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  • Hank Greeb
    Something to ponder any ham radio operator or ham radio organization.... From The ARRL Club News, Copyright © 2007 by the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2007
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      Something to ponder any ham radio operator or ham radio organization....

      From The ARRL Club News, Copyright © 2007 by the American Radio Relay
      League, Inc. Reprinted by permission


      Elmer's Corner

      The FCC has made a change in the way we test for Amateur Radio licenses
      and the Element 1 CW exam is going to be eliminated. Many have voiced
      some very negative opinions about this and their derogatory comments are
      very hurtful to the new ham trying to get involved in this hobby.

      If we expect the ranks of hams to grow then it is up to us, the
      experienced hams, to ensure that the first experience the new ham has is
      a positive one and that he or she is welcome. We should be extending
      our hands in friendship and teaching these newcomers how to operate
      according to the rules and regulation and how to safely assemble an
      Amateur Radio station. Without nurturing and guidance these new
      operators will splinter off and form their own sub-culture. Soon the
      expected result will occur and all of the hams who insisted on staying
      firmly anchored in the past will say "I told you so."

      So much has changed in communications, technology and society that it is
      absurd to even be think that things should -- or could -- be the way
      they were over half a century ago. The FCC has not made CW illegal.
      You can operate that mode or any other mode you wish. Expect to see
      more radio operators experimenting with CW and other modes because they
      can do so without fear of the expectation to be expert at it. That is
      as long as the experienced operators show them the correct way and not
      chastise them for stumbling or for not having had "come up the way that
      they did." We all came to the party through a different door, but we
      are all here to have fun.

      I hope that all experienced Amateur Radio operators will reach out and
      mentor the new hams. Pass the torch and share the excitement and thrill
      that we enjoy from this wonderful hobby and let's keep it going.

      If you have any questions about the FCC's Morse Code Report and Order in
      WT Docket 05-235 and the FCC Order on Reconsideration in WT Docket
      04-140, please visit the ARRL FAQ on this topic:



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