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Re: [WestMichiganHams] Third party questions

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    Mark, I think in answer to your question about the trustee not being present, but holding an extra class license, as long as the control opperator is
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      I think in answer to your question about the trustee not being present, but holding an extra class license, as long as the control opperator is opperating within his/her privillages using a club call, there is no issue.  For instance, there are a number of general class opperators that use the w8zho call in contests, but within their own privillages.  Being as you are an extra class licensee, there shouldn't be an issue with you being control op for the w8mta station.  I again reference the previous mention of the w8zho call.  Obviously there isn't always a trustee of the club around when that call is used, but it is being used within the licensed privillages, therefore, it shouldn't be a problem. 
      Chris, w8cjs
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      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] Third party questions

      Greetings All,
      I would like to operate at the school station W8MTA this Saturday and make international contacts during the ARRL SSB contest.
      I am not quite clear on the rules for 3rd party traffic.
      Here is what is stated on the ARRL web site:
      "Occasionally, DX stations may ask you to pass a third-party message to a friend or relative in the States. This is all right as long as the US has signed an official third-party traffic agreement with that particular country, or the third party is a licensed amateur."
      "Note: At the end of an exchange of third-party traffic with a station located in a foreign country, an FCC-licensed amateur must transmit the call sign of the foreign station as well as his own call sign."
      Also noted from the list of countries on that same page, Germany was *not* listed as having a 3rd party agreement with the US.
      My goal is to get QSO's and cards from all over the world for W8MTA.  W8MTA is technically a club call.
      Q1)  If the country being contacted is on the list I assume we can use the call W8MTA.  Is my assumption correct?
      Q2)  If the country being contacted is on the list can the person talking be anyone, regardless of license, class or lack of a license?
      Q3)  If the country is *not* on the list can we use the call W8MTA so long as the person talking holds a valid license?
      Q3)  If the above is answered in the affirmative, does the licensee have to have privleges in the band / segment we are using at the time?
      Q4)  At the end of the contact, do we sign with W8MTA, or do we have to use the call of a licensed amateur?
      Q5)  If the above is answered 'licensed amateur', and Q2's answer indicates a person without a license can do the calling, how do we determine which licensee will supply the call?
      Q5)  How do we determine which band / segement can be used?  The trustee of the station won't be present, presumably, but holds and Extra class ticket.  I will be present and hold an Extra class ticket and will take on the role of control operator.
      Q6)  If there is an error on the 3rd party list available at the page following, where can I get an accurate list?  http://www.arrl. org/FandES/ field/regulation s/io/3rdparty. html
      Also, any additional information we may need to operate W8MTA to contact international stations will be greatly appreciated.  We won't be officially participating in the contest.  Our goal is to get the log book filled and seek QSL cards to display at the station.
      Thanks and 73
      Mark K8MHZ

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