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[KC-CERT] Ham license in a day..

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  • Steve Vander Hill
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      Subject: [KC-CERT] Ham license in a day..
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      Hi Everyone, if you are interested in getting your ham license we are hosting a Ham in a day on July 22nd 2007 at the Grand Rapids Red Cross Chapter house. 
      For more information please look below and to sign up please go to the link listed!   This is an easy way to get started in ham radio and then we will put you in touch with your local clubs / organizations for more in-depth information.  
      Ham in a day!
      Get your Amateur Radio License in just one day!
      Sponsored by the:
      Kent County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency
      No Techno-Babble needed, this class is for anyone who wants their amateur
      radio license
      Date: Sunday July 22nd 2007
      Cost: 30.00 Includes license Fee
      Location: Red Cross 1050 Fuller Ave NE
      Pre-Registration is required to reserve a spot in the class
      Time: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      Testing will start at 6:00 PM
      To register: http://www.kcraces.net/hiad.php
      Questions: jnawrot@...
      Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult!
      Bring either drivers license or 2 pieces of identification
      Coffee and Treats will be provided! Dress comfortably!
      Small Print: This class uses memory retention, everyone learns differently.
      Class is not a guarantee to getting your
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