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  • Michael Canfield
    This was very cool to watch...a little harder to listen to...but a very cool show . Have to agree with Corwyn s statement. That feels spot on to me. Aurora
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      This was very cool to watch...a little harder to listen to...but a very cool "show".
      Have to agree with Corwyn's statement. That feels spot on to me.
      Aurora you are SO right...Parelli's loves his "agenda"! I have tried to keep an open mind and have watched his TV shows, even read one of his books.
      He is good at what HE can do but his method of communication/teaching just pegs my BS meter! Got to give the guy props for having the business savvy to make LOTS of cash though. Seems like he was one of the first to really MARKET himself. Not a fan of Mr. P, but I can respect his BUSINESS ability.

      One can imagine that trying to make a living working with and training horses is tough. It is a small market (horses are a luxury item for most folks these days) to tap into, it is tough to break into it and when you do there are folks already there who have been doing it a long, long time. Folks like Craig Cameron, Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, Les Voght and even Pat Parelli have set the bar for "what it takes" to be a financial success in the industry. Some of these horsemen are very real and very committed and it shows in their work. Others are more committed to gimmicks and dollars...and it shows too.

      Thanks for sharing this link and information! I believe that by keeping an open mind and exploring the many aspects of horsemanship, enthusiasts like us can become more well rounded and more informed. There is no "One True Way" in horsemanship. We should attempt to respect the efforts and paths chosen (and sometimes created) by others and be vigilant against becoming narrow minded. When narrow minded behavior becomes the standard a person adheres too they will stagnate and fail to truely grow.

      Sorry for the ramble. Seems that one of the classes I am taking for my MBA is rubbing off (grin).



      Apr 30, 2010, Aurora Komnene <komitissa@...> wrote:




      Parelli’s personal agenda = his pocket book!



      -        A



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      Interesting.  He sure didn't get all that working overnight.  That took some effort and understanding :)

      If you read his site or listen to his narrative, it quickly becomes apparent that his message is a load of extremist bunk designed to promote himself and his school by appealing to people whose hug-impulse is stronger than their intellect and self-esteem.

      However, if you look at him like another Parelli (someone who has considerable ability with horses and chooses to use it to further their personal agenda) then it's easy to step back and admire the things he is able to accomplish with his horses without buying the baggage along with the beauty.

      Like Stacy Westfall's bridle-less wins in the NRHA reining competitions, he helps show what is really possible if as individuals we are willing to apply ourselves to understanding and working with our horses.

      After all, the point isn't to ride your horse without a bridle.  It's to ride your horse without NEEDING a bridle, whether there is one or not.

      -- Corwyn

      deliriumskid wrote:


      Usually I dont buy into this kind of stuff, but whats going on here is kinda interesting so I thought I would share.




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