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  • Troy Griffith
    ... that ... On the subject of plans for the new year… Horses: 1. Continue Orion s (Coming 5 Friesian Cross) training with focus on improving his strength
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2009
      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Angela and David Belongie"
      <awnova@...> wrote:
      > In the spirit of these discussion items I have one... considering
      > 2008 is mere hours from being over and 2009 is just ahead. What are
      > your horse/SCA related goals or resolutions for this year? Can be
      > horse or SCA or both, but both would be most relevant!

      On the subject of plans for the new yearÂ…


      1. Continue Orion's (Coming 5 Friesian Cross) training with focus
      on improving his strength and agility only with continuing his "hands
      free" riding training.

      2. Start Khalisto (7 year old Arabian) on her warhorse training
      in preparation for her to take over as my Lady's primary mount.

      3. Keep Trask (23 year old Arabian) in condition and available as
      a backup mount and as a training mount to teach other riders. Make
      sure he is also available as a second for Jousting, Crest and Mounted
      combat as not everyone who might want to learn those in my area have
      suitable horses.

      4. Start Raffona (8 year old Arabian) on her mounted gaming
      training. Probably not a combat mount, but she should make a good
      general gaming horse.


      1. Get my Senior Marshal paperwork finalized as early in the year
      as possible.

      2. Take on the responsibilities of Summits Equestrian Marshal,
      assuming they want me. ;>

      3. Hold monthly workshops, both locally and traveling to other
      areas of the Principality, for mounted gaming and all things SCA on

      4. Add authorizations for Jousting and Mounted Combat.

      5. Autocrat the Hocktide Emprise in April.

      6. Travel to as many events in An Tir and the West as I can
      afford and manage, but certainly to September Crown to compete in the
      Kingdom Equestrian Championship.
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