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World's Smallest Radio - Things not mentioned in the article.....

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  • k8mhz@k8mhz.com
    Some things were not mentioned in the article and hams aren t getting much publicity for their inventions for some reason. This from QRZ: I invented this
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2007
      Some things were not mentioned in the article and hams aren't getting much publicity for their inventions for some reason.  This from QRZ:
      "I invented this exact thing in the mid 90s and now have 7 issued patents on it.

      Check out my profile on qrz.com to see it. Or just go to
      http://www.ambitcorp.com for a pdf

      Look for any one of the patents on carbon nanotubes. We grow them right on the semiconducting junction. It's a lot smaller than the "palm of a fly" in fact, thousands of times smaller than that.

      Now, that being said, I am a bit uncomfortable about a radio that can be injected into a person and possibly be used to track them.  Such an injection could be done surreptitiously under the guise of inoculation, medication or with a very small projectile fired from a distance with a very small, silent weapon.  Upon entering the body, that projectile would only cause a sensation similar to an insect bite if any at all and would be very hard to notice.  Tracking people is just one possibility.  Such a radio may also be used to do harm in ways we have not even come close to imagining yet.  Granted, my thoughts are indeed pessimistic, but given the track record of humans and their use of anything and everything as weapons provides an unquestionable premise for my suspicions.
      I recommend keeping an eye on the nanotube radio and both it's use and possible mis-use in the future.
      In the QRZ thread I provided a link to you will see a comment from Dr. Nathan 'Chip' Cohen, W1YW, the inventor of the fractal antenna.  This is his company:
      Notice the pictures on the web site and the logo on the left.  Fractals are being used by the military.
      Both of the above hams hail from Massachusetts.  Chip used to be a professor at Boston University.  To check their profiles go to www.qrz.com and enter their call signs in the box in the upper right corner of the screen marked 'callsign'.  I highly recommend doing so.
      The silencer for firearms was invented by Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, the founder of the ARRL.
      "Maxim is also noted as the inventor of the "Maxim Silencer" or Suppressor for firearms (patented in 1909) as well as of a silencer (or muffler) for gasoline engines."
      Hiram Percy Maxim was the son of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, the inventor of the Maxim Machine Gun, the first portable fully automatic machine gun.
      Lest we forget, the Nobel Peace Prize's huge monetary awards comes from the interest from the money earned by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.  He invented it to make mining safer.  Rumor has it that his guilt for the invention which was eventually used to kill people on a scale never before imagined led to the establishment of the prize that bears his name.
      Never forget....any tool can be used as a weapon.
      73 and Peace be with all of us,
      Mark K8MHZ
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      I thought this would be an interesting article. They didn't mention
      how many watts, or most likely mW that this puts out.

      The World's Smallest Radio by Prachi Patel-Predd
      A tiny radio made out of a single carbon nanotube could ultimately
      find use in biological and environmental sensors.

      http://www.technolo gyreview. com/Nanotech/ 19666/?nlid= 650


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