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Re: [WestMichiganHams] WEAVER'S WORDS -- Did th' goblins git ya?

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    Tom, Thanks for posting this. For some of us this is the only copy we get to see. Keep em coming! 73, Mark K8MHZ ... From: Tom VanderMel To: West Michigan
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2006
      Thanks for posting this.  For some of us this is the only copy we get to see.
      Keep 'em coming!
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      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] WEAVER'S WORDS -- Did th' goblins git ya?

      Sorry if some of you get this more than 1 time but I think we all should
      know what is going on in Ham Radio.

      Tom KB8VEE DEC-6

      [Reply to k8je@..., only. The ARRL reflector that sent this
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      you may send to me.]

      - Dee Logan Wins Silver Antenna Award
      - Red Cross Background Checks
      - No RACES Frequencies = No RACES?
      - CW on 80 M
      - Scholarships Available
      - SW OH Digital Symposium
      - W1AW Schedule Change
      - W8GEX writes on Op from New DX Entity


      Congratulations to D.E. "Dee" Logan, W1HEO, of Mentor, OH. Dee is the
      2006 winner of the Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award for
      long-time demonstration of success in Amateur Radio public relations.
      Dee led a team of amateurs in the Cleveland Area who developed "The
      Northeast Ohio Ham Radio Project." This effort pulled together nearly
      all resources needed to interest and guide people in becoming Amateur
      Radio operators. One part of the project involves an excellent video
      that is available to any club to use in its recruiting effort. The
      video is available to clubs in the general Cleveland area that become a
      member of the overall recruitment project. There is a fee for this
      membership and the video. The video is also available to clubs outside
      the area for a lesser fee.

      Contact Dee for details.

      Incidentally, the very first McGan recipient was Ohio SM Joe Phillips,


      I doubt if anyone believes the Red Cross should blindly accept just
      anyone who comes in off the street as a trusted volunteer. Most people
      who volunteer are fine, upstanding citizens who have the highest
      motives; however, there are those among the public who are . . . well .
      . . dishonorable. Just imagine what injury folks with perverted ideas
      of honesty could do to disaster victims and their property during
      relief operations. The Red Cross has responded to the risk of having
      dishonorable people try to infiltrate its ranks by turning to
      background checks for all employees and volunteers.

      I believe the Red Cross has the right and duty to keep unscrupulous
      people from joining its ranks. I also believe it has the right to
      require, somehow, background checks for all its personnel -- paid or
      not. The Red Cross needs a way to determine the honesty of its workers
      as best it can. When it comes to most volunteers, this is where I draw
      the proverbial line. Requiring background checks for criminal activity
      is thing. Requiring permission to do credit checks and more is just
      too much for non-employees, but this is precisely what Red Cross is

      As one ham who is a long-time officer in his local Red Cross Chapter
      said, "The Red Cross is requiring volunteers to grant permission for
      more than just a criminal background check, they are also requiring
      permission to draw a consumer and/or investigative consumer report on
      the volunteer. This would include a criminal background check, credit
      check and a mode of living check."

      The ham Red Cross Chapter official? He authorized his superiors to do
      a criminal check, only. He still has his position at the Chapter.

      Incidentally, some amateurs have expressed concern that
      MyBackgroundcheck that does the checking will have access to all of the
      credit and personal information on persons who have been checked even
      though Red Cross says they do not want it, themselves. Frankly, I'd
      trust the Red Cross folks that I know long before I'd trust many other

      My suggestion: Read carefully what is being demanded and be sure you
      are willing to agree with it. If you agree, by all means give your
      consent to the full background check. If you don't agree, don't give
      your consent. You might even try sending a letter to your local
      chapter giving consent for them to do a criminal check but withholding
      your consent to other checks. Use your personal judgment.


      A few people have asked if FCC's abolishing special RACES frequencies
      means it plans to abolish RACES. It may come as a shock to some of
      you, but I don't know just what is in the minds of the folks at FCC. I
      discovered my crystal ball was broken when they issued the recent
      omnibus Report & Order. Nonetheless, I strongly doubt they plan to
      abolish RACES.

      Instead of looking behind the abolishment of RACES frequencies for an
      ulterior motive, why not look at it at face value. The change that
      will take effect 30 days after the new rules are published will open
      amateur frequencies to use by RACES. RACES is being freed to operate
      anywhere in the ham bands the local RACES brass want it to operate. My
      money is on RACES being around for quite some time.

      CW ON 80 M

      In spite of the misinformation being spread by some people, ARRL
      neither petitioned nor wanted FCC to drop the 75 M phone band down to
      3600 kHz. We asked them to drop the phone band edge to 3725 kHz. This
      represented an increase in the phone band of 25 kHz. This 3725 kHz is
      also the lower band edge proposed by the Commission in its NPRM two
      years ago. Imagine our surprise when the Commission announced the
      phone band edge would be 3600. Not only does this make things
      difficult for the many NTS and other 80 M CW nets, and casual CW QSOs,
      but it thoroughly jumbles the situation for RTTY and data modes that
      are no longer permitted on 80. Bummer.

      Speaking of CW, ARRL also has also not asked FCC to abolish all Morse
      testing for Amateur Radio licensing exams. We petitioned to have the
      exam dropped for General licensees. This tactic was based upon the
      knowledge CW would be dropped totally if we did not develop a counter
      strategy to FCC internal thinking to drop all Morse testing. The
      strategy acknowledges that Morse testing will be lost for Generals
      regardless of what we do. At the same time, we're trying to keep it
      for Extras. The idea is to keep Morse as one means of making the Extra
      Class license something extra. Will even this strategy work. I'm
      hopeful, but not holding my breath.

      When will the FCC release its decision on Morse testing? My crystal
      ball is still broken, but I'm guessing it will not take nearly so long
      as it took them to release the omnibus Report & Order.

      One final word on Morse testing: Even if the Commission abolishes all
      Morse testing, CW will remain the primary mode of operation for a great
      many current hams. I'm included among this number. It will even
      become the primary mode of operation for a great many new hams. A
      still greater number of hams -- new and old -- will use it to some
      extent. Abolishing Morse code testing as a licensing requirement will
      not of itself doom Morse to extinction.


      It is time to apply for ARRL Foundation scholarships. Over 40
      scholarships ranging in value from about $10,000 to $300 are available.
      The sponsors of some of the scholarships have designated them for
      specific categories of applicants; however, many are open to all
      amateurs who are furthering their education. For information on the
      scholarships and the application form, go to
      http://www.arrl. org/arrlf/ scholgen. html.

      The Great Lakes Division has been well represented among scholarship
      winners during recent years. I'm sure there are a few more worthy
      candidates in our three state.


      The annual SW Ohio Digital Symposium is January 13 with registration
      beginning at 8 AM and sessions at 9. This is not a hamfest/swap. It
      is a place for the typical and not-so-typical ham to come to learn the
      practical operation of PSK-31, software defined radio (SDR), D-Star,
      WinLink 2000 and more. This is an opportunity to advance the typical
      technology of Amateur Radio beyond CW, SSB and FM. The Symposium is at
      the Miami University Middletown, OH, campus in Thesken Hall.
      Directions and program information are at www.swohdigi. org. Additional
      information can be obtained from Jay Slough, K4ZLE at k4zle@....


      In case you want to copy W1AW code practice or bulletins and can't find
      what you want, check its new schedule. This schedule is at
      http://www.arrl. org/w1aw. html.


      Joe Pater, W8GEX, is a well-known DXer member of the Southwest Ohio DX
      Association. A resident of Hamilton, OH, Joe arranged for a DXpedition
      of a few friends to new DX entity Montenegro. He wrote of the trials
      and tribulations of forming this DXpedition in the fall issue of the
      International DX Association (INDEXA) newsletter. It was a relatively
      small DXpedition as DXpeditions go, but provided many new contacts to
      the worthy with this new country. Contacts were with 406DX.


      I'm getting back into the swing of things now that I've pretty well
      recovered from back surgery. My tentative schedule at this moment is
      as follows:

      Nov. 17-19: A&F Meeting, Newington, CT.
      Jan. 9: 20/9 Meeting, Canfield, OH.
      Jan. 13: SW OH Digital Symposium, Middletown, OH.
      Jan. 18: A&F Meeting, Newington, CT.
      Jan. 19-20: Board of Directors Meeting, Newington, CT.
      Feb. 11: Mansfield Hamfest, Mansfield, OH.
      May 18-20: Dayton Hamvention, Dayton, OH.
      Sep. 9: Findlay Hamfest, Findlay, OH.

      If you wish me to come to your meeting or other event, please let me

      Tnx for your support of ARRL. Your backing is very important to the
      well being of Amateur Radio. Please consider becoming a worker in the
      new ARRL Legislative Action Program. Several amateurs throughout the
      Division have volunteered, but we still need additional help if we are
      to cover all of the US Representatives and Senators in our three
      states. Contact Division Legislative Action Chair Val Rose, N8EXV
      (n8exv@...) or me (k8je@...) for information. The job
      requires such little time and can provide such great benefit to Amateur


      Jim, K8JE

      Jim Weaver, K8JE, Director
      Great Lakes Division, ARRL
      5065 Bethany Rd., Mason, OH 45040
      Tel. 513-459-0142; E-mail k8je@...
      ARRL, the Reason Amateur Radio is!
      Members, the Reason ARRL is!

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      ARRL Great Lakes Division
      Director: James Weaver, K8JE
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