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Re: This is Homebrewing at its Finest

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  • muskegonjimquay
    I translated the french for those who do not want to use the translation service . I know French so it was easy enough to type it out for you all . Lamps radio
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2008
      I translated the french for those who do not want to use the
      translation service . I know French so it was easy enough to type it
      out for you all .

      Lamps radio

      Detailed history of lamps radio
      Building of a transmitter using ancient lamps
      Manufacture of a triode and all tools necessary for his realization
      Small balance sheet of activity with the fabricated triodes

      The author

      Claude slob begins as many in the fifties, by the remote control of
      reduced models. The mechanics being one of its favourite violins of
      Ingres, it puts a full stop of honour to construct the motor which
      will equip the boat.
      In 1959 he becomes F2FO and takes the exam on a transceiver AM 5
      bands of his manufacture. DXCC is although quickly fastened traffic
      is not its " cup of tea " and serves mostly only for validating a
      personal realization. It gives joy therefore in heart with BLU which
      becomes established little by little on bands amateurs. Then a period
      RTTY, on re-conditioned machines comes.

      His first article for Radio-ref (in 1959) is BFO for " command set "
      BC453 who hold attention for their remarkable selectivity. He becomes
      the editor of the " Analyses of magazines ", column which he will
      hold several years. He will also be councilman of administration of
      REF for 3 years.
      It publishes an implement, between others, a linear booster equipped
      with 811, oscillographique allowing the permanent control of the
      quality of modulation but also the purity of the issued sign, a
      camera TV equipped with integrated circuits and several equipment BLU
      of which a transistorized transceiver which will be broadly used in

      It is then the realization of a station 2300 MHz then an equipment 10
      GHz descriptions of which appear in Radio-ref. These two achievements
      are crowned on the ground by first " Frances-England " in 1968 and
      1969. A superb QSO "cross-country running-band " 2,3 - 10 GHz on a 40
      km distance still stays in the memory of the sacred good instants of
      the signatories!

      Loving and respectful of the old and venerable components, he makes
      relive tubes of reception of the twenties by making them issue 3
      watts in the band 80m in telegraphy. QSO in all Europe will be
      accomplished... See Broadcasting chapter QRP.

      His veneration for the equipment of mister Arthur Collins, leads it
      to restore a certain number of transceivers Collins, and particularly
      the 618-T.

      And then, it is to participate in its manner in the centenary of the
      creation of the triode by Lee De Forest in 1906, it launches into the
      manufacture of the mythical TM put in the point by the general Ferrié
      in 1915. Make a lamp, it is not so easy, but to complicate difficulty
      a bit, F2FO is going to construct all essentials in this plan, and
      particularly various pomps, of which a molecular, to acquire a space
      allowing job in program of the accomplished tubes.

      A dozen lamps is so going to come into the world...

      To prove measurements, QSO will be accomplished on the January 1st,
      2005 on 80m in CW between Montrouge / 92 and Camaret / 29. Tubes are
      robust and will make other contacts...

      The initial purpose, which was to cross Atlantic, was attained by
      F6BWO who accomplished of numerous QSO on 4 continents.




      *Lamps: history of lamps radio, of their appearance in 1906 up to the
      advent of the transistor by 1960
      *Transmitter QRP: realization of a transmitter using lamps dating
      former on 1925
      *Triodes: manufacture of a triode TM and the necessary tools (pomps,
      étuve etc)
      *Photographs: some photographs of stages of manufacture
      *Mr Mignet (format PDF: 58 pages - 2 Mb): original document
      representing the manufacture of " lamps with space in électrodes 3 "
      by a forerunner in the twentieth
      *Supplementary benefits of October 6th, 2005 (not reproduced in
      format PDF)
      *Balance sheet of activity after one year of use of fabricated
      triodes (published in MEGAHERTZ magazine N ° 281 - August, 2006)

      Printable versions of the first four chapters in format PDF are
      available below:

      Lamps (left 1) 72 pages - 68 Mb
      Lamps (left 2) 49 pages - 61 Mb
      Transmitter QRP 41 pages - 5 Mb
      Triodes (left 1) 36 pages - 31 Mb
      Triodes (left 2) 25 pages - 15 Mb
      Triodes (photographs) 6 pages - 24 Mb

      If you want to know about it more, continue unwinding these pages.
      Texts, photographs and video are of AUTHOR F2FO.


      Very Kewl Larry . Thanks for sharing .

      73 KD8BIG

      --- In WestMichiganHams@yahoogroups.com, "Laryn Lohman" <larynl@...>
      > The following comes from another group. Fascinating. Enjoy.
      > Laryn K8TVZ
      > ********************************************************************
      > Thanks to Rod Wallberg KB8DNS for this pointer....
      > Trust me guys, you really want to watch this video all the way
      > <http://paillard.claude.free.fr/>
      > The Babelfish translation service is here:
      > <http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr>
      > Plug in his URL, select "French to English" and hit "Translate".
      > And in true McGuyver style, he starts out with a Swiss army knife.
      > Mike WA6ILQ
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