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Re: Hybrid Emergency Communication Course Level 2 (ARECC)

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  • ravennaelectronics
    Howdy Joe! I did do a Level 1 here in Muskegon and only 5 students registered. I will be happy to do another one for Kent County. I know Jeff is also a
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2008
      Howdy Joe!
      I did do a Level 1 here in Muskegon and only 5 students registered.
      I will be happy to do another one for Kent County. I know Jeff is
      also a CM/CI/CE so we have the minimum requirement for Field
      Examiners. The traditional classroom class takes longer and has a
      bit more paperwork and preparation and I have no problems with

      Talk it over with the powers to be there and let me know.
      Email to my ac8al or docstrait email address.
      Best Regards,
      Rich "Doc" Strait, AC8AL

      --- In WestMichiganHams@yahoogroups.com, wd8usa@... wrote:
      > Hey Doc- How about teaching a level one class using class room
      teaching and no internet stuff? There are folks here in Kent County
      that need this class- JB
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      > Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Hybrid Emergency Communication Course
      Level 2 (ARECC)
      > Good day everyone.
      > Many of you have taken the Level on ARECC course. Very few have
      > taken the Level 2 and even fewer have taken Level 3 and earned
      > Honor Roll Certificate.
      > I will put on a ARRL Hybrid EmComm Level 2 course for anyon that
      > interested and meets the requirements. The requirements are you
      > must passed the Level 1 course. You should also have a valid
      > amateur radio license.
      > With a "Hybrid" class, you will receive instruction via a
      > combination of on-line and in-person classroom instruction with
      > Mentor/Instructor. I am the Primary Certified Mentor and I will be
      > getting a couple of other Certified Mentors (CM) to assist. You
      > enrolled in the ARRL on-line course and will take the final exam
      > line. Yes, you still need to do the required Learning Unit
      > activites but the way we do them is differently.
      > The Hybrid class is conducted using a combination of classroom
      > instruction, online instruction and some field trips. Instruction
      > and instructional student activities will be managed by my
      > cerfitifed mentoring staff (CM). You would be registered in the
      > online course and have access to the online course throughout the
      > instruction period. You take the final assessment online,
      > eliminating the need for exam sessions and related paper-based
      > documentation. If you do not have a computers then you can often
      > obtain Internet access at a local library to take the final exam.
      > You may also be able to find a friend that will allow you to test
      > their computer
      > The Hybrid format gives us the instructors the opportunity to
      > introduce information that is relevant to the the West Michigan
      > area. The content of the course fits with the kinds of emergency
      > responses we might be called upon to engage in our local
      > You will learn and see who are your served agencies, how we fit
      > how we train together and improve relations. The purpose of the
      > instruction is to assure that you comprehend the lesson material
      > which has been to provide a common foundation of knowledge for
      > effective participation in an emergency response. The objective is
      > for you to gain practical knowledge as well as hands-on
      > essentialâ€"and crucialâ€"to being prepared for local activation.
      > Cost: ARRL Member $45. Non-Members: $75
      > I would run this course beginning this winter, most likely
      > and run for 8 weeks, one night a week for three hours that night.
      > Some nights the course will be run on the radio and not at the
      > training facility. The facility is to be determined once I know
      > class size.
      > Please respond here or to my email address if you are interested.
      > My email is ac8al at arrl.net
      > Best Regards,
      > Rich "Doc" Strait, AC8AL
      > ARRL Certified Mentor/Instructor/Examiner
      > ARRL VE and ORS
      > Want curly fries with that?
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