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Fw: VHF CONTEST TIPS -- you can use these this weekend

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  • Mark Thompson
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      Subject: [MadisonAmateurRadio] VHF CONTEST TIPS -- you can use these this weekend

        Contest starts at 1pm Saturday and goes thru 10pm Sunday.
      Play as much or as little as you like.  Try especially hard from
      2-5pm on Saturday.  That's the southern WI activity period.  Should
      be a pretty solid push from SE WI, both on SSB and FM.  Use what you
      have and see who you can work. 
        More about that below.

        It's true that SSB and horizontally polarized antennas are
      the dominant mode in VHF/UHF contests.  However, FM is also in play,
      and I have personally urged FM'ers (for over a year now) to get on
      and work their local buddies with whatever they have.  There should
      be enhanced numbers of FM'ers in the SE WI area for this contest.  I
      should also be able to hear some Madison-area guys on FM, and even
      more if you have SSB gear.  So get on and do what you can.

        Even if you're only vertical and only have 2 meters, just get on
      146.55, 146.565 and 146.58 and work those you hear.  If it's really
      busy, spread out between 146.49 and 146.40.  Far better to spread out
      and tune around, than be 10 deep on one or two frequencies. If it's
      not busy in your area, then stick on 146.55 and congregate there. 
      Stay away from 146.52 simplex calling channel.  Also be aware to work
      the other FM freqs.of 52.525 on 6, 223.5 on 1.25m, and 446.0 on 70cm.

        *You can have multiple rigs on at one time, in case anyone
      was wondering.  Can just leave it on in the background, and if
      you hear something pop up, work it.  Just a friendly tip.*

        Call freq. is 144.200 on SSB.  And 50.125 SSB on 6 meters.
      If you have 432, don't bother calling CQ contest there.  Stick to
      144 and 50 for CQ'ing.  But do "run" guys up to 432.100 or
      nearby on SSB, or 446.00 on FM.  Definitely want to get all the
      70cm contacts you can!  As well as 223.5 FM if you have that
      band.  It's just that you find the 70cm or 1.25m guys first on 2 or
      6 meters, and then you ask them if they have any other bands.

        You can call and answer CQ's on 144.200 and 50.125 SSB call
      frequencies, but don't hog it for long -- that's not good, especially
      if you can tell it's busy.  Anywhere from 144.150-144.250 may
      have contest activity on 2 meters.  Or from 50.125 up to about
      50.170 on 6.  Tune around the band, and call CQ on various
      frequencies.  If you hear someone calling CQ contest, come back
      to them and give them a contact.  Call CQ contest yourself -- lots.

        Remember to ask them if they have other bands like 6 meters,
      or 223.5 FM or 432.100 SSB or 446 FM.

        Don't worry if your signal seems weak -- there's no bonus for
      having an S9 signal.  Any contest contact is a good one.  Use
      headphones and lower your squelch.  If you leave your squelch
      up, you may call over weak signals other guys are working.
      Dig out the weak ones and you'll get grid squares others don't.

        Speaking of grid squares, you'll need to know yours.  If
      you don't, look it up on www.qrz.com.  Type in your own
      call in the upper left box.  Click "search" just to the right. Then
      hit "click for more detail" in the green line.  Down about 10 lines
      of info is your grid square.  Write it down if you need to.  Grid
      square and callsign is the contest exchange.

        We're going to be zeroing in on a focused activity period
      from 2-5pm on Saturday for southern WI activity.  This should
      help maximize everyone's chances of working each other.  Dead
      contests aren't much fun -- talk this up with your radio buddies and
      make it active.

          SSB'ers have been told to have their ears open for FM
      simplex.  FM'ers should also be aware of trying to work SSB
      activity from about 144.160-144.240.

          I may also try for another activity period toward 10-11pm
      Sat. night and also again Sunday around noon.  For those who
      aren't available on Sat. afternoon.  Expect to hear more about
      that by tomorrow.

          We will talk about these concepts on the net tonight.  I'd
      like to hear feedback from you on the air.  I will also try to
      answer questions.

          Finally, I'll get a few guys to "volunteer" and we'll practice
      contesting.  Maybe for about 5 minutes, just so you know
      what it actually sounds like.  It's not that big a deal.  You just
      need to try it for a while and get the feel of it.  We could even
      possibly have a practice contest at 11:30-noon on Saturday,
      if there was a demand for it.  (Regular contest starts at 1pm)

          If you need to forward this to anyone, you absolutely have
      my permission.  Any questions, just email or ask on the air.

          Todd  KC9BQA  EN63    40 N of Milwaukee
          50 thru 2304

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