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MAARC Continuing Education Program

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    MUSKEGON COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council s (MAARC) Continuing Education Program is a rather
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      The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council’s (MAARC) Continuing Education Program is a rather unique form of schooling that originated here in Muskegon, Michigan.  Most amateur radio classes focus on completion by a certain date in order for the students to pass one level of FCC Amateur Radio Licensing and are terminated after that point.  The MAARC’s program is for all levels and does not end after a test session, instead it continues on as the name implies and is available for all levels of individuals from non-licensed folks to Extra Class Amateur Radio Operators.


      Patterned after the type of schooling offered to martial arts students this type of schooling has shown to be effective for hundreds of years.  Since this style of teaching combines all levels of achievement into a single classroom students also become teachers and the interaction between the students and the teachers creates a venue not only for learning but promotes camaraderie as well.


      The nature of the program allows for students to be able to come as they please and not have to worry that missing a class or two will prevent them from passing their FCC tests and thus effectively negating their efforts in the classroom.  If a student is not ready to take an FCC test on a particular date, they simply wait until the next date arrives and are able to take the test when they are ready.  This takes an enormous amount of stress off the students and teachers as well and makes for a more enjoyable learning experience.


      Since the pressures is off to cram for an exam by a certain date the classes tend to be much more informal and time for going over questions raised in the class is always available.  The classes are centered around the enjoyment of amateur radio as well learning  to pass the FCC examination.  It is a goal of the teachers to make the class enjoyable as well as informative.


      While the primary objective of the class is to pass FCC licensing examinations, the class also covers subjects not tested by the FCC such as etiquette, tradition, behavior and equipment operation.  The subjects of the class are greatly influenced by the desires of the students as well.


      Classes are held in Muskegon each Monday evening at 7:30 PM.  Most classes are held and the MAARC clubhouse but in the event of a scheduling conflict you may find classes held in parks, restaurants or homes of the teachers.


      There is no fee to join the class.  The textbooks are the Gordon West study guides that cost less than 20 dollars and a copy of the FCC part 97 rule book that costs 4 dollars.  All study material is available at Tool Max on Schamber Drive in Muskegon, Michigan.


      For further information please contact Mark Derby, K8MHZ.  Mark’s telephone number is (231) 798-3852 and his Email address is k8mhz@....


      Thank you and I hope to see you in class soon!

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