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Joining this list and moderators

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  • Autumn Cardone
    They no longer need an invitation, although often it is often better to send one anyway. There are 5 ways that they can sign up to join our email list/group.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2002
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      They no longer need an invitation, although often it is often better to send one anyway. There are 5 ways that they can sign up to join our email list/group.

      If they gave you their emails to join an email list for equestrian in the West Kingdom, then they can be signed up directly. This can best be done one of 2 ways:

      1.) you can send me all of the emails that you collected and I will send them invitations to be sure that they really want to be added to the list. If they reply, then I will add them to the list. (This is actually preferable to directly adding them in case any have changed their minds, or we can't read their hand writing.)

      2.) It might be easier if I made you a list moderator (thus getting rid of the middle man -- myself -- and any errors another step in the process might make). Since you will be collecting a lot of names/emails, this would probably be the best method. Then you would be able to send them invitations as listed in #1. If this sounds workable to you, lets talk.

      (I am hoping to get 3 to 5 list moderators to help me promote this list, inspire conversation and planning on this list, run polls, and post eq. activities on the calendar. The more people who take charge of these types of things, the more happens, and the less any one person has to do. If anyone else is interested, please contact me. Thanks. -- Collett)

      Ways that people can join in the future (other than the above 2 methods):

      3.) People can go to the Yahoo Groups web page, http://groups.yahoo.com/ , and do a search on "Society for Creative Anachronism". At some point in the next three days "WestKingdomEQ" should be listed. It will probably be possible to do a more exact search to find it by typing in  "Society for Creative Anachronism equestrian". Regretfully, as I only changed how the page is listed in Yahoo from "animals-horses" to "SCA" yesterday, it will take a few days until it gets moved and I can be sure how people can find this list on yahoo. I'll keep everyone updated so they know where to point people.

      4.) People can subscribe by sending email to
      which is listed at the bottom of every email this group now sends out.

      5.) People can go to the home page of our group/list, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WestKingdomEQ/ , and since they are not members, the page displays differently for them than it does for members. At that point they can choose "Not a member? Join This Group!". (Note that this web page address is also on the bottom of every email now sent out by this group.)

      So, hopefully this is not information overload. I am posting this to everyone in the hopes that if you know of people who want to join this list, you will know what ways will work best to getting them involved.

      I would love to see more equestrian activities, and I think that making this list more active will help that happen.


      -- Collett

      Rachael O'Brien wrote:

       I collected about 80 emails from interested persons at Mists Investiture,
      and will continue to collect info at Crown.  How do they sign up? Do they
      need an invitation?
      :-), Marguerite
      Mists Equestrian Officer

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