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Digital TV participation

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    To All Clubs and Hams From ARRL Headquarters and the Michigan Section Manager. Special attention: RADIO CLUBS Earlier this week, the ARRL received a request
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2008
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      To All Clubs and Hams

      From ARRL Headquarters and the Michigan Section Manager.
      Special attention: RADIO CLUBS

      Earlier this week, the ARRL received a request from the FCC asking that
      ARRL members provide technical educational assistance to their
      communities concerning the FCC-mandated digital television (DTV)
      conversion scheduled for February 17, 2009.

      According to ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts,
      W1AGP, Amateur Radio clubs across the country are being asked to
      develop and implement plans to provide information throughout January
      and February about the DTV conversion in their areas. The FCC is
      leaving it up to the clubs to decide how to do this, as local groups
      understand the communities in ways that the FCC does not. Each
      community is a little different, Pitts said, so plans carried out by
      the clubs will vary from community to community. Interested groups
      should contact their ARRL Section Manager.

      Pitts stressed that hams should not make "house calls," sell any
      equipment or do actual installations; the request is only to distribute
      technical information and FCC materials. He commented: "As we all know,
      some folks just never get the message until too late. Materials for
      presentations, education and many other activities are available
      online. Beginning early January, FCC staff will contact Section
      Managers and leaders of interested clubs and, where possible, arrange
      to meet to share even more information, audio, visual and printed
      materials, as well as and training aids, with the clubs involved this
      effort. We know the time is short, but your aid in this now will be

      Now to the specifics for all Michigan ham clubs:

      Please review the full announcement at:

      Discuss the implications for your club. This can be an excellent PR
      opportunity. Consider your available resources and assemble a team to
      evaluate your participation. Should your club desire to participate,
      please prepare the contact information and email it to me before
      December 27th. wa8efk@...

      I will need the following contact information only: Club Name, Club
      location, Club Contact person's name, call, address, telephone number,
      and e-mail address. This will be loaded into a spreadsheet and sent to
      the FCC.

      The club will then be contacted by the FCC and set up to receive PR
      material from the Commission along with handouts and training aids. I
      will also emphasize, at no time is anyone to enter someone's home or
      install equipment. That opens the door to too much liability.

      This deadline is short, action is needed immediately.


      Dale WA8EFK

      ARRL Michigan Section
      Section Manager: Dale R. Williams, WA8EFK
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