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WEAVER'S WORDS - New Survery Special

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29 6:52 PM
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      > [As always, reply only to k8je@....]
      > This is a special addition of Weaver's Words. Its primary purpose is
      > to obtain your input on holding division-wide Internet/telephone
      > conferences.
      > - Division-wide Internet and telephone conferences?
      > - Great Lakes Division Scholarship Winners.
      > - A brief poll - results.
      > - Classes in good operating practices.
      > - Congratulations to DHHSARA.
      > - Good show, HARA.
      > - New look for Internet publications.
      > - Vice Director candidates.
      > - Tentative schedule.
      > +++ Division-wide Internet and telephone conferences? +++
      > What is your opinion?
      > The technology is available to permit us to hold Division-wide
      > Internet/telephone conferences involving hundreds of members
      > simultaneously. These conferences would permit a greater exchange of
      > thinking between Division members and Division leaders. I've been
      > looking into developing such a conferencing system for the Great Lakes
      > Division. I would like to learn if you believe I should proceed with
      > them.
      > The conferences would variously be among Division members. They could
      > include one or more guests as well. Guests could include ARRL
      > officers, ARRL HQ staff or other personalities of interest to Amateur
      > Radio operators. We could field questions from members and share
      > information among Division members on a person-to-person basis. These
      > conferences also could help members provide input into planning for
      > future events.
      > To express your opinion, please send an e-mail to me. Type YES, I'M
      > INTERESTED in the subject line of the heading if participating in a
      > trial of these conferences. Type NO, I'M NOT INTERESTED in the subject
      > line if you have no interest in participating in the trial
      > conferences.
      > If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please place these in
      > the body of the e-mail.
      > You know the drill. Send your message to k8je@....
      > +++ Great Lakes Division Scholarship Winners +++
      > I am very pleased to announce the follow GLD amateur who have been
      > awarded ARRL Foundation Scholarships for 2008:
      > Michael Volz, W2NRL, East Lansing MI. Earl I. Anderson Scholarship -
      > $1250.
      > Jacob Wagner, KD8CDC, Rocky River OH. Dayton Amateur Radio Association
      > Scholarship - $1,000.
      > Thomas Fielitz, KC8YAK, Smiths Creek MI. K2TEO Martin J. Green Sr.
      > Memorial Scholarship - $ 1,000.
      > Janet Ruminski, KC8WGT, Beavercreek OH. The David W. Misek, N8NPX
      > Memorial Scholarship - $1,500.
      > John Shipp, KC8TPN, Saint Bernard. OH. The Thomas W. Porter, W8KYZ,
      > Scholarship Honoring Michael Daugherty, W8LSE - $1,000.
      > Kayla Check, N8KAY, Independence, OH. The Carol J. Streeter
      > Scholarship - $750.
      > Kathryn Ankenbauer, KD8AHA, Portage MI. The YASME Foundation
      > Scholarships - $2,000.
      > A substantial number of scholarships are available through ARRL each
      > year. Most scholarships and programs are directed toward young. In
      > addition, the League offers Technical Awards to recognize technical
      > service, innovation and microwave development.
      > Information about ARRL scholarships and awards is available at
      > www.arrl.org/FandES/ead/instructor/instructor/grants.html.
      > +++ A brief poll +++
      > In the last issue of Weaver's Words, I asked if you believe ARRL should
      > "ban" the practice that many contesters have of issuing 59 or 599
      > signal reports automatically, rather than to give individualized
      > reports based on the actual signal quality they hear. I asked for a
      > YES or NO vote on a ban. I also asked for YES voters to outline a way
      > to enforce the ban.
      > Here are the result of the poll and the takeaways I have from it:
      > - 205 members responded.
      > - 150 (74%) of these voted a flat NO.
      > - 6 (2% of these voted a flat YES.
      > - 40 (24%) of these in effect voted that the contest exchange should be
      > changed to include information other than a signal report.
      > I wonder how many of the 150 who voted NO, would have voted to change
      > the contest exchange to avoid the signal report if I had offered this
      > possibility. Nonetheless, I interpret your NO or YES vote that
      > suggests changing the report to avoid signal reports was a vote to move
      > ARRL away from being claimed to support false signal reporting.
      > Thanks for your help. I apologize for improperly wording the
      > questionnaire.
      > One additional point on the subject of banning false signal reports:
      > These repo0rts are not illegal. FCC has no rules concerning signal
      > reports. In addition, ARRL has no enforcement power. It would be
      > virtually if not totally impossible for ARRL to ban this and any
      > additional legal practices.
      > +++ Congratulations to DHARA +++
      > Congratulations to the Dixie Heights High School ARA for becoming
      > affiliated with the ARRL. The affiliation was formalized this past
      > March and it was presented in a brief ceremony at the school on May 30
      > by Vice Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA and Kentucky SM Jim Brooks,
      > KY4Z.
      > +++ Classes in good operating practices +++
      > Congratulations to the Cuyahoga ARC for offering training in good
      > operating practices to students and new licensees. This is one of the
      > best ways there is to instill good operating in hams. As you know, I
      > feel it is important that we provide training in good operating
      > practices to new hams.
      > Thanks to other clubs that offer this training as well.
      > +++ Good show, HARA +++
      > No, not HARA as in the home of the Hamvention(r), instead, in this
      > instance HARA is the Hiawatha ARA of Marquette, MI. The "good show" is
      > for their thoughtfulness to give the local public library a set of ARRL
      > manuals and books in an effort to promote Amateur Radio. Similar "good
      > shows" go to other clubs who have done this, but have gone undetected
      > beneath the radar beam here in SW Ohio.
      > ARRL gives a special price to clubs that make similar presentations to
      > local libraries.
      > Incidentally, one of the presenters in Marquette was HARA President Lou
      > Gembolis, KG8NK who also is the Michigan Legislative Action
      > Coordinator. Lou is looking for a few good ARRL members who are
      > willing to help by making occasional visits to offices of US
      > Representatives and Senators in Michigan. The visit would be in
      > support of legislation that benefits Amateur Radio and the public.
      > Please contact Lou at kg8nk@... if you would like to volunteer or
      > to learn more about this program.
      > +++ New look for Internet publications +++
      > As you may have noticed, the ARRL Contest Rate Sheet has a new look and
      > name -- the ARRL Contest Update -- News and Techniques for the Active
      > Operator. This biweekly e-letter is just the first in a series of
      > upgrades in League Internet offerings that will appear during coming
      > months. The ARRL Contest Update also is essentially the first to
      > appear in HTML format as well as in plain text. With HTML, it is easy
      > to insert "eye pleaser" photos and other plain text no-no's so keep
      > your eyes open as things develop.
      > +++ Vice Director candidacies announced +++
      > Sitting Vice Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA has indicated he plans to
      > file for re-election later this year. He will apparently have
      > opposition from close friend John Meyers, NB4K. John is former
      > Kentucky Section Manager as well as being the Division Legislative
      > Action Chair (DLAC) for the Great Lakes Division. I wish good luck to
      > each of these men.
      > +++ Tentative Schedule +++
      > NOTE: Beginning with this month, appearances made by John Meyers,
      > NB4K, in his capacity as the Division Legislation Action Chair will be
      > listed in the Tentative Schedule.
      > 16 Jun: Conneaut ARC, Conneaut, OH - John
      > 21 Jun: Milford (OH) Hamfest - Jim
      > 29-30 Jun: Field Day - Jim
      > Jul QST-noon 8 Aug: Nominations open for Director/Vice Director
      > 10 Jul: Mahoning Valley ARA, Youngstown - Jim
      > 11-13 Jul: Michigan Summer Outing, Lupton - Jim, John
      > 17 Jul: A&F Meeting, Newington - Jim
      > 18-19 Jul: Board Meeting, Newington - Jim, Gary
      > 22 Jul: Quarterly GLD Teleconference
      > 1 Aug: Massillon (OH) RC - Jim
      > 10 Aug: Central Kentucky Hamfest, Lawrenceburg - Jim
      > 15 Aug: Genesee County RC, 75th Anniversary, Flint, MI - Jim
      > 13 Sep: OH Section Conf, Columbus - Jim, Gary
      > 21 Sep: Cincinnati Hamfest - Jim, Gary
      > 23 Sep-1 Oct: Director/Vice Director ballots mailed
      > 7 Oct: OH-KY-IN ARS (Cincinnati) ARRL Night - Jim
      > 12 Oct: Michigan State Convention, Kalamazoo - Jim
      > 28 Oct: Quarterly GLD Teleconference
      > 21 Nov: (Noon) Deadline for return of ballots; ballots counted
      > 22 Nov: (By end of day) Candidates notified of election results
      > 2009
      > 1 Jan: (Noon) Newly elected/re-elected Director and Vice Director
      > replace the present Director and Vice Director.
      > 73,
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@...; Tel.: 513-459-0142
      > ARRL - The Reason Amateur Radio Is!
      > Members - The Reason ARRL Is!
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      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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