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Logikey For Sale

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  • Bill
    Hi, All: I ve got a Logikey Keyer from Idiom Press for sale. It s the K-3 model. While not the current version (K-5) this keyer is magnificent. It is smooth
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
      Hi, All:

      I've got a Logikey Keyer from Idiom Press for sale. It's the K-3
      model. While not the current version (K-5) this keyer is magnificent.
      It is smooth as silk with six memories attached to push buttons.
      There are an amazing number of features like contest serial numbers,
      weight, side tone, speed via a pot, and this thing is really smooth.
      You use the keyer between your paddles and your rig. Did I mention
      that this thing is really smooth?

      From the manufacturer's web site (www.idiompress.com) this K-3 is very
      similar to the new K-5 model. The K-3 needs power (I think from nine
      to twelve volts, as I've run it from a nine volt battery and now run
      it from a twelve volt power supply in my shack) and is a different
      shape from their newer model. This keyer is really smooth.

      You tell the keyer to perform functions by sending it code. It talks
      back to you in code, as well. There is a great tutorial and a
      thorough manual. It really is simplicity to use. You won't need
      another keyer and you'll hate that junk keyer inside your rig. This
      keyer is so smooth it makes your cw marvelous. And I've got the QSLs
      to prove it.

      Six memories can be programmed to run at a push of the button. I've
      got my call sign on one button, the exchange on another, Linda's call
      sign on another, and some misc. stuff on the fourth. You can load in
      CQ and call with a push of another button. I load a message at my
      slow ten wpm and then crank the speed knob to send like a pro. I'd
      bet you never fill the memory. And those memories stay inside. This
      keyer is so smooth.

      I'm moving to another keyer and this one is available. If it does not
      sell to you I'll list it on eBay. You can save shipping (and I won't
      tell the governor you didn't pay sales tax). I'll sell you the keyer,
      the cord between keyer and rig, and a power pigtail. I think I've got
      a hard copy of the manual together with .pdf versions of the manual
      and tutorial. I'm not a smoker. I'm certain it was factory
      assembled. All you add is a set of paddles and you're smoothly
      sending code. You'll love this keyer! It's a deal to you for $60 firm.

      Contact me off list before a week or two. If it's still here then
      I'll post a link on eBay and you can purchase it from there for a few
      more dollars. You will love this keyer. I guarantee it! You just
      cannot imagine how smooth this keyer feels.

      Bill, AB8SC
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