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  • Tom VanderMel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007

      > [As always, reply only to k8je@.... Do not simply hit "Reply."}
      > I've received several E-mail questions and accusations regarding Wayne
      > Mills', N7NG resignation as head of the Membership Services Department
      > of ARRL. Membership Services covers the DXCC program, the Awards
      > program, the Contest branch and W1AW operation. Several writers have
      > the false impression that with the departure of Wayne, DXCC,
      > contesting, LOTW and other programs will leave with him. Such a
      > possibiity is totally incorrect.
      > The Membership Services department head, whoever this happens to be at
      > any given time, is a very visible and important member of the ARRL HQ
      > staff. Over the years, the League has had several people in this
      > position and which has had different titles. When each of Wayne's
      > predecessors resigned or otherwise left the post, there was
      > considerable concern over who would follow him. An accomplished
      > replacement has always been found. The situation with Wayne's
      > resignation is no different.
      > Wayne's departure has absolutely no bearing on DXCC, LOTW, contests and
      > whatever else one wishes to mention in the Membership Services
      > Department. These programs were instituted by the 15 members of the
      > Board of Directors and are continued by the 15 members of the Board of
      > Directors. Only the the Board of Directors can institute or cancel
      > programs. No one person and no combination of people on the HQ staff
      > is able to cut programs.
      > In summary, DXCC, LOTW, contests and anything else you think of in
      > relation to the Member Services Department will continue.
      > I can also tell you that Wayne's resignation was as much a surprise to
      > me as to any of you. Even so, the health and success of ARRL does not
      > depend on one person. Everyone in this world can be replaced. This
      > includes our ARRL President, CEO, COO, me, any President of the US, any
      > King/Queen of England, any Pope, any Archbishop of Canterbury, and on
      > and on. Life goes on.
      > In this instance, ARRL also goes on. DXCC, LOTW, contests, etc. go on.
      > The DXCC/Awards branch continues to be in the capable hands of Bill
      > Moore, NC1L, the Contest/LOTW branch in the capable hands of Tom
      > Hogerty, KC1J and the W1AW station management stays with the very
      > capable Joe Garcia, NJ1Q.
      > Now, you have the straight skinny on the situation. If you want to
      > worry about the situation, this is up to you. As to me, I'm going to
      > go work DX either individually or through contests, and pick up a
      > couple of additional ARRL awards along the way. Finally, when I get to
      > Newington, I expect to show up as operator of W1AW when my schedule and
      > the station schedule permit.
      > 73, GL,
      > Jim, K8JE
      > Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > 5065 Bethany Rd.
      > Mason, OH 45040
      > Tel. 513-459-1661; k8je@...
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      > ARRL Great Lakes Division
      > Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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