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6880Labor Day Operation Care

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  • Dave
    Aug 26, 2012
      Operation Care for Labor Day ia AUG 31st SEPT 1st and 2nd

      As now today I still have a few spots open
      Lets get these spots filled thank you.

      so far I Have:

      Friday set up: Jim KC8PCJ and Barb K9BLG

      Friday 6an to 12n Jim KC8PCJ and Barb K9BlG

      Friday 12n to 6pm Denny N8CTT and Jerome K8CCJ

      Friday 6pm to 12m Clark K8BP and Betty Cooper

      Saturday 12m to 6am __________ and ________

      Saturday 6am to 12n Terry KD8KGO and ________

      Saturday 12n to 6pm John KD8YL and Jim KD8DLQ

      Saturday 6pm to 12m Adventure crew

      Sunday 12m to 6am _________ and _________

      Sunday 6am to 12n _________ and _________

      Sunday 12n tear down Jim KD8DLQ and ________

      As you can see there are a few one spots open. Pleas help me fill in these open spots.

      Please reply to this post, email kd8ocz@... or call 321-343-9023.
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