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[Fwd: [ham-radio-deluxe] IHS needs a ham radio operator for Honduras mission]

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      Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 12:13:32 -0800 (PST)
      Subject: [ham-radio-deluxe] IHS needs a ham radio operator for Honduras
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      We need your help!

      I sent out a similar notice several months ago and we had 5 new hams
      sign up to go on our Honduras medical mission. We also have 6 veteran
      hams returning for the trip. We were all set to go but we now have a
      radio guy with a serious medical situation and he can not go. He was
      assigned as a radio operator for a medical/dental team. We need to get
      a replacement for him very soon. We also need an Engineer for a
      mountain team and a Spanish translator. If this does not work for you,
      please consider passing this notice on to fellow hams or to your radio club.

      For details on this critical radio position, call me right away or
      reply directly to my home e-mail address (listed below). It is not
      difficult work for any ham who has done some HF work in the past.
      However, the support it will provide is vital as we plan to have patient
      referrals from that location to a nearby hospital. We will have the use
      of a small plane to do that. That village has no telephones or
      commercial electricity so IHS will provide generators and support equipment.

      If this looks like something you can do, call me at the number at the
      bottom of this notice. (I can also get an updated application to you to
      cover the formalities)

      Mission info: Right now IHS (International Health Services) is going
      on a 2 week medical mission trip to some very poor locations in
      Honduras. It is a large undertaking with 11 teams planned to go at the
      same time for the 16 Feb to 4 March, 2007 trip. It will have 6 medical
      and dental clinic teams plus 2 eye glasses teams, 2 surgical teams and a
      logistic support site planned. This means about 100 people will go
      counting all the support and worker people who go also (many spouses and
      friends go in this way). We have done this for 25 years so we have all
      the logistics planned out. We have already gathered a LOT of supplies,
      gear, and meds for a container shipment that will leave in a couple
      weeks. We are a totally volunteer group but IHS does help cover nearly
      all of the expenses during the mission.

      The radio operator duties will vary some depending on the team they
      are giving radio support to. In all locations we will have HF voice
      capability with a check in net 2 or 3 times a day. A few of the 11
      locations will also have 2 meter ops… with a couple using a repeater.
      Also, several of the locations may have e-mail capability through the HF
      Winlink system and IHS has the equipment to do that where needed. So,
      whatever your skill level, we can use you to do radio work and to be a
      support person to help do other tasks. We will have a
      training/orientation session before the trip for those who want to brush
      up their skills on any of the above modes. We like to go well prepared.
      We (IHS) also have some gear to help out in items that you may be
      lacking. Some items are in a storage location in Honduras where we keep
      a lot of items such as antennas, coax, tuners, generators, power
      supplies, tools, etc. We even operate our own repeater in Puerto
      Lempira (near a

      Our purpose is to go to the poor remote locations of Honduras where
      there are no medical or dental services for the local people. It would
      be a sad thing if a team did not go to a very needy village simply
      because we lacked a radio person to complete a team.

      FYI, our typical clinic team will have one or two docs, an RN and one
      other nurse or EMT, a pharmacist, a dentist (usually), one or two
      Spanish translators, an engineer, a radio operator, and several helpers.
      It is a well rounded team and this also helps when a spouse or friend
      wants to be on the same team (note our application has a place to note
      your desire to be on a team with some one else). A parent can take a
      MATURE son or daughter also if they are able to be a productive member
      of the team.

      Also, there are several other IHS Directors who can answer more
      technical questions about the medical side of things, etc. This is
      important for those who want to go with a spouse or friend and they have
      other skills to offer. So let me know if you have questions in that
      regard, as well. Our radio guys have a Yahoo site at:
      www.group.Yahoo.com/group/IHSradio/ We are using it a lot to keep all
      the hams informed and to prepare those who want to brush up on some comm
      skills. We also post many “planning” files there. There also is an IHS
      web site with GENERAL info at: www.IHSOFMN.org

      Call me any time or write back. A call is best so I can fill you in
      on basic expenses, everything IHS provides, and the work conditions we
      encounter. I am around the phone most of the time but if I am away on
      an errand, call later or leave your number and a time I can get back to you.

      I and the needy of Honduras thank you for your interest in this very
      rewarding work!

      Best regards,

      John Kirckof
      Phone: 320-634-4386
      IHS Comm Co-Director

      PS We also are in need of one Spanish translator and a Team Engineer
      (simple support work). If you can help us find one or two, I will buy
      you a Grape Uba when we get to LaCeiba !

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