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Re: [WestMichiganHams] New Mi law

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  • k8mhz@k8mhz.com
    Think about it this way.... What if your registration got mailed to the neighbor. Would you want your neighbor to have a valid registration to your vehicle?
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 25, 2006
      Think about it this way....
      What if your registration got mailed to the neighbor.  Would you want your neighbor to have a valid registration to your vehicle?  The registration does not become valid until you take possession of it and sign it for good reason.  If someone you did not know ended up with a valid registration to your vehicle they could do all sorts of damage including filing for an expeditious title and taking 'ownership' of your vehicle.
      Our mail gets delivered to our neighbor's box all the time and vice verse.  Last year *both* of my tax refunds were brought over to me by the neighbor across the street.  The address was correct on the envelopes, the mail person was to blame.  Luckily we have honest neighbors, some folks do not.
      Your signature is on every check you write and hand out and on every paper you sign and hand to a person.  How does having it on your registration make it any more accessible to the public?
      Your signature does not have to be legible.
      On to the holiday wishes....
      Best to All!
      Merry Christmas
      Mark K8MHZ
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      Hi Tom....
      Just a little clarification on this statute.   Michigan motor vehicle code section 257.223 has always required the owner to sign the certificate with pen and ink upon receipt.  This is not a new law, it's been on the books for decades.  What SOS person probably did was give a friendly reminder that it has to be signed.  Many people don't read the back of the certificate and don't  sign it.  I can't recall ever writing someone a ticket for not signing their registration certificate,  but it is a civil infraction and you could be cited for failing to do so.  Most of the time, I would hand the owner my pen and have them sign it before they put it back in the glove box and then forget about it again, or it the driver was not the owner, have them remind the owner to sign it.  Just like your ham license or drivers license, it technically does not become "valid" until it is signed.  A technical "gotcha" I suppose.
      I wonder if the Secretary of State may have added this to their infamous "Driver Responsibility Act" list of no-no's.  This would make it an extra "spank me tax" under their list.  Meaning you would have to pay an additional 125 bucks to the SOS when you renewed your plate in addition to any other fines and costs you paid for the ticket, if you were cited for it.   Worth checking into.  
      Identity theft wasn't an issue when this requirement was enacted way back when, but Mark brings up a point I hadn't considered.  Maybe it's time for a legislative upgrade.
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      Date: 12/24/06 16:32:10
      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] New Mi law

      Was anybody aware of this new Law? Tom KB8VEE


      Make sure your car registration has been signed on the back to avoid
      paying a $125 fine if you're ever pulled over for anything. New
      legislation in Michigan.

      At the Secretary of State's office, the customer service representative
      told me to please be sure that the registered owner of the vehicle
      signed the registration. She explained that if you are pulled over and
      the back of your registration is not signed (even though it is valid),
      you will be fined $125.00.

      I was so stunned " I had to clarify: So, if I get pulled over, and
      even though my tags are valid, and the registration is in my possession
      BUT it is not signed by the registered owner, I will be given a ticket for
      $125.00?? She answered YES! Apparently, this is Michigan state
      legislature that has recently been put into effect. Pass it on Please


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