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FWEAVER'S WORDS -- A new year, a new beginning!

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  • Tom VanderMel KB8VEE
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      Subject: WEAVER'S WORDS -- A new year, a new beginning!

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      > Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 21:51:39 -0500 (EST)
      > [As always, please reply only to k8je@....]
      > - New Year's Resolution.
      > - Regulation by Bandwidth.
      > - Section VHF/UHF Nets.
      > - Regulation by Bandwidth.
      > - Frequency Coordinators Council, Inc.
      > - SM Elections.
      > - Happy nn*th Anniversary.
      > - Board and EC Minutes, and Annual Reports Available.
      > - 200 Meters & Down Index Available.
      > - Cartoons by Gil Reprinted.
      > - Just a No-Coder
      > - Tentative Schedule.
      > +++ New Year's Resolution +++
      > How about getting back a little more to the Golden Rule for our New
      > Year's Resolution? Even those among us who do a decent job of living
      > The Rule can probably do a little better. Certainly, we all have heard
      > amateurs who do not live The Rule. Some of us may even know one or
      > more of these folks. Maybe we can help them do a better job of
      > observing The Rule?
      > The resolution I propose is:
      > "I will treat my fellow ham with courtesy, understanding and patience
      > whether I am on the air or meet them in-person."
      > +++ Regulation by Bandwidth +++
      > By now you've probably heard there is a petition before the FCC that I
      > understand would bring a form of Regulation by Bandwidth to the US.
      > Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, this petition was neither
      > developed nor is it supported by ARRL.
      > How can I be sure of this? I would have had to vote on a motion to
      > develop or to support the proposal. This had not happened and is not
      > scheduled to happen at our Board meeting next week.
      > So far as Regulation by Bandwidth is concerned, I've made the following
      > statement in a number of ways, but I will make it as a straight forward
      > promise to you. I will not vote in favor of a motion to support
      > Regulation by Bandwidth until the time comes that its provisions are
      > thoroughly understood by you and you support the idea.
      > Regardless, of my personal conclusion, I do not believe regulating by
      > bandwidth offers sufficient benefit at this time to warrant supporting
      > it.
      > One additional item is that I continue and will continue to support the
      > availability of all now-legal modes of amateur operation. If the mode
      > is legal today, I will continue to support its availability for amateur
      > use.
      > +++ National Frequency Coordinators Council, Inc. +++
      > I recently received a notice titled the "National Frequency
      > Coordinators Council, Inc. (NFCC) Announces Reformation." Being
      > unfamiliar with the NFCC, I asked what it is. You, too, may be
      > interested to learn that I found there appear to be two (2) NFCCs.
      > The original NFCC is an organization open to frequency coordinators
      > from throughout the US. Its purpose is to help facilitate
      > communication between local coordinator organizations and the FCC.
      > This organization was founded in 2006. It has a Memorandum of
      > Understanding (MOU) with the ARRL. Its web site is at
      > http://www.arrl.org/nfcc/index.htm.
      > Based upon the press release I received, the newer NFCC seems to claim
      > to be a reincarnation of the original NFCC. The problem is that the
      > original NFCC has never gone away. This raises questions about the
      > legitimacy of the reincarnated NFCC. The new organization does not
      > have an MOU with the ARRL.
      > I learned one additional point. The original group is the National
      > Frequency Coordinators' Council, Inc. uses the word coordinators in the
      > possessive plural and the new group uses it in the plural, only.
      > Details, details.
      > +++ SM Elections? +++
      > You can put this in the "I have no proof of what I say, but I'll keep
      > saying it anyway" category.
      > Someone who obviously doesn't know what he/she is talking about is
      > spreading the rumor that the Board of Directors has decided to do away
      > with electing Section Managers. Instead, they would supposedly be
      > appointed by the Directors.
      > This rumor is not true.
      > As is true of many false rumors, there is a glimmer of fact in this
      > one. The fact is that last July the Programs & Services Committee
      > (P&S) of the Board was charged with conducting a study of all aspects
      > of how ARRL Sections are administered (governed). I'm on the P&S
      > Committee. In doing this study, it is necessary to all options for how
      > SMs should be selected.
      > As the first step in the study, P&S sent questionnaires to each of the
      > 71 Section Managers, the officers and members of the Board and a couple
      > of additional folks. I can assure everyone that P&S entered this study
      > with no preconceived conclusions.
      > We received good cooperation from the SMs and others who received our
      > questionnaire. Very frankly, they provided more information than we
      > could manage by the coming January Board meeting. Therefore, the study
      > will most likely be extended at least until July. Nonetheless, it is
      > possible to report certain aspects of the study to the Board in January
      > in an interim report.
      > Regarding the rumored coming change to appointing Section Managers,
      > what I can say is that this rumor is simply false.
      > +++ Happy nn*th Anniversary +++
      > *nn = any number.
      > No sooner had the last issue of Words begun to arrive in in-boxes than
      > I was informed of clubs in the GLD that are older than the 75 years I
      > mentioned. Try these on for "size:"
      > - The Cambridge (Ohio) ARA, W8VP, is 94 years old this December. It
      > has been affiliated with ARRL since February 1946.
      > - The Mahoning Valley ARA (Youngstown, OH) is 89 years old. As I
      > understand, the group has records that show it to have been the first
      > ARRL Affiliated Club in Ohio -- since 83 years ago. The club call is
      > W8QLY.
      > Congratulations CARA and MVARA for their being able to remain so active
      > and to maintain interest for so many years. Thanks, too, for your
      > support of the ARRL.
      > If I've missed listing a club that has reached or is reaching a
      > particularly notable age, let me know.
      > +++ Board and EC Minutes, and Annual Reports Available +++
      > Board members and officers of ARRL occasionally are asked how members
      > (and non-members) can see copies of the minutes of Board of Directors
      > and Executive Committee meetings, as well as Annual Reports of the
      > corporation. These have been available online for a considerable
      > length of time.
      > To access the minutes and Annual Reports, go to the ARRL web site and
      > click on the ARRL Info link and then General Information. The window
      > that opens next contains links to the Annual Reports, Board Meeting
      > Minutes/Reports and Articles of Association and Bylaws. The EC is an
      > extension of the Board; therefore, EC meeting reports are filed with
      > the Board minutes.
      > In other words, information so many people keep trying to tell you and
      > others is being kept secret by the League is fully public. All one
      > needs to see it is access to the Internet.
      > +++ 200 Meters & Down Index Available +++
      > The book "200 Meters & Down" is probably the best early history of
      > wireless radio in general, and particularly on Amateur Radio that
      > exists. Written in 1936 by Clinton B. DeSoto the book is a must for
      > anyone who wants to learn how our great radio service and wireless
      > developed, and how hams played such an integral roles in advancing the
      > art from its inception through the mid-'30s. DeSoto, W1DCB, wrote the
      > QST article that led to establishing the ARRL DXCC program.
      > The book was published without an index and has been "index free" ever
      > since. An index to it has recently been prepared and can be found at
      > www.arrl.org/?artid=7897. The book is still available.
      > +++ Cartoons by Gil Reprinted +++
      > For about 40 years, issues of QST carried whimsical cartoons by Philip
      > "Gil" Gildersleeve, W1CJD. As one would imagine, the cartoons were
      > about Amateur Radio and radio amateurs.
      > A few copies of a collection of Gil's cartoons were available to
      > bidders during the recent ARRL online Auction. They went like the
      > proverbial hot cakes. Since the Auction, HQ received many requests for
      > the book. Because of this, the book, "Gil: A collection of cartoons
      > from QST" has been reprinted. It is available for $15.95. See
      > www.arrl.org/catalog/?item=0364.
      > +++ Just a No-Coder +++
      > If one stops and thinks about this phrase, it becomes immediately
      > apparent it is not one of praise. The question is just what value does
      > the phrase bring to any conversation? The blood-thirsty Romans might
      > have used a similar phrase -- "just a Christian" or "just a slave"
      > --back when the Cesars forced slaves and others to fight (and die) in
      > the coliseum.
      > Think about it -- "just a no-coder."
      > Do you suppose that decades ago old-time hams referred to new licensees
      > who jumped into continuous wave (not spark gap) transmitting as being
      > "only CW ops?" Or do you think the CW gang referred to operators who
      > used the new AM mode as "just AMers?" Or when SSB first began
      > Donald-ducking on the frequencies, do you suppose CW and AM ops thought
      > of them as "just SSBers?"
      > It is the "just" or "only" or whatever other demeaning qualifier that
      > is objectionable to me. The fact that the FCC no longer requires
      > aspiring hams to pass a CW test is simply a fact of life. This fact of
      > life does not justify ridiculing others. Rules, of one type or another
      > change all the time.
      > The important thing is that the operator has a valid Amateur Radio
      > license and operates legally and courteously. My observation has been
      > that amateurs who received their licenses without needing to pass a
      > Morse test are no worse or no better than we who took Morse exams. The
      > reverse is equally true.
      > Newer licensees are typically not the hams who hog the frequency ("Get
      > off this frequency. We've been holding our net at this time and on
      > this frequency for over 25 years.") Similarly, they are typically not
      > the hams who sit on a DX station and transmit a series of dits . . .
      > for 30 minutes or longer. It has been my observation that these and
      > other LIDisms are usually performed by us good-ole boys -- we who
      > passed 13 or even 20 wpm code tests.
      > Code proficiency does not a good amateur make.
      > Let's stop labeling our fellow amateurs with demeaning terms. They are
      > as much hams as we are. They have as much right to use the frequencies
      > allowed by their licenses as we have with our licenses.
      > +++ Tentative Schedule +++
      > 2008
      > Jan 12: Southwest Ohio Digital Symposium, Middletown, OH - Jim
      > Jan 17: Programs & Services Committee, Houston, TX - Jim
      > Jan 18-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Houston, TX - Gary & Jim
      > Jan 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > Feb 10: Mansfield, OH, Hamfest - Jim & Gary
      > Mar 5: Miami Valley ARA Meeting
      > Mar 20: Bellbrook ARC Dinner
      > Apr 2: Lake County ARC, Painesville, OH - Jim
      > Apr 14: PCARS (OH) Meeting - Jim
      > Apr 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > May 16-18: Dayton Hamvention(TM) - Gary & Jim
      > Jul QST 'til noon Aug 8: Nominations for Director/Vice Director are
      > open.
      > Jul 10: Mahoning Valley ARA, Youngstown, OH - Jim
      > Jul 17-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim & Gary
      > Jul 22: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > Sep 21: Cincinnati Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim.
      > Sep 23-Oct 1: Ballots for Director/Vice Director mailed.
      > Oct 28: Quarterly Division Cabinet Teleconference, 9 PM
      > Nov 21, noon: Deadline for return of ballots. Ballots counted.
      > Nov 22 by end of day: Candidates notified of election results.
      > 2009
      > Jan 1, noon: Current terms end for GLD Director/Vice Director. Newly
      > elected/re-elected Director/Vice Director terms begin.
      > 73,
      > Jim
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
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