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RE: SPAMWARNING [WestMichiganHams] Ham Radio BrowserToolbar and PocketDigi & Mobile Log forWindows Mobile/PocketPC PDAs by N0HR

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  • Zach Lassiter
    Can I have bacon and eggs with my spam please? Thanks, Zach Lassiter HYPERLINK mailto:zach@thezach.net zach@thezach.net HYPERLINK
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      Can I have bacon and eggs with my spam please?




      Zach Lassiter




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      Subject: SPAMWARNING [WestMichiganHams] Ham Radio BrowserToolbar and PocketDigi & Mobile Log forWindows Mobile/PocketPC PDAs by N0HR


      N0HR Software & Resources  


      N0HR's ham radio website, http://www.n0hr. com  has many free resources for ham radio:


      The Ham Radio Toolbar for Internet Explorer & Firefox:

      http://www.n0hr. com/Ham_Radio_ Toolbar.htm


       HamLinks is a free ham radio toolbar that extends your (Internet Explorer or Firefox) web browser to give ham radio operators quick access to great ham radio content. It's completely free, easy to install (and uninstall) and can be configured by the user. No registrations, spyware, spam or other hooks.


      No spyware, security holes, email scams or hijacked searches. See the privacy policy.

      Features of the HamLinks ham radio toolbar 

      Here are a few of the features of the HamLinks ham radio toolbar.

      • Powerful search box. Simply enter some text in the box or select it in your browser, then use the search menu to quickly search any of the following:
        • QRZ.com (great for callsign searches from the toolbar)
        • DXwatch (spot searches from the toolbar)
        • QSL Manager (lookup dx callsigns from the toolbar)
        • FindU.com (APRS location information with a call search from the hamlinks toolbar)
        • Ham Radio Links (search the links directory)
        • Product reviews (select a ham radio product and instantly find reviews for it!)
        • Ham Radio Classifieds at eHam and QTH.com (select a product and see if there are any for sale). Of course, you can also find ham radio products at eBay as well further down the menu.
      • Links to popular ham radio websites.
      • Access to the DXpedition Map.
      • Ham Radio Blog Feeds
      • Customizable email notifier and weather icon
      • UTC Time
      • WWV gadget to show propagation bulletins
      • Podcast player with ham radio related podcasts
      • Propagation Data from WWV - similar to Propfire


      PocketDigi for Windows Mobile and PocketPC PDAs: http://www.n0hr. com/PocketDigi/ PocketDigi_ intro.htm


      What is PocketDigi? PocketDigi decoding a PSK31 sample message

      PocketDigi is an open source utility developed by OK1IAK to provide ham radio operators with PocketPC PDAs with the ability to use (encode and decode) digital modes such as RTTY (teletype), PSK (phase shift keying), and CW (Morse Code). 

      Want to take your PocketPC PDA to go backpack mobile and work PSK31 QRP? Then, PocketDigi is the app for you! Since the advent of mobile computing, radio amateurs have been exploring creative ways to utilize laptop computers and PDAs for portable ham radio operations and mini-DXpeditions.

      PocketDigi was created by Vojtech OK1IAK who built the utility using Microsoft's Embedded Visual C. He used (and improved) portions of a Linux GNU open source application called gMFSK to do encoding and decoding.


      MobileLog PocketPC PDA Logbook Application: http://www.n0hr. com/MobileLog/ MobileLog_ 2_Tour.htm


      Your PocketPC / Windows Mobile PDA keeps you organized on the go. But have you considered using it to manage your ham radio activities? With MobileLog, you can log your ham radio contacts while on-the-go..

      MobileLog 2 offers significant improvements over earlier versions of MobileLog including:

      ·         Major performance improvements (speed and size)

      ·         Integration with PocketDigi, the PocketPC digitial mode application

      ·         WAS reports

      ·         Save reports as CSV, Tab delimited or HTML files

      ·         Landscape mode

      ·         User-defined fields

      ·         Easy to update prefixes and DXCC entities

      ·         Advanced reports which allow you to create a filtered listing of worked or confirmed QSOs

      ·         Logbook view

      ·         Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 and PocketPC 2003 without the need for the Microsoft VBRuntime

      ·         Built-in on-line help system

      ·         An improved / simplified installation process

      ·         Automatically uses GMT

      ·         and much more


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