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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
      > [NOTE: Reply only to k8je@....]
      > - ARRL v. FCC
      > - Senior dues discount -- more
      > - All-risk, all-gear insurance
      > - Who is KI8JE?
      > - Complete minutes of January meeting
      > - Conduct of ARRL Board meetings
      > - 8th Region Incoming QSL Bureau - 2007
      > - What to do when someone becomes a SK
      > - Members Only choices
      > - Tentative schedule
      > +++ ARRL v. FCC +++
      > I received a question after the last issue of Words concerning the
      > status of ARRL's suit against the FCC. The situation is that we are on
      > hold. Arguments in the case were heard late last year. This is a
      > "bench" trial -- i.e. there is no jury. The judge will rule on the
      > case.
      > It often takes several months before a ruling is handed down in cases
      > such as ours. The ruling could come at any time, but don't be
      > surprised if it is not released for a couple of more months.
      > +++ Senior dues discount -- more +++
      > A point I neglected to make regarding the future of the ARRL Senior
      > Citizen dues discount is that Seniors may renew their memberships using
      > the discount for as many as five years if this is done by the end of
      > 2008. If the details of this multi-year extension have not been
      > announced by the time your renewal comes due, feel free to call toll
      > free at 1-888-277-5289.
      > +++ All-risk, all-gear insurance +++
      > My guess is that most of us have insurance of some form on our radio
      > equipment. It may be everything that we want. On the other hand, it
      > may be a little lacking.
      > You may not know that ARRL has had "all-risk" and "all-gear" insurance
      > available to ARRL members for many years. This is the type of
      > insurance that will cover every piece of ham equipment, your
      > computer(s) and the programs used with your ham activities . . . and
      > give you the full replacement value of any insured item that is lost
      > through any accidental occurrence. Yes, I said replacement value. I
      > should also add that people I know who have benefited from this
      > insurance say collecting on it is fully no-hassle.
      > You can check into this insurance "from the comfort of your own home"
      > by going to
      > www.arrl.org/FandES/field/regulations/insurance/equipment.html.
      > Whether you decide to buy this insurance, it is still a good deal.
      > +++ Who is KI8JE? +++
      > For our DXers as well as others in the know, KI8JE could be referred to
      > as a "pirate." In reality, he is a typo. I suspect most of you
      > realize that KI8JE is to whom I said replies to the last Words should
      > be directed. I hope it was obvious that this should have read K8JE.
      > If you noticed I referred to KI8JE as a pirate and not as a "slim."
      > You who know me, know I could not consider myself a slim!
      > Oh, yes . . . as of the end of January, there is no KI8JE.
      > +++ Complete minutes of January meeting +++
      > If you would like to read the complete minutes of the January Board of
      > Directors Meeting, they are posted on the ARRL web site. Simply go to
      > http://www.arrl.org/announce/board-0801/. If you have any questions
      > after reading these, let me know.
      > +++ Conduct of ARRL Board meetings +++
      > I doubt if many readers have looked through the ARRL Constitution,
      > Bylaws and Standing Orders to see how we conduct Board of Directors
      > meetings. With the exception of rules of specific procedure contained
      > in these ARRL documents, meetings are conducted following Roberts'
      > Rules of Order. The difference seen in Board meetings vs. most local
      > club meetings is that the Board has a Parliamentarian who is very
      > knowledgeable in parliamentary procedure. He keeps us on the straight
      > and narrow.
      > The structure of Board meetings is similar to that of the US House and
      > Senate. Much of the work done by the Board is assigned to standing
      > committees or ad hoc committees. These committees generally work
      > throughout the year to reach recommendations that are made in reports
      > to the Board at each Board meeting. The Board accepts, rejects or
      > modifies committee reports; thereby, adopting or rejecting the
      > provisions contained in them.
      > The two standing committees of the Board are the Administration &
      > Finance Committee and the Programs & Services Committee. Ad hoc and
      > Advisory Committees come and go; however, the standing committees
      > remain in one form or another over the years.
      > ARRL Board meetings are set for January and July. The rules typically
      > require them to be held in the vicinity of Newington, CT. They can be
      > moved around the country at the discretion of the Board. This was done
      > for our meeting in January which was held in Houston. Incidentally,
      > the reason for the move to Houston was severe weather that hit
      > Newington the past two years. Weather forced a couple of Board members
      > to miss the meeting completely and caused several directors to stay an
      > extra day for the airport to open for their trip home. I was one of
      > the latter Directors.
      > Housing, and meeting and dining facilities are at a local hotel. When
      > we meet in Newington, committees meet at our HQ building. Rooms at HQ
      > are far too small to host Board sessions or dining.
      > Before we decided to meet in Houston, the Board set a requirement that
      > the total cost of the meeting there must be essentially the same or
      > less than the cost we would have incurred in Newington.
      > Standing committees and miscellaneous other meetings take place on
      > Thursday before the Board meeting.
      > The sequence of events related to actual Board meetings typically begin
      > on Thursday evening with dinner. After dinner, we get together in an
      > informal discussion of one or more topics that are expected to come
      > before the Board on Friday and Saturday. The Board meeting, itself
      > begins on Friday morning and includes the adoption of an agenda. You
      > can see the agenda for this past meeting by reviewing the minutes for
      > it.
      > In most instances, the meeting ends mid-to-late Saturday afternoon.
      > +++ 8th Region Incoming QSL Bureau - 2007 +++
      > 8th Region Incoming QSL bureau Manager Jay Slough, K4ZLE has summarized
      > the activity of this Bureau for 2007. He and the Letter Sorters in
      > 8-land received and redistributed approximately 89,028 overseas QSL
      > cards over the year. This figure compares with 111,734 in 2006,
      > 110,905 in 2005, 138,236 in 2004 and 154,054 handled in 2003. The
      > effect of the bottom of the sun cycle is evident.
      > Regardless of the lower number of cards processed this past year, the
      > gang at the 8th Region Bureau did a splendid job. This job will start
      > to become larger for the next several years as the new cycle begins to
      > show itself and grows in strength.
      > I want to thank Jay for his excellent leadership of the Bureau, and for
      > the great work of the letter sorters who have supported him and the
      > Bureau.
      > Incidentally, the 8th Region Bureau serves only the amateurs who have
      > 8s in their call signs. At one time, of course, this was amateurs in
      > Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. Now, an amateur's incoming Bureau is
      > the one that has the same number in its name as the amateur's call
      > sign, regardless of where the amateur lives.
      > Following this format, 4-land amateurs use the 4th Region Bureau.
      > +++ What to do when someone becomes a SK +++
      > It is not necessary ". . . to mail the physical license (ed. to the
      > FCC) but the next of kin should contact the FCC with either a death
      > certificate or obituary and letter asking the license be cancelled."
      > Among other reasons for this, it prevents a pirate from stealing the
      > call and using it with impunity until the term of the call expires.
      > The second action to take is to notify the ARRL Silent Key
      > Administrator (sk@...). This notification should include a copy
      > of the obituary or other means to establish the accuracy of the report
      > and the call sign.
      > Why the need to confirm the report? I think it was W. C. Fields who
      > one time said, "The report of my death has been greatly exaggerated."
      > The fact is that none of us wishes to be involved in reporting the
      > death of a friend or acquaintance when they have not died!
      > In the case of ARRL members, their loved ones are eligible to receive
      > QST and other ARRL periodicals, if they wish, that had been going to
      > the SK.
      > +++ Members only choices +++
      > This is just a reminder that there are a number of e-publications and
      > forms of messages that are available to ARRL members. Essentially all
      > of these are opt-in or opt-out depending on one's preference. Go to
      > Members Only at arrl.org to make your selections -- in or out. I
      > certainly hope you continue to opt-in on receiving these messages fro
      > me as well as from your Section Manager.
      > Of particular noteworthiness is the fact that HQ on fairly rare
      > occasion partners with outside companies that provide services of value
      > to amateurs. When this happens, you are likely to receive an e-mail
      > from HQ that promotes the partnership. You can opt-in or opt-out of
      > receiving these messages.
      > +++ Tentative Schedule +++
      > 2008
      > Feb 10: Mansfield, OH Hamfest - Gary & Jim
      > Mar 5: Miami Valley ARA Meeting
      > Mar 15: Bellbrook ARC Dinner
      > Apr 2: Lake County ARC, Painesville, OH - Jim
      > Apr 14: PCARS (OH) Meeting - Jim
      > Apr 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > May 16-18: Dayton Hamvention(TM) - Gary & Jim
      > Jun 21: Milford, OH, Hamfest - Jim
      > Jul QST 'til noon Aug 8: Nominations for Director/Vice Director open.
      > Jul 10: Mahoning Valley ARA, Youngstown, OH - Jim
      > Jul 17-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim & Gary
      > Jul 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM.
      > Sep 21: Cincinnati Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim.
      > Sep 23-Oct 1: Ballots mailed for Director/Vice Director election.
      > Oct 28: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM.
      > Nov 21, noon: Deadline for return of ballots. Ballots counted.
      > Nov 22 by end of day: Candidates notified of election results.
      > 2009
      > Jan 1, noon: Current terms end for GLD Director/Vice Director. Newly
      > elected/re-elected Director/Vice Director terms begin.
      > 73,
      > Jim
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > E-mail: k8je@...; Tel.: 513-459-0142
      > ARRL - The Reason Amateur Radio Is!
      > Members - The Reason ARRL Is!
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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