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River Bank Run 2007

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    All, Its time again.. River Bank Run 2007! This sign up is for the main event.. Remember that if you sign up we will need you at a Pre-Race meeting the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2007
      All, Its time again..  River Bank Run 2007!    This sign up is for the main event..   Remember that if you sign up we will need you at a Pre-Race meeting the night before.     We are also looking for a few people to ride bikes in to help cover the event.  So if your in shape and you want to ride a bike let me know.  Please go to this link to sign up. www.kcraces.net/rbr  River Bank run requires lots and lots of people..  This is the BIG ONE for the year, 5 hours of controled chaos!  25,000 people and lots of fun!    We need everyone, we do not care what club you belong to, ARRL affiliation or any other affiliations.   All you need is a Tech License and be willing to give up your Friday Night / Saturday Morning for lots of Fun!!!!   IF you have questions or to sign up for the smaller events please email me jnawrot@... 
      This year there are several events related to the River Bank Run to help get things going.. 
      April 21 - Pre Run Need about 15-20 people
      May 8th - Holland Junior Run Need about 10 People for this
      May 9th - Wyoming Junior Run Need About 15 People for this
      May 11th - Pre Race meeting Everyone signed up needs to be at this.    Meeting place will be the Red Cross 1050 Fuller Ave NE
      May 12th - Main Event - Need about 80 People for this event!!!  
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