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New Weather Software, and it's Free!

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  • K8TB
    K8AJ and myself use the N3FJP logging software. As such, I am subscribed to his forum on Yahoo. He made this announcement: **************************** Hi All,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      K8AJ and myself use the N3FJP logging software. As such, I am
      subscribed to his forum on Yahoo. He made this announcement:

      Hi All,

      As you may remember, a couple of months ago I floated the idea for a
      program on the N3FJP_Software_
      Users group that would function much like DX Spotting, except that the
      reports would be for observed severe weather. The response was very
      enthusiastic, and literally hundreds of hams and weather enthusiasts
      joined the WXSpots development e-mail reflector. In fact, during the
      beta development period, we have already had more than 850 users create
      login accounts!

      After a couple months of hard work and lots of great suggestions from
      the beta development team, we are ready to move out of beta, and version
      1.0 is now ready for download!

      As a quick recap, WXSpots is software that runs on your PC and connects
      to a server. All reports of severe weather are relayed to everyone
      connected. Reports can be screened by State, County or a list of
      Counties. WXSpots is a tool in the tool chest for SkyWarn operations and
      those interested in severe weather observations. By it’s very nature of
      dependence on the Internet, it can't provide data from a severely
      affected area. On the other hand, WXSpots can quickly communicate data
      from those observers just outside it. It also provides the means to help
      monitor local severe weather as it unfolds with many more observers able
      to communicate what they are seeing.

      WXSpots provides:
      The ability to disseminate observations quickly and efficiently anywhere.

      The ability to add the eyes of SkyWarn enthusiasts who aren't Amateur
      Radio Operators.

      An automated, historical record of recent observations.

      Audio alerts that can be specified by the user based on location.

      A messaging feature to allow for communication with other members of
      your organization (and other connected users).

      WXSpots software is free. For more information and a link to download
      the software, please visit www.wxspots.com.

      I hope that you enjoy the software!

      73, Scott
      I have no idea if this software is even worth the time loading it up,
      but I figured there sure are a lot of hams in West Michigan who are into
      severe weather, so this might be intersting software to play with.
      73, de Tom K8TB
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