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Re: National American Red Cross Communications Vehicle

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  • Bill
    ... with the Sentinel or Lakeshore Press if anyone has those connections.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2007
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      > This also might be a great photo opportunity for the HAM community
      with the Sentinel or Lakeshore Press if anyone has those connections.<

      Often it is easier to just ask the question, "Hey, why doesn't the
      press love ham radio?" When the statement might better be, "Wow, an
      opportunity to showcase ham radio!"

      Yes, getting a reporter for the event would help encourage the paper
      to publish the ham friendly material. I also suggest that taking a
      ham friendly photograph and combining the picture with some ham
      friendly text featuring a contemporary ham related event would also
      encourage the newspapers to use the material in their publication.

      One is a bit more proactive than the other? Imagine the newspaper's
      editor trying to manage his tiny staff. Through the door walks a
      great people friendly story that is fully developed and ready to
      publish. Through that same door the editor must dispatch his lean
      staff to cover an event. Where might success be more likely?

      An idea to consider.


      Bill, AB8SC
      MAARC guy
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