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Re: Heathkit HA-10 Amp?

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  • heavyfistcharlie24
    Hi Greg, Thanks for the words of welcome. I have a lot to learn about the Warrior before I fire it up. I don t want to release the magic smoke . That
    Message 1 of 9 , May 3, 2007
      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the words of welcome. I have a lot to learn about the
      "Warrior" before I fire it up. I don't want to release the "magic
      smoke". That HA-10 is about the max weight limit that I want to pick
      up and carry. It is HEAVY! But it's pretty! If "Bigger is Better,"
      than this is one of the BEST! :>)

      - Scott -


      --- In WestMichiganHams@yahoogroups.com, "kc8hxo" <kc8hxo@...> wrote:
      > SNIPS
      > . My question to the members of WestMichiganHams
      > > is about the HA-10 amp. I'm sure there are members that know this amp
      > > well. I would just like some thoughts and info. I would be using it
      > > mostly on sideband.
      > > For those wondering about my "HeavyFistCharlie24" ID, it was my
      > > first radio call sign when I was in Vietnam in the USMC.
      > >
      > > 73's,
      > > - Scott -
      > > KD8FXF
      > Scott-a very BIG welcome to the hobby! I am sure you will find it
      > gratifying. Another thing about the old warrior, is I don't believe it
      > was set up with a T/R switch from the "factory". If it was used with
      > the Hot-Water-101, it may have been so modified, though. One thing for
      > sure.... if you get it, you'll not need another amp in YOUR
      > lifetime!!! (Unless, of course, you want to get on 160M).
      > Best luck-
      > Greg, KC8HXO
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