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Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Escapees!

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  • Rachael Keish
    Very happy to be cat owner now! And a Mom, but I won t even start on all the fun Noah s been having with climbing lately.... ;-), Maguerite
    Message 1 of 3 , May 6, 2008
      Very happy to be cat owner now! And a Mom, but I won't even start on
      all the fun Noah's been having with climbing lately....
      ;-), Maguerite

      On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 10:50 AM, mark murphy <dkarp@...> wrote:
      > It is a theme for the weekend, I guess.
      > When we got home, the pet sitter's note indicated that one of ours
      > jumped the fence and was wandering next door, refusing to be caught
      > (that behavior sounds like to dun filly's game) at 6:45 am Sun. She
      > got a halter and grain and got her. Now we have to figure out which
      > one it was as they are all 'bays' of one kind or another so "the bay
      > mare" could either be the dun filly or the black bay. "One of the two
      > who look like each other" could be the bay gelding/dun mare - not close
      > to the same size but the same coat color -(of course then we have the
      > 'one is not a mare' probem) or the 2 black bay geldings - each of which
      > has a small star - but either of which is a 'mare'.
      > She is usually better at remembering which horse did what but pleads
      > it was early and darkish out.
      > The end result is that no one is hurt and the wire fence only had a
      > small bend in it. We think that galloping around playing tag was
      > happening and someone mis-judged the distance to the fence so had to
      > jump over - which could account for everyone but the arab as he hates
      > jumping (and playing tag). All the rest have proven over and over that
      > jumping out of the pasture is fun.
      > Oh, yeah, the new dog got bored and tore apart 3 pillows, and dug into
      > the demo box to shred the bag with the wool and drop spindle in it.
      > The cats, however, were good.
      > SnS
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