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Re: [WestMichiganHams] Linux Question

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  • Andrew Young
    Skip, I downloaded a couple of other distributions, including one called Hamshack Hack, which is Knoppix. I can make a few copies in case anyone wants one.
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      I downloaded a couple of other distributions, including one called "Hamshack Hack," which is Knoppix.  I can make a few copies in case anyone wants one.  It runs right from the CD ROM.
      I guess what I am trying to do is learn Linux, not so much install and forget about it.  That's why I want to try to install a few programs.  I currently have the Linux XP 2006 Distro installed.  It is based on Red Hat.
      We can go simplex (direct e-mail) if you want.  The frequency is ayoung@...
      Spasibo, Comrade VerDuin.
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      You peeked my curiosity Andrew...

      It's Russian.
      Don't misunderstand - I'm OK with Russian products I just don't speak the language.
      The WWW is indeed bringing the entire world to your desktop, but you might want to pick something closer to home.
      Linux has many distros. 
      For the advanced user the distro is a trivial issue, but for the newbie the distro needs to be picked for the services you initially want.
      The reason for that is exactly what you experienced - loading non-bundled software can have some pitfalls needing tweeking.
      Sometimes tweeking is not for the faint-at-heart.
      On the flip-side of the coin, installing a distro has become very simple (unlike last year) and some some boot from DVD never loading on the disk at all.

      On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 17:35 -0400, Andrew Young wrote:


      Probably.  It's just an environment that mimics windows- in appearance only.
      Here is a review:

      In conclusion, I found Linux XP to be an adequate system for someone with modest requirements, for example perhaps that teenager who wants to im and listen to music but keeps downloading virii, spyware, and trojans or your granny who only wants to write a few letters, email and look at some pics of the grandkids. I see it as an admirable attempt to sway Windows users towards Linux, and I think Linux XP may have accomplished that. It's appearance would not throw any Windows user into a tailspin of confusion. It was an easy install, easy configuration and easy use. I rather liked it for what it was. Although it has all the feel of a commercial product. The only major drawback seems to the the time limit requiring an activation code (I wonder what would happen after 99 boots). For the right market, Linux XP has a definite use. For experienced users, it's a nice novelty to load up, look at, and then boot back to your normal system. I can't see myself switching. But perhaps you k! now someone who will.

      If you want to read the whole thing, surf to:  http://www.tuxmachi nes.org/node/ 4207  My read suggests this is not the place to start with custom wants.

      Andrew, what you want to do CAN be done most certainly.
      It just may not be the easiest path to get there...

      de Skip k8rra k

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