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Tool Max open Sat 9AM-12PM

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    I still need some more items on consignment. Bring your items in today We will be open this Saturday 9AM-12PM New this week High Gain DB-1015 3 Element HF
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      I still need some more items on consignment. Bring your items in today

      We will be open this Saturday 9AM-12PM
      New this week
      High Gain DB-1015  3 Element HF beam for 10/15 meters $50  GREAT BUY
      Channel Master light duty Rotor with control box and cable $20
      SAS-1 Amp Supply HF wire antenna with control box $10
      Mixed box of short length coax cable with  PL-259 Connectors on end $1 each  
      14 Amp Jetstream Power Supply $55
      28Amp Power Supply $90 With Meters $110
      45Amp Power Supply $170
      Lighting Arresters $21.50 ea
      We have Antennas, connectors, and mounts from Tower Electronics. We are a Dealer for Tower and have put them in Stock.
      Other New items in Stock
      HF Antenna 20 Meter, 40 Meter, 75 Meter Fiberglass Hamsticks in Stock  $15 each
      New SWR Watt/Power & Field Strength Meter for 1.7-150 MHz in Stock $30 
      J Pole Antennas in Stock $15
      The Te-Ne-Ke code key by the North Ottawa Club $35.00
      300 ohm twin lead 50Ft $10.00
      RG-58 Cable .25 per foot
      RG-8 .$1.00 per Foot 
      RG-8X Coax Cable .45 per Foot 
      95 Ft   RG-8 9096 Coax Cable .45 per foot
      75 ohm Cable 9040 International Wire and Cable .35per foot
      PL-259 Connectors $2.50 ea  adadapters for RG-8X $1.10 ea
      BNC - SO-239 Connectors $2.50 ea
      Double Female Connectors $2 ea
      Laser pointers $2 ea
      2 Amp Power Supplies good to power Hand Held $12
      Digital Volt Meters $5.00
      Heavy duty 12 Volt Socket to Cigarette lighter plug
      We also have Diagonal Pliers, Digital Multi Testers, Electrical Tape,Precision Screwdrivers Sets, Soldering guns, Irons and Industrial Batteries for your HT's
      We are the only stocking Dealer in Michigan for W5YI Gordon West Study Manuals.
      Technician Class $18.95 
      General Class New as of July 1 $20.95 
      Extra Class $21.95 
      FCC Part 97 rule book only $3.95
      ARRL Level 1 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course Level 1 books $16 each
      Other Used Equipment on Consignment
      JT776SMA HT Antenna $19
      Signalcrafter SW-77C SWR meter $5
      Headphone/Mike Ear Headset $5
      Radio Shack Woodgrain Speaker $5
      IC-255A  2 meter Radio with no tone board Like New from 1982 Good Packet Radio $45
      Tubes A great Assortment of tested used Tubes $1-$4 each
      AL-80A Ameritron 1KW HF Amplifier $850
      Bearcat BC 560XLT 16 Ch Scanner $30 Great Buy
      B&K Model 4011 Precision function Generator $60
      B&K Model 2140 Oscilloscope $175
      GW Model GDM-8135 Digital Multimeter $40
      B & W Antenna Tuner VS-300A $40
      RCA Volt Ohm Meter $25
      Barket & Williamson Low Pass Filter $5
      Speakers $2 - $10
      Barket and Williamson Rotary Inductor and Counter for Antenna Tuner $50 
      Center Insulator for HF antenna $5
      Rocky Mountain Radar Detector $175
      LED Emergency Light  $10
      Motorola consolette Base Station for packet set up on 145.090 $45
      MFJ 1278B TNC $50
      MFJ-722 Notch Filter $30.00
      MFJ 407C keyer $15
      Code Key $15
      B&W 550A 5 Coax switch unit $10
      M1000 Regency 10 Ch Scanner Works great $25
      Sharp SF7320 working Copy Machine $50
      Low Pass filter $5
      EICO Solid State FET/TVM Model 240 VOM in good condition $40
      Heathkit items in stock
      Heathkit SA-2040 1KW Tuner $160
      Model HD-19 Hybrid Phone Patch for $5
      2 HD-15 Phone Patch for $5 each
      1 Model 10-17 Oscilloscope $40
      Heathkit Drive Belts for SB-100, 101,102, HW 100,HW101 $3
      Keychain LED lights $1.50 and up
      Other items coming in Daily
      Tool  Max Industrial Supply is the Tool and Ham Radio retail store on Schamber Dr just off Pontaluna Rd and US-31 just north of  the old Hob Knob or Michael's Restaurant (Now tore down) in Muskegon . We have tools, industrial suppliers and Ham radios and parts for sale.
      For more information call or e mail Tom KB8VEE at 231 798-7898  I am in the Store from 9:00AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday. Stop by and see me for all your Ham needs.
      From Tool Max Industrial Supply 231 798-7898
      E Mail toolmax@...
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