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Fwd: [SCA_KEO] Be a Responsible Rider

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    FYI S Am I the Siobhan you re looking for? On May 1, 2009, Yaasamiina@rmci.net wrote: Greetings All, This year I ve had the pleasure to address certain issues
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      Am I the Siobhan you're looking for?

      On May 1, 2009, Yaasamiina@... wrote:

      Greetings All,

      This year I've had the pleasure to address certain issues with

      equestrians from across the known world with meetings at Estrella in

      Atenveldt, Fool's War in Meridies and Lysts at Castleton in Ansteorra.

      The first topic on the list of issues is Responsibility, the very core

      of our new Handbook. This topic is recently brought up in a leading

      equine magazine, Practical Horseman, of which I've been a subscriber for

      eons. I quote from the May issue, which was just received in the mail.

      You may soon access the entire article online (April's issue is still

      up). Click the link that says Table of Contents and search for page 16:


      This month's question was: What do you think would make eventing safer?

      If you followed last year's reports on accidents in the cross-country

      phase of combined training, you'll remember there were a lot of crashes

      over the jump courses (out on open terrain), which resulted in the

      controversy over what exactly was the safety issue. There is a common

      thought that runs throughout the folks who submitted their answers to

      the question; and that is to be responsible in your training for the

      event in which you are riding. The Featured Letter goes like this:/

      The answer is simple: responsible riders. We owe it to the valiant

      creatures who trust us with their lives to honestly evaluate our skill

      level and fitness and only enter events we can safely complete. Safety

      should not be sacrificed for pride.

      Maria Croft

      Jacksonville, Florida/

      My sentiments exactly. This can be directly applied to the equestrian

      games in our reenactment club. My advice is to practice, practice,

      practice and only authorize when fully trained and only compete in the

      lysts when fully prepared. You will honor your competitors the horse you

      are riding and yourself by doing so.

      Please distribute this information within your kingdoms.


      Society Equestrian Officer
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