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  • Else Hunrvogt
    ... True. In many cases we don t know if they posted at all. ... References please? I know the Brits talk about diagonals differently (sometimes focusing on
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 6, 2009
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      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "DIANNE KARP" <diannekarp@...> wrote:
      > Will posting on the 'correct' diagonal count?
      > I ask because:
      > A. we have no way of know for certain if our ancestors worried about this
      > except in _very_ late period Spanish Riding School, perhaps.

      True. In many cases we don't know if they posted at all.

      > B. in Modern America, we post to the outside diagonal in an arena but in
      > modern England, they post to the inside diagonal

      References please?

      I know the Brits talk about diagonals differently (sometimes focusing on the inside, hind leg coming back or the inside foreleg coming back, but it's functionally the same thing as the outside forelimb moving foreward). Both of the BHS Qualified Instructors I rode with were pretty clear on what a correct diagonal is and every reference I've read out of the UK uses the same diagonal that we do.

      And a quick google of the topic returned the following from a UK website.

      From http://www.equine-world.co.uk/riding_horses/inttrot.htm
      "Rising trot should be ridden on the outside diagonal, meaning that the rider sits as the horse's outside shoulder comes back and the inside hindleg hits the ground. This is the moment at which the horse is best able to support the rider's weight in the saddle and it also helps to ensure the horse becomes well muscled. Outside means the outside of a turn or circle. In the riding arena this is generally the side nearest the surrounding fence. "

      I do know saddle seat riders that use the inside diagonal to emphasize the action on the inside forelimb in working classes, but the saddle-seat eq rules specify an outside diagonal.

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