and I will
      > typically go to different hamfests and, much of the time, we will have
      > another member of the Division Cabinet join us. We believe this will
      > allow us bring more ARRL representatives to more areas of the Division
      > while enabling us to live within the Division budget.
      > The two cabinet members who most often can be expected to join Gary and
      > me are Jay Slough, K4ZLE and John Meyers, NB4K. Jay will be able to
      > discuss the operation of the 8th Region Incoming QSL Bureau that he
      > manages. John, as Division Legislative Action Chairman, will be able
      > to share the operation of the ARRL Legislative Action Program directly
      > with members.
      > +++ Tentative Travel Schedule +++
      > The tentative travel schedule (through June) for Great Lakes Division
      > officers and chairpersons is shown below. This schedule will be
      > expanded to additional months in future issues of Words. In addition
      > to Vice Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA and I, Division Legislative
      > Action Chairman John Meyers, NB4K and 8th Area ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau
      > Manager Jay Slough, K4ZLE will join in some of our trips to discuss the
      > programs they head.
      > This year, we are working especially hard to optimize the value members
      > receive from our travel. Gary and I may not appear together at a
      > number of hamfests. In addition, instead of being at the "same old"
      > hamfests as in the past, we may visit hamfests in parts of the Division
      > that have not been covered during recent years.
      > If you would like any of us to consider visiting your hamfest/swap,
      > meeting or event, please contact me at k8je@....
      > Date.....Event.......................Division Representative(s)
      > 7 Mar: Cave City, KY; Mammoth Cave ARC -- Gary. John(?)
      > 14 Mar: Marshall, MI; SMARS & Marshall HS club -- Jim & John
      > 15 Mar: Toledo, OH; Toledo Mobile AR -- Jim & John
      > 10 Mar: Waynesville, OH, Bellbrook ARC dinner -- Jim
      > 28 Mar: Reynoldsburg, OH; Section ARES Conference -- Gary. Jim(?)
      > 19 Apr: Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Cuyahoga Falls ARC -- Jim & Gary
      > 26 Apr: Athens, OH; Athens Co. ARA -- Jim & Gary
      > 15-17 May: Dayton Hamvention(r) -- Jim, Gary & John
      > 6 Jun: Olive Hill, KY; Little Sandy RC -- Gary
      > 6 Jun: Grand Rapids, MI; Independent Repeater Assoc. -- Jim & John
      > 7 Jun: Chelsea, MI; Chelsea ARC -- Jim & John
      > 20 Jun: Midland, MI; Midland ARC -- Jim and Jay
      > 21 Jun: Monroe, MI; Monroe Co. RCA -- Jim and Jay
      > 26 Jul: Randolph, OH -- Portage ARC -- Jim
      > NOTE: Please apply to have your hamfest/swap sanctioned well in
      > advance of the date it will be held. The sooner it is sanctioned as an
      > ARRL event, the sooner it will appear on the listing of hamfests and
      > conventions on the ARRL web site. This will provide more publicity for
      > the event.
      > 73,
      > Jim
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@...; Tel.: 513-459-0142
      > ARRL - The Reason Amateur Radio Is!
      > Members - The Reason ARRL Is!
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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