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  • Andrew Young
    FYI- It works on many repeaters, but some repeaters don t transmit the tone. Grand Haven didn t until a few years ago. Just so you know if you try it
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2007
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      FYI- It works on many repeaters, but some repeaters don't transmit the tone.
      Grand Haven didn't until a few years ago. Just so you know if you try it
      somewhere and it doesn't work.


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      Topics in this digest:

      1. Tulip Time Parade 2007
      From: Steve Vander Hill

      2. Special Notice From Don Meyer -KB8ODB
      From: Don Meyer - KB8ODB

      3. Tone squelch
      From: k8mhz@...

      4. Fw: [W8CSO] services for K8ROH
      From: k8mhz@...

      From: Tom VanderMel

      6. The Muskegon 82 Repeater
      From: Dennis Harriss

      7. Ideas for VHF/UHF digital net?
      From: Joe Veldhuis


      1. Tulip Time Parade 2007
      Posted by: "Steve Vander Hill" svanderhill@...
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 11:32 am ((PDT))

      Hello, the purpose of this email is to request your assistance in filling
      the remaining open spots for this year's Tulip Time Festival parades.

      Currently we are one person short for both the Wednesday and Thursday
      parades, and five short for the large Saturday parade.

      Hams pride themselves on being good emergency communicators. Public service
      events like Tulip Time are a great way to sharpen our skills, and test our
      equipment, and operating procedures. Working such an event is also a great
      way to meet, and spend time with other hams in the area.

      For those that are new to the hobby or those that have sat on the sidelines
      in the past years, please consider giving it a try. It is fun, and is a
      great way to brush up on your net operating procedures while providing a
      highly visible community service.

      If you're interested in volunteering, please provide me with you full name,
      call sign, physical limitations or special needs, contact phone number,
      email address, and any special assignments you would like to cover.

      Thank you in advance!

      Best regards,

      Steve - N8UJD

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      2. Special Notice From Don Meyer -KB8ODB
      Posted by: "Don Meyer - KB8ODB" kb8odb@... ottawaaec911
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 4:25 pm ((PDT))

      Special Notice From Don Meyer -KB8ODB

      Hello Everyone ... There is a option in the reflector that allows the
      Moderators to send out Special Notices . Members can set there e-mail
      forwards to only receive the Special Notices by editing there
      membership I want Special Notices to only be sent for requests for help
      on ham events, notice of changes to the website and notice of a Silent

      This will allow the ones that come here to the reflector to read
      messages to be notified by a e-mail in a timely manner of these Items.

      I am open to anything that will make the website a better place ..just
      drop me a e-mail and we will look at what you would like ..

      Thank you all for participating in West Michigan Hams . 73 Don Meyer

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      3. Tone squelch
      Posted by: "k8mhz@..." k8mhz@... k8mhz
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 4:47 pm ((PDT))

      We are now getting into the season of 2 meter tropo.

      If you want to only hear your local repeater, try setting the tone squelch.

      How it works, using our 94.8 PL as an example:

      In addition to setting a 94.8 tone to open the repeater, you can set your
      radio not to open the squelch until it hears the 94.8 tone. I was hearing a
      repeater on the '94 frequency that had a 100.0 tone. It was so strong that
      it came through no matter where I set the squelch. Once I set the tone
      squelch the problem was gone and my radio only opens up when a 94.8 freq is

      It works the other way too. If I only want to hear the distant repeater
      that uses the 100.0 PL tone, I can set my radio to only open the squelch
      when that tone is heard.

      Ain't technology wonderful?


      Mark K8MHZ

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      4. Fw: [W8CSO] services for K8ROH
      Posted by: "k8mhz@..." k8mhz@... k8mhz
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 4:51 pm ((PDT))

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      From: jtlr.fischer@...
      To: W8CSO@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 06:36
      Subject: [W8CSO] services for K8ROH

      Here is the information on services for our Elmer, K8ROH. I verified this
      information with Lee Funeral Home.
      Visitation Wednesday May 2, 2007
      Lee Funeral Home
      5th Street at Broadway, Muskegon Heights
      2-4 and 6-8 pm
      Funeral Service Thursday May 3, 2007
      Forest Park Covenant Church
      Henry Street at Forest Park
      11:00 am
      Coming from Seaway Drive, turn west on either Norton Avenue or Seminole Road
      (either will work, depending on what folks are familiar with)
      Turn south on Henry Street
      The church is on the west side of Henry Street, about 1 or 2 blocks before
      the float bridge.
      About .5 (1/2) miles from Norton Ave. About .2 (2/10) miles from Seminole
      Jon AB8RD


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      Posted by: "Tom VanderMel" kb8vee@... kb8vee
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 5:04 pm ((PDT))

      [As always, send replies to k8je@.... Do not click on REPLY. The
      ARRL reflector that gets this newsletter to you is one-way, only.]

      - Legislative Action Program
      - Code Proficiency Field Test Program Approved
      - Division Gathering Spot at Hamvention(r)
      - RM-11306 Withdrawn
      - ARRL Licensing Activity
      - A Poll for GLD Members
      - New Official ARRL Badges
      - HQ Goofed
      - Tentative Travel Schedule

      ++ Legislative Action Program

      I apparently didn't do a good job of explaining what I meant last month
      when I talked about the separation of Section and Division legislative
      action programs. What I intended to say is that the Board of
      Director's Legislative Action Program (LAP) and the Section Managers'
      Section Government Liaison legislative (SGL) program operate with
      differing goals and differing managements. The LAP focuses on Federal
      legislation and the SM SGL program focuses on State and Local

      These are managerial distinctions, only. In the Great Lakes Division,
      the Section Managers and I can be counted on to support each other and
      the respective legislative programs we manage when this is called for.
      LAP volunteers will be encouraged to volunteer to support an SM/SGL
      project, and the SMs, I am sure, will encourage their SGL legislative
      program volunteers to support the LAP.

      ++ Code Proficiency Field Test Program Approved

      The ARRL Programs & Services Committee approved field testing of the
      ARRL Code Proficiency Program in the Great Lakes Division at its April
      21 meeting. This means that four ARRL VE teams in the Division will
      soon be offering code proficiency testing at locations in their areas.
      If successful, the program may be adopted nationwide.

      People who achieve solid copy of text for one minute may obtain a
      certificate or an upgrade sticker for proficiency at the speed they
      copied. Code speeds range from 10-40 wpm in the on-air program, but
      speeds in the field test will be from 5-40 wpm.

      The field program, as is true of the W1AW broadcasts, will be run once
      a month. There is no charge for participating in these code runs.
      There is a processing fee for successful candidates only if they want
      to obtain a certificate or upgrade sticker. The trial run will be
      performed by ARRL VE teams headed for this purpose by Fernie Williams,
      III, KE4MAI, (Lexington, KY), Gary Kline, WC8W (Akron-Canton-Massillon,
      OH), Bob Johnson, K3RC (Toledo, OH) and Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP (Brighton,

      During discussions with the VEC manager at HQ, I learned that a number
      of countries still require applicants for Amateur Radio exams to pass
      code proficiency exams. With the FCC having gone out of the Morse code
      testing business, non-coded US hams who want to obtain reciprocal
      licenses in these countries are out of luck unless they pass code test
      in the foreign country. Did you ever consider taking a Morse code test
      in Japanese?

      By running our Code Proficiency field testing program with ARRL VEs,
      could it be possible that passing one of our code field tests would be
      acceptable proof of code proficiency for these countries?

      ++ Division Gathering Spot at Hamvention(r)

      Most of you know there will be another ARRL Expo at the Dayton
      Hamvention(r) this year. One feature of the Expo will be a Great Lakes
      Division come-and-visit booth. Division members, Division appointees,
      Section Managers and Section appointees are invited to "come and sit a
      spell" or stand around and chat with each other. It'll be a good time
      to get to know each other as well as to ask questions and offer

      While at the Division booth, feel free to check around the other booths
      at the Expo. You just might find President Harrison, W5ZN, CEO Sumner,
      K1ZZ and a few others in the area would like to meet you and talk.

      Check the schedule of ARRL forums in the program book.

      ++ RM-11306 Withdrawn

      By now, everyone has probably heard that the ARRL Board of Directors
      has withdrawn RM-11306 from consideration by the FCC. This action was
      a well thought-out move. There was, and is, no sinister motive behind
      the withdrawal. The fact is that we did a poor job of explaining the
      benefits of the proposal to you and other amateurs. I realize our
      mistake and pledge to each of you we won't make this mistake again if
      there is anything I can do about it.

      ++ ARRL Licensing Activity

      Maria Somma, AB1FM who manages the ARRL VEC program, estimates there
      has been a 35% increase in new license applications since February 23.
      There has also been an estimated 50% increase in upgrade applications.

      ++ A Poll for Great Lakes Division ARRL Members

      I'm trying to get a tentative idea of what you think about the
      following questions. Please answer the following question "yes" or
      "no," only. As always, you can expand on these very brief answers, but
      put any discussions at the bottom of your e-mail.

      Please do not mix a brief answer with a discussion. I don't have staff
      that can digest discussions, quickly. Reading and understanding your
      discussion will occur over following weeks.

      The questions:

      1. Do you think you understand what ARRL's Regulation by Bandwidth
      petition would have accomplished?

      2. Do you favor changing our band assignments so that any legal mode
      can operate anywhere in each band (i.e. there would be no subbands for
      voice, data, etc.)?

      3. Do you favor having amateur licenses issued for the life of the
      license holder (i.e. never expire during the life of the licensee)?

      4. Are you happy with the way ARRL has communicated the content of its
      petitions to FCC with you? (The question is not about how you feel
      about the content of the petitions; just about the quality of the way
      in which ARRL informed you of them and the value of them to Amateur

      5. Are you in favor of separating our bands into segments for wide-band
      transmissions (e.g. up to about 4 kHz), mid-band transmissions (e.g.
      about 1.5 kHz to 300 Hz) and narrow-band (less than about 300 Hz).

      I will let you know the results of this yea or nay poll.

      ++ New Official ARRL Badges

      In January, the Board of Directors authorized two new badges for ARRL
      volunteers. These are for the Legislative Action Program's volunteer
      Legislative Action Coordinator (light blue) and Legislative Action
      Assistant (rust). You can expect to begin to see these badges at the

      ++ HQ Goofed

      At least one person at HQ goofed, anyway, and I apologize for this

      Gail Iannone who handles many of the services to Affiliated Clubs was
      out of the office for a few weeks for medical leave. During this time,
      other members of staff took over her duties. With the cross-training
      in jobs that has been done at HQ during recent months, there should
      have been no problem.

      Unfortunately, the person who took over the responsibility for having
      us directors review and approve (or disapprove) sanctioning of hamfests
      wasn't up to the task. Gail has returned to work and is uncovering a
      number of applications for sanctioning that either were not forwarded
      to the respective director or that had received director approval, but
      this approval was not passed on to the hamfest sponsor. ARRL "goodies"
      that were available to sanctioned hamfests were not sent in these

      Gail nearly has the situation back in hand. For example, during the
      last few days before writing this note, I've "re-approved" or approved
      about six hamfests that had somehow fallen into a black hole

      I regret this happened and have made the appropriate manager at HQ
      vividly aware of the foul up. I've strongly encouraged that corrective
      measures be taken to prevent this from occurring again in the future.
      If you've been the unwitting victim of this gaff, please be kind to
      Gail. She is the person who discovered the problem and knows all too
      painfully what has happened. She is working vigorously to get
      everything caught back up to date.

      ++ Tentative Travel Schedule for KI4LA and K8JE.


      May 18-20: Dayton Hamvention, Dayton, OH. - Gary & Jim
      Jul 12: Mahoning Valley ARA, Youngstown, OH - Gary
      Jun 17: Monroe Hamfest, Monroe, MI - Jim
      Jul 19: Programs & Services Committee Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim
      Jul 20-21: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT - Gary & Jim
      Jul 28: UP Hamfest, Escanaba, MI - Jim
      Aug 18-19: ARRL National Convention, Huntsville, AL - Jim
      Sep 8: GRAHamfest, Grand Rapids, MI - Jim
      Sep 9: Findlay Hamfest, Findlay, OH - Jim
      Sep 16: Cincinnati Hamfest, Cincinnati, OH - Jim
      Sep 22: Great Lakes Division Convention, Cleveland, OH - Gary & Jim
      Sep 23: Cleveland Hamfest, Cleveland, OH - Jim
      Oct 2: OH-KY-IN ARRL Night, Cincinnati, OH - Jim
      Oct 8: Portage County ARS, Kent, OH - Jim
      Nov 19: Southern Ohio ARA Christmas Dinner, Russell, KY - Jim
      Dec 1: Motor City RC 75th Ann., Wyandotte, MI - Jim


      Jan 17: Programs & Services Committee Meeting, Newington, CT - Jim
      Jan 18-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT - Gary & Jim

      Tnx, 73,

      Jim, K8JE

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      5065 Bethany Rd.
      Mason, OH 45040
      E-mail: k8je@...; Tel.: 513-459-0142

      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
      > k8je@...
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      > If you do not want to receive further messages, go to the site at:
      > http://www.arrl.org/members-only/memdata.html?modify=1
      > Log in with your username and password and change your email options.
      > Unchecking the "News and information from your Division Director and
      > Section Manager" box will prevent messages such as this one from
      > being sent to you.
      > -- webmaster@...

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      6. The Muskegon 82 Repeater
      Posted by: "Dennis Harriss" n8ctt@... ab8qd
      Date: Tue May 1, 2007 5:33 pm ((PDT))

      Yesterday it was noticed there was a problem with the 82 repeater.

      It was checked out by Darryl AB8AZ and after consulting with Motorola it
      was determined there was a problem with the software that controlled the

      We believe the problem has been fixed, but if there are any more problems
      noticed with the repeater contact Jim K8COP. His email is jimk8cop@...

      Denny N8CTT

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      7. Ideas for VHF/UHF digital net?
      Posted by: "Joe Veldhuis" kd8atu@... electrode_kd8atu
      Date: Wed May 2, 2007 6:09 am ((PDT))

      Well, the spring/summer propagation is back in force, at least here, so as I
      said in my previous post, we should restart the net.

      So, I want to know 2 things:
      1. What sort of modes should we use, and should we try using some bands
      besides 2 meters?
      2. As I asked before, is there anyone in the upper midwest/Great Lakes
      region with a good VHF/UHF station that would want to be the net control
      station? I've only got a single 13 element beam at 30 feet for 2m and a
      single 25 element beam at 35 feet for 432 MHz, both going into a barefoot
      Yaesu 857, so my effective range is quite limited.

      -Joe, N8FQ

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