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call for communications volunteers for upcoming Michigander Bicycle Tour

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  • T Behler
    Hello all. This is Tom Behler: KB8TYJ, Mecosta County EC/RO. I will be serving as net control for the Michigander Bicycle Tour, which will occur from July
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      Hello all.

      This is Tom Behler: KB8TYJ, Mecosta County EC/RO. I will be serving as net
      control for the Michigander Bicycle Tour, which will occur from July 12-18.
      My purpose in writing is to put out a call for any ham volunteers that can
      help with communications for either all or part of the week-long event.
      This is a large event that will cover a total of nine Lower Michigan
      counties. If you're available to help please sign up via the link below.
      This will make it easier for me to know who is available to help, and on
      what days.

      Sign-up link:


      Our basic daily schedule, and the counties involved are as follows:

      Saturday: July 12:
      Everyone starts the ride at Walker, and ends at Muskegon. (Kent, Ottawa,
      and Muskegon counties)

      Sunday: July 13:
      The week-enders start at Muskegon, and go back to Walker for their finish;
      the remaining riders continue onto Rockford. (Muskegon, Ottawa, and Kent

      Monday: July 14:
      The riders move from Rockford to Edmore. (Kent and Montcalm

      Tuesday: July 15:
      The riders move from Edmore to Big Rapids. (Montcalm and Mecosta

      Wednesday: July 16:
      The riders move from Big Rapids to Cadillac (Mecosta, Osceola, and
      Wexford counties)

      Thursday: July 17:
      The riders move from Cadillac to Traverse City. (Wexford and
      Grand Traverse Counties)

      Friday: July 18:
      Tour wraps up in the TC area with a loop around the Traverse City/Suttons
      Bay/Mission Point areas. (Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties)

      Our nets will run each day from about 7:30 or 8 a.m. until all riders are in
      camp for the day, which tends to be around 4 p.m., and maybe a bit later
      on the longer days. Keep in mind, though, that the cyclists want to get
      most of their riding done during the earlier parts of the day when it's

      Radio help will be needed at various SAGS, but in many other areas too.
      One such area is coordinating or providing transportation for broken down
      bikes, riders with minor injuries, or riders with more serious medical
      situations. We also will need help from those who can provide information
      on severe weather threats, and can answer questions about various local
      services or facilities that might be needed during the tour.

      Anyone with a valid amateur radio license, and a willingness to help, will
      be welcomed.

      Here is our repeater list for the tour. In all but one case, I have
      received official approvals from the respective repeater trustees regarding
      our repeater usage plans, and the one authorization still pending should be
      forthcoming later this week.:

      Primary— W8LRC 145.270—PL = 94.8
      Secondary— W8DC 147.260—PL = 94.8
      Tertiary W8HVG 147.16 IRA link—PL = 94.8


      Primary— K8WNJ 146.820—Pl = 94.8
      Secondary— W8ZHO 146.940—PL = 94.8
      Tertiary— W8HVG 145.33 IRA link repeater—PL = 94.8

      Walker again (See above):


      Primary— W8LRC 145.270—PL = 94.8
      Secondary— W8DC 147.260—PL = 94.8
      Tertiary— W8HVG 147.16 IRA link—PL = 94.8

      Primary--WB8VWK 146.800—NO PL
      Secondary— W8LRC 145.270—PL = 94.8

      Big Rapids:

      Primary— KB8QOI 146.740—no PL
      Secondary— W8HVG 145.290 IRA link—PL = 94.8


      Primary—K8CAD 146.980—NO PL
      Secondary— W8HVG 147.160 IRA link—PL = 103.5

      Traverse City:

      Primary-- W8SGR 146.86—NO PL
      Secondary-- W8TVC 145.27 —PL = 114.8
      Tertiary—145.15 W8HVG IRA link—PL = 114.8

      Sutton’s Bay/Mission Point:

      Primary- W8TVT -146.660—Pl = 103.5
      Secondary-- W8TCM 145.390—PL = 103.5

      My suggestion would be that volunteers monitor the primary
      repeater for each day, and we can coordinate specifics from there.

      If you have any questions on any of the info presented here, or on what your
      potential communications role could be, please contact me directly via
      e-mail at:


      or via phone at:

      (231) 592-9854

      if you would like more information on the Michigander Bicycle Tour itself,
      visit the tour web site at:


      73 from Tom Behler: KB8TYJ,
      Mecosta County EC/RO and
      Michigander Bike Tour NCS
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