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WEAVER'S WORDS -- 'tis the Irish rising.

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2008
      > - New ops: A curse or an opportunity?
      > - DXCC turnaround time.
      > - President Harrison's mother passes away.
      > - FCC actions.
      > - Renewed pledge to you.
      > - Family members as ARRL members.
      > - Michigan State Convention Scheduled.
      > - Division Convention note.
      > - 8th Area director appointed.
      > - Tentative schedule.
      > +++ New ops: A curse or an opportunity? +++
      > The answer to the above question depends on each one of us. New ops
      > are curses for people who prefer to "curse the darkness," but they are
      > opportunities for people who would much rather "light one single
      > candle" to clear the darkness. The darkness in these instances being
      > the darkness of inexperience and ignorance. Note that I said
      > ignorance; not stupidity. I am referring to a case of not having had
      > the opportunity to learn rather than of being unable to learn.
      > I believe that all amateurs are inherently intelligent. Education to
      > become knowledgeable is what we all need in one or more respects.
      > I fairly frequently receive e-mail complaining about how some new hams
      > continue to operate using non-ham practices. This is particularly true
      > when a group of several friends come into Amateur Radio from Citizens'
      > Band at the same time. This is natural. They know each other well and
      > may have operated on CB together using CB procedures for a long time.
      > Long-established practices are often difficult to change.
      > Long-standing practices are particularly difficult to change when no
      > one has shown that alternate practices are more appropriate. But, who
      > is it that should introduce aspiring and new licensees to the ways of
      > Amateur Radio?
      > The most logical people to show or teach newbies the "way of light and
      > wisdom" are local hams. These are the hams who meet new licensees in
      > person at license classes, club meetings and events, or at breakfast or
      > lunch.
      > How do neophytes learn proper procedure? They could read on their own
      > or could listen to established hams operate. The latter is a good way
      > to learn, provided the hams they listen to use good procedure.
      > Another excellent way to help newbies learn and to get them involved in
      > a local club at the same time, is to present a short-course on proper
      > operating. This course could be targeted strictly to new folks by
      > adding it on as a single discussion or in few-minute bites during a
      > license course. It could also be given at club meetings.
      > The training might include the proper use of pro-words and pro-signs,
      > how to begin and end a QSO. It could stress courteous operating and
      > prepare new hams to deal with the truly few LIDs who are discourteous
      > and piggish, as well as other commonly-encountered features of
      > day-to-day operation.
      > You might choose to open the training up to old timers. If you do,
      > prepare to be surprised at the number of old timers who learn that
      > practices they thought were correct, aren't. This is sort of like the
      > King of Siam in "The King and I." Remember, he was the supreme honcho
      > who suddenly realized that what he had thought was true for decades
      > actually isn't.
      > As just one example of a highly common error, consider the all-familiar
      > ending for Amateur Radio QSOs. Which is proper . . . 73s or 73?
      > Regardless of the fact that nearly many new and old ops alike say 73s,
      > this is incorrect. The correct term is 73. Don't misunderstand,
      > saying 73s won't result in FCC enforcement action. It won't even
      > result in a friendly reminder from an OO. Even so, if one really
      > wishes to operate correctly, it is 73, not 73s.
      > The code term, 73, is already plural. It was initially set up by
      > telegraphers to say "best wishes," "good luck" or similar thoughts to
      > fellow telegraphers. Adding an "s" to 73 to turn it into 73s turns it
      > into "best wisheses" or "bestes wisheses" or some other distortion of
      > the language. At best it becomes a plural plurality, whatever this may
      > be.
      > Not too long ago, I listened to a QSO on a local repeater in which two
      > newcomers were debating the meaning of a few Q signals. Among other
      > things, they were trying to figure out whether QRA means "I am at" or
      > "there is a lot of interference," and whether QTH means "my call is
      > ___," or "your signal is very weak."
      > New ops need help -- need an Elmer. It is best if the help comes from
      > people who choose to take the effort to teach correct information.
      > +++ DXCC turnaround time +++
      > A number of you have written me concerning the relatively long
      > turnaround time being experienced in processing DXCC card submissions.
      > Flatly speaking, as hard working as our folks in the Awards area are,
      > the ball was fumbled on this. When things began to unravel, people
      > were so busy trying to push and shove the system to work more
      > efficiently that they did not see the full view of the issue. By the
      > time the total picture came into view, the situation had gotten out of
      > hand.
      > Things are beginning to look. One hopes this will translate into real
      > progress quite soon. I will say only that additional measures are
      > being taken to prevent major delays from recurring at any time in the
      > future.
      > Some of the "never-again" changes that will be made will not be evident
      > until near the end of 2008. These latter changes will be discussed
      > nearer to this time. In the meantime, mea culpa.
      > +++ President Harrison's mother passes sway +++
      > It is with deep regret that I report the passing of Betty Harrison,
      > mother of ARRL President Joel Harrison, W5ZN. Mrs. Harrison passed
      > away February 21 in Searcy, Arkansas. I have extended the condolences
      > of the Great Lakes Division.
      > +++ FCC action +++
      > Travel cut back --
      > Don't expect to see Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, at many hamfests this
      > year. The FCC has clamped down on the amount of travel its employees,
      > including Hollingsworth, can make to events sponsored by organizations
      > it regulates. The only event in the GLD that I know Riley can be
      > expected to attend this year is the Dayton Hamvention(R). The number
      > of hams who attend the Hamvention each year makes his travel to it very
      > cost effective.
      > One word of caution: Do not misinterpret this recent cutback as
      > indicating a decrease in effort to regulate against improper and
      > illegal action. As relatively slow as the wheels of the FCC mill turn,
      > they will continue to grind very fine. The lists of FCC action taken
      > against bad actors on the Amateur Radio bands will continue to
      > demonstrate that FCC rules and regulations are being enforced. This
      > enforcement action includes measures taken against pirate operation,
      > inadvertent radiation into the ham bands and illegal activities of
      > licensed amateurs.
      > FCC Rejects Morse code requirement - again --
      > The FCC rejected two submissions that would have restored the
      > requirement to demonstrate Morse code proficiency as a component of the
      > General Class or Extra Class ham exams. The submissions were turned
      > down on procedural grounds.
      > +++ Renewed pledge to you +++
      > I came across the following resolutions as I was looking through old
      > editions of Weaver's Words for something totally different. They
      > struck a chord, though, and I thought they would be good to issue them
      > again just to let you all know I continue what I believe. This isn't
      > the turn of the New Year, which is when the following was initially
      > published, but the coming of St. Patrick's Day is as good a time as any
      > to renew this (and maybe other) pledges.
      > From the December 2004 Weaver's Words --
      > "Before I tossed my hat into the ring to become GLD Director I made a
      > few resolutions to myself and to each of you. I didn't tell you this
      > at the time, so I've decided to renew the resolutions and let you in on
      > them.
      > "RESOLUTION No. 1: I will continue to act at all times in the best
      > interests of Amateur Radio and ARRL. I will not cater to any
      > individual or group when fulfilling the duties of Director.
      > "RESOLUTION No. 2: I will continue to seek input and direction from
      > you GLD members before voting on items of substance, whenever this is
      > possible.
      > RESOLUTION No. 3: I will continue to consider very seriously any
      > recommendations and opinions of GLD ARRL members before determining my
      > vote on items of substance, whenever this is possible.
      > "RESOLUTION No. 4: I will continue to include the best available
      > information regarding: 1) FCC, and US Communications Law and
      > regulations, 2) International Communications Law and regulations, 3)
      > lessons drawn from the best Amateur Radio practices as well as 4)
      > member wishes/preferences in determining my vote on issues before the
      > ARRL Board of Directors.
      > "All of the above is based upon my strong belief that ARRL members are
      > partners in Amateur Radio who can, and do, contribute substantial
      > knowledge and enlightened guidance to ARRL actions. ARRL exists for
      > its members."
      > +++ Family members as ARRL members +++
      > Questions occasionally arise over how members of the immediate family
      > of an ARRL member can join the League -- as family members. The answer
      > is pretty simple. Any spouse or child(ren) of an ARRL member may join
      > ARRL for $8 per year provided the spouse or children(ren) live with the
      > member. The point that has raised questions relates to when these
      > family members may join ARRL.
      > The fact is that a family member may join ARRL at any time throughout
      > the year. However, the term of the family membership will be tied to
      > the term of the "senior" member. For example, assume that dad's
      > membership term ends in April and that his son joins as a family member
      > in July. The son's family membership will end in April along with
      > Dad's (or Mom's).
      > For the first year of his membership, the dues paid for the son will
      > pay for 10 months. After this first year, the son's membership will
      > begin and end at the same time as Dad's. The family, in fact, will
      > receive only one statement regardless of the number of family members.
      > Although a couple of details are a little different, family members of
      > Life Members may also join at the Family rate. It would be best to
      > telephone Membership at ARRL HQ at 1-860-594-0303 to discuss the
      > details of these memberships.
      > Each member of a family membership receives the same services as does a
      > single member with one exception. Only one copy of QST is sent to a
      > household under the Family plan.
      > +++ Michigan State Convention scheduled +++
      > The Kalamazoo ARC (KARC) and Southwest Michigan Amateur Radio Team
      > (SMART) are combining to present the Michigan State Convention &
      > Hamfest on October 12. Details of the Convention are being finalized.
      > These include DXCC card checking, a lunch, VE exams and educational
      > forums. Ruth Bates-Hill, WB8VEV (Ruth.M.Bates-hill@...) is the
      > contact person. Information will also be posted at
      > www.kalamazoohamfest.com as it becomes available.
      > +++ Division Convention note +++
      > With our Division conventions occurring in odd-numbered years and our
      > State conventions in even-numbered years, it will soon be time to begin
      > planning for the 2009 Great Lakes Division Convention. Clubs
      > interested in sponsoring the Division convention next year may want to
      > begin to think about which features they would like to present in and
      > around the convention -- which forums, speakers, location and other
      > features.
      > TO assist in developing your thinking, it may be helpful to review the
      > 2007 and 2005 conventions. Information on the 2007 convention is at
      > www.2007gldc.com/. This site also has a link to the 2005 convention.
      > Earlier Division conventions were paired with the Findlay, Toledo and
      > Cleveland Hamfests with the hamfests being on Sunday and the convention
      > on Saturday. Watch for calls for requests to host the 2009 convention
      > in coming weeks.
      > +++ 8th Area director appointed +++
      > No, none of the ARRL directors have resigned and been replaced. The
      > 8th Area director referenced in this case is for The 3905 Century Club,
      > Inc. and is W8JMF, John Fisher of Berea, OH. Congratulations John.
      > The 3905 CC is a group of AM operators who conduct nets on 80 and 40
      > meters. It was organized during the US Bicentennial celebration to
      > offer a variety of operating awards to commemorate the bicentennial.
      > The club's bicentennial activities were so successful that it has
      > continued operating ever since.
      > For more information about The 3905 CC award and nets, go to
      > www.3905ccn.comwww.3905ccn.com.
      > +++ Tentative Schedule +++
      > 2008
      > Mar 5: Mound ARA Meeting - Miamisburg, OH - Jim
      > Mar 15: Bellbrook ARC Dinner - Waynesville, OH - Jim
      > Apr 2: Lake County ARC, Painesville, OH - Jim
      > Apr 14: Portage County ARS (OH) Meeting - Jim
      > Apr 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > May 16-18: Dayton Hamvention(TM) - Gary & Jim
      > Jun 21: Milford, OH, Hamfest - Jim
      > Jul QST 'til noon Aug 8: Nominations for Director/Vice Director open.
      > Jul 10: Mahoning Valley ARA, Youngstown, OH - Jim
      > Jul 17-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim & Gary
      > Jul 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM.
      > Sep 21: Cincinnati Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim.
      > Sep 23-Oct 1: Ballots mailed for Director/Vice Director election.
      > Oct 12: Michigan State Convention & Hamfest, Kalamazoo, MI - Jim
      > Oct 28: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM.
      > Nov 21, noon: Deadline for return of ballots. Ballots counted.
      > Nov 22 end of day: Candidates notified of election results.
      > 2009
      > Jan 1, noon: Terms end for current GLD Director/Vice Director. Terms
      > begin for newly elected/re-elected Director/Vice Director.
      > 73,
      > Jim
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@...; Tel.: 513-459-0142
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    • Bill
      Tom: Thanks for uploading these messages from Jim, K8JE on this forum. Bill, AB8SC
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 4, 2008

        Thanks for uploading these messages from Jim, K8JE on this forum.

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