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Poker Hunt

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  • k8mhz@k8mhz.com
    First, I would like to thank the folks from the Ottawa club for sponsoring the Fox Hunt last night. Special thanks to Joe, N8FQ for being so foxy in his Rosy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2007
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      First, I would like to thank the folks from the Ottawa club for sponsoring the Fox Hunt last night.  Special thanks to Joe, N8FQ for being so foxy in his Rosy location and to John KC8UNY for being net control for the event.  Fox hunting is my absolute favorite thing to do in ham radio.
      As such, I have a suggestion for a new kind of fox hunt.  This would require a few more people but I think it could be an absolute ball!  Here is how it would work:  Five operators would take 10 playing cards each out of a deck of cards and go to their locations.  (Two cards would be discarded and not used.....or not, maybe two operators could have 11 cards.....the rules could be refined later)  At the start of the game each fox would take turns transmitting and continue to do so in sequence for the duration of the game.  The object for the hunters would be to find each fox and choose one of the cards from the 10 card packet they had.  The hunters would be able to see the cards and make the choice, the object being to create a winning poker hand.  Each fox could only be visited once by each hunter.  The hunt would continue for a prescribed amount of time and at the end all the hunters would meet back at the starting point to compare hands.  The hunter with the best poker hand would the 'Best Hand' portion of the hunt.  Special awards could be given for the first hunter to find all of the foxes, the least amount of miles traveled to find all foxes, etc.
      Here is why I think this would be an absolute ball.  First, with five foxes on the air there would be a lot of action.  Second, there would be some luck involved as each hunter would have no idea what the other hunters would be trying to achieve with their poker hands.  Also, with five foxes there would be a greater chance to successfully find at least one of them and even the neophytes would be able to have some success finding a fox on their first hunt.
      We would not need a net control operator as each fox would turn over the 'deal' to the next fox. 
      With each fox transmitting for one minute each and then turning the frequency over to the next fox to transmit for one minute that would mean that the frequency would constantly be active and each fox would transmit once every five minutes.  This would make the job of being a fox a bit more fun and negate the need for a net control operator.  With a signal always present the hunters have a better opportunity to use creative strategies to win the game and not have to wait (in the rain, like I did last night!) for the fox(es) to transmit.
      An example of the awards for the hunt would be:
      Best Hand - The team with he best poker hand at the end of the game would get this honor.
      Fastest Find - The team that found all five foxes in the least amount of time would get his honor.
      Direct Hit - The team that traveled the least amount of miles to find all five foxes would win this honor.
      Grand Slam - In the event that a team accomplished all three of the above they would win this honor, quite an accomplishment to be sure.
      Since there would be five foxes to find I suggest that the event have a 3 or 4 hour game time followed by the award presentation and a picnic.  I would like to see this be a multi county event (not held in multi counties, just have several clubs involved).  I would also like to see some awards given like certificates or plaques with a really nice prize for the Grand Slam if anyone managed to do that.  The Grand Slam prize would likely have to be donated by a company but would be great advertisement for that company as I doubt anyone would get a Grand Slam the first time out.
      If this sounds fun enough to get a bunch of you folks to come out and play please respond to this message and I will start planning the first event.  For those of you that aren't able or interested in chasing electromagnetic radiation all over the county we sure could use you as a fox to sit outside, enjoy the great summer or fall weather and meet and interact with the fox hunters.  This would be an event that, in order to be successful, would have to attract a rather large amount of folks.  If enough people show up we may be able to use more than one deck of cards to accommodate more than ten teams.  Because of the possibility of a tie in that event there would need to be a tie breaking procedure.
      So, does this sound fun?  Would you like to give it a try?  Let me know!  Please forward this to other groups and people that would be interested.
      Mark K8MHZ
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