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Baloon Launch 20 October

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  • Hank Greeb
    ARBONET-2 High Altitude Balloon Flight Set for an October 20th Launch Members of the ARBONET (Amateur Radio Balloons Over NorthEast Texas) organization are
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      ARBONET-2 High Altitude Balloon Flight Set for an October 20th Launch

      Members of the ARBONET (Amateur Radio Balloons Over NorthEast Texas)
      organization are making final preparations for the October 20th launch
      of ARBONET-2. Originally scheduled for launch last spring, ARBONET-2 is
      being dedicated to the memory of Kim R. Miles, N9IS SK, a long time
      contributor to the central Indiana Windtrax Amateur Radio High Altitude
      Balloon team who passed away March 27th at the age of 51.

      ARBONET-2 will be launched from the JD Trissell Airport in Clarksville,
      TX which is located in the northeast corner of the Lone Star State.
      Launch time is scheduled for 9:30 AM CDT on Saturday October 20th.
      Current winds aloft forecasts indicate the ground track of the flight
      will carry the amateur payloads towards the Texas - Louisiana state
      line. If ARBONET-2 reaches its expected altitude of 96,000 ft, radio
      amateurs in parts of as many as seven states should be able to monitor
      the beacons and communicate through the cross band repeater onboard the
      near space vehicle.

      The compliment of payloads aboard ARBONET-2 include:

      A plain language homing beacon that will transmit navigation data to the
      ground on 146.560 MHz in plain English thus allowing anyone with a
      scanner or 2 meter hand-held in the coverage zone to follow the progress
      of the flight without the need for additional equipment to process the data.

      An APRS beacon operating on 144.390 MHz to report vehicle location data
      throughout the duration of the flight and to aid in the recovery of the
      packages following descent.

      A 70 cm Up / 2 meter Down Cross band FM repeater (445.800MHz Up 147.560
      MHz Down) will support two way communications during the duration of the
      ARBONET-2 flight.

      A 10 meter CW beacon experiment produced by the Richardson Wireless
      Klub, K5RWK will transmit a 500 milliwatt signal on 28.061 MHZ.

      In addition, ARBONET-2 will carry a number of secondary payloads that
      will perform remote data collection functions for analysis once the
      payloads are recovered. These payloads include a 4 mega pixel digital
      camera configured to capture images every 30 seconds through the
      duration of the flight, a self contained balloon burst video system
      designed to capture images of the balloon burst event and other
      environmental data loggers.

      Operators are encouraged to submit reception reports from the ARBONET-2
      flight to team members via the ARBONET web site: www.arbonet.net. A
      special commemorative QSL card will be made available to everyone who
      submits reception reports to the ARBONET team.

      An ARBONET Launch Information HF net will be held on 3.910 MHz ( +/- 10
      KHz) beginning at 9:00 AM CDT to report the progress of flight
      preparations and to provide real time coverage of the expected two and a
      half hour flight.

      The ARBONET team encourages radio amateurs throughout the flight’s
      coverage zone to make use of the payloads aboard ARBONET-2.

      Additional updates will be posted to the ARBONET web site in the days
      leading up to the mission. In the event weather conditions cause a
      postponement of the launch, the next launch attempt is scheduled for the
      following Saturday, October 27th.
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