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Michigan ARRL DRG's Suggested SSID's

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  • Mark Thompson
    ...  Michigan ARRL DRG s Suggested SSID s     Posted by: Dan Dahms n9wnh@yahoo.com n9wnh     Date: Thu May 15, 2008 6:35 pm ((PDT)) I have done some
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       Michigan ARRL DRG's Suggested SSID's
          Posted by: "Dan Dahms" n9wnh@... n9wnh
          Date: Thu May 15, 2008 6:35 pm ((PDT))

      I have done some initial searching via the internet concerning SSID
      protocols. Since the ARRL never bothered to establish a standard and
      because the Indiana Digital Experimenters Assoc. died and knowone to
      my knowledge has picked up the pieces, here we sit.

      In fact the whole country has been a mix of different protocols. If we
      are reviving packet we should try and establish some kind of standard at least statewide no matter what it is.

      Here is what Michigan Section ARRL DRG had proposed back in 2005.   

      Dan M. Dahms  N9WNH
      Whitley Co. ARC Inc.

      ARRL Michigan Section Digital Radio Group (DRG) 

      Working Group
      Operational Standards


      Recommended SSID Assignments:
      At the first DRG meeting held Saturday March 5th 2005 in Lansing, here are
      the suggested SSID assignments that were discussed.  Many of these are
      'legacy' uses and some are new assignments.  These are not cast in stone
      but are supplied here as a suggested guideline.

          SSID            PURPOSE
        =========    ===============
        none (-0)      home stations
          -1          home station personnal mailboxes (usually a TNC-based PBBS
          -2          gateways
          -3          full-service BBS's  (those that forward mail/bulletins)
          -4          network nodes      (having two or more radio ports that
                                            perform routing functions via TCP/IP,
                                            NetROM, etc.)
                                          (Can be combined with BBS's that also
                                            perform routing)
          -5          console/keyboard -or- printer
          -6          conference bridges
          -7          cross-band digipeaters (and KA-nodes)
          -8          cross-band digipeaters
          -9          mobile / modats
        -10          WL2K
        -11            - unassigned -
        -12            - unassigned -
        -13            - unassigned -
        -14            - unassigned -
        -15          (often used as a downlink address when exiting the far
                        end of a network connection)

            --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
                Washtenaw AEC - NTS Liasion & Packet Operations
                District-2 DRG Representative
                Chair, ARRL Michigan Section "Digital Radio Group" (DRG)

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